Like we know, due a licence problems all players thay goes/play insiede the japanese leagues are missing in FM.


This is my version with around 680 Players/staffs inside Japan, THIS IS NOT A PLAYABLE and not the full squads, it's the main players that are inside Japan, to who like to play in another country but want these players to have more realistic/options in transfers.


I'm member of Brazilian Reasearch team to FM (You can see my name in game credits!) so I tryied to keep the edition most closer ever from the Japanese reasearch team.


  • ALL Best players in Japan added.
  • Around 50 promising youngesters added.
  • Some old legends there are still playing added (Like Shinji Ono, Keisuke Honda, Shunsuke Nakamura, Kazu Miura and others)
  • All Managers from J-League 1 and 2 added.
  • The most knowing players have their preferences/award referenced (Ex: “My” Iniesta have Guardiola, Messi, Xavi and Barcelona in his preferences (and they have Iniesta too), Zico have Flamengo, Vermaelen is referenced like famous Belgium player, Iniesta is referenced in Best player awards….)



Please, even if you download the file from here will be nice for me if you subscrise the file in steam to know who liked my work!


Some screenshots (sorry they are in Portuguese)


15 years ago
10 hours ago
2 years ago
21 minutes ago

would there be a facepack?

8 years ago
8 months ago

No, It's just the database, I work on it since FM2017 and like the players can come and go from Japan sometimes I have to delete one and add some other, so the Ids change everyear.

1 year ago
19 hours ago

If you look at it, the position is completely different. Even if FW is right, CB or ...

8 years ago
8 months ago

Sorry, I don't understant what you mean

Day Tripper
10 years ago
1 month ago

Has anyone made the J1 and J2 leagues so that they are playable?

Barry Hulshoff
5 years ago
5 months ago
Kris Vermeersch
7 years ago
1 week ago

Will there be a FM22 version? Many thx

7 years ago
3 days ago

Is Zico available as a coach? Galinho de Quintino. :-)

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