From the excellent results of last years Vince Skin, Vince Skin Pro and Vincechup skin (always available), I decided to upgrade and release the new Vince Skin, an elegant, dark and very beautiful skin to boost the Football Manager interface and revolutionize the game!


The most important thing in skinning is giving the best amount of features, and this is what I did with my work.


  • Fixed the icon player info due the 2.3 FM version update
  • New Manager panel
  • Some minor fixes

  • Fixed the scouting panel bug
  • New Affiliate Club Panel
  • New Club Overview Panel with city and nation label


  • Fixed the bug due to the FM update that no longer showed the player value in the upper right panel.
  • New Scouting panel
  • Change of colors in the data hub, now the data between the team and the championship average are no longer confused.
  • New buttons during the game, quick subs and the ability to give instructions to the opponent directly by clicking from there.
  • New minimal players bar widget


  • Sidebar menu panel bug fixed: in some cases the game could get blocked while and can't pressing on others buttons



  • New Player Overview Panel
  • New Instant Result Button
  • Now you can see the foot ability



Biggest features:

  • Instant result button before and in game! (a rare feature)
  • New Player overview panel
  • New match scoreboard and players faces into the bench
  • % Match condition and sharpness Icon in Percentage 
  • different backgrounds and opacity
  • Club crest into the right corner
  • New match panels
  • Stadium into fixtures panel and on club overview panel
  • Fixtures while you advance into the game
  • Continue button with the club colours
  • New stadium overview panel
  • Boost of player and club overview panel


I'll attach a video with features and instructions of how to download it (the streamer isn't the creator of the skin but just a friend)

It's recomandable to mantein the zoom of text at 95% to see all theses things correctly and if you have a monitor of low res. (1366x768) you can use the Vince Skin 900p

Download the skin, then extract with WinRar or 7Zip (Unarchiver for Mac), and put it into Documents/Sports Interactive/ Football Manager 2022/ Skins
Run the game and go to preferences/clear cache and reload the skin


11 years ago
4 months ago

How do I get the stadium pictures on the club info page to show up?

8 years ago
1 week ago

Hi Vince, 


I unfortunately don't have a cities background graphics folder so I am left with blank space on the club info page (Image below) , can you tell me where the code is so I can remove this panel please? I can't find it.




joseph walklate
5 years ago
5 months ago

for anyone who cant get the % injury to show up you have to add a new column and go to fitness and injuries then overall physical condition/match sharpness. Great Skin so far

joseph walklate
5 years ago
5 months ago
By Baqqi 07 December 2021 - 13:59 PM UTC 

I still cant see the %age condition and match sharpness:


add a new column and go to fitness and injuries then overall physical condition/match sharpness


16 years ago
18 hours ago

Still can't see the scouting column/transfer information, anyone else the same issue? I'm using 100% zoom

Robert Kaleta
7 years ago
5 months ago

Hello, where can I find the Con/shp % panel? Can't seem to find it

12 years ago
1 week ago

Can you add a (No Size Limit) to the Touchline Tablet?
Or where could I change that?


Zealand did that with their skin and I think it's very useful

Kevin de Haan
4 years ago
1 month ago

I downloaded the file. I unzipped it with winrar. I put it in the folder FM22 > skins. But when i start the game, go to preferences an tab the button skins, it does'nt appear. 


I followed the steps i am reading everywhere, but it just dont show. Can anyone help? 

12 years ago
1 month ago

what happened to % for fitness during the match?

12 years ago
1 month ago

Also since the new FM update, when you hover over multiple conditions of a player like “wnt” “unh” etc with the mouse, it just vanishes. This is during the squad view btw.

9 years ago
2 days ago

I'm having a bug where, every time a hover over one of the options on the top line (e.g. Overview, News, Players etc.) a gap appears and widens between the city picture and city name. It continues to expand indefinitely as you move between hovering over each option. Screenshot showing this progress below:


Credit where it's due though, this bug aside it's my favourite skin for the game this year.

12 years ago
1 month ago

My manager is currently doing a continental PRO license study. Where can I see this on the manager profile screen with 1.5???


I can't see it anywhere but on default skin I can see it.


Also why did you remove the condition % on match screens?

14 years ago
1 month ago

Man, amazing work!

Since FM 19 I've been using the default skins just because I've never found some so complete and gorgeus like yours.

It shows tons of information, has a great color scheme and even the IR.
Seriously, keep this great job!! 

✪ AshinA^03
2 years ago
1 month ago

Hey i found a bug, everytime i look at a players club history, i see alot of teams bein skipped. 

i put a screenshot of a player that used to play at my team after Inter but it skips from 2025 to 2030




4 years ago
1 week ago

I have downloaded this skin however I have no pictures of the stadiums or overview for any club, if I use my own background its all blurry as the main background but does fill in each for overview and stadiums.

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