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Our Cut-Out Faces Megapack is the biggest collection of Football Manager Player Faces available. All players are available in the default cut-out style. When you download our Football Manager Facepack, you'll receive over 300,000 player faces to spice up your copy of Football Manager.

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Cut Out Player Faces Megapack

7 years ago
33 minutes ago

This is a thread to make sure all portraits taken in relation to the euros is requested and cut without duplicates. You can find the portraits here.


Austria - Completed
Belgium - Completed

Croatia - Completed

Czech Republic - Completed

Denmark - Completed + Corrections

England - Completed

Finland - Completed

France - Completed 

Germany - Completed

Hungary - Completed

Italy - Completed

Netherlands - Completed

North Macedonia - Completed

Poland - Completed

Portugal - Completed

Russia - Completed

Scotland - Completed

Slovakia - Completed

Spain - Completed

Sweden - Completed

Switzerland - Completed

Turkey - Completed

Ukraine - Completed

Wales - Completed


@mons @Ernesttico @Baja @weeniehutjr @Side Splitting Pass @diogoamaral Feel free to update the list as teams are requested and cut 👍

Jamie W
11 months ago
15 hours ago

England request please

7 years ago
33 minutes ago
By Jamie W 05 June 2021 - 17:15 PM UTC 

England request please

Please don't make requests here. I provided the link to the portraits so that you can do it yourself. 


I'll close this thread as it doesn't make sense to have discussion here. 

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