As ever, I'd like to start by thanking Graaa, the mad genius behind this custom USA database from FM15. This edit includes a lot of his work on the Extended Club World Cup that was part of that file alongside the changes I made, and I only posted it because he chose not to continue that mod or update it, but left its details as fair use for others, and I thought the idea was too awesome to let it vanish.

This database edit replaces all club continental competitions and the Club World Cup with three worldwide club tournaments: the FIFA Champions League, World League, and Youth League. All domestic leagues are left untouched and will run alongside the intercontinental tournaments: fancy midweek trips to Argentina to play Boca between your league matches? I BET YOU DO.

The FIFA Champions League and World League are senior-level tournaments that mostly work how you expect: Champions League has better competition and better payouts (though the difference between the two isn't as derisory as in real life), finish high enough in your domestic league or win your major domestic cup and you get a ticket (if your league of choice doesn't use a single table or has some other continental qualification shenanigans, it SHOULD work properly depending on how SI or your database modder of choice coded that specific league, but I can't be certain. 

There are qualifiers (the Champions League winner, World League winner, and champions of 30 specified leagues do not have to go through them, and instead get automatic group stage places), and a group stage, and a knockout stage, and Big Fancy Neutral Site Finals. There is now also goal line technology and VAR (in CL/WL group stage games and onward).

The FIFA Youth League uses a similar format and replaces the Viareggio Tournament or whatever it is called for people that aren't using the Susie Real Name fixes. It pits the U19/U18 teams of CL participants (and, where not enough teams are available strictly from the CL clubs, additional elite youth teams from around the world) against each other. 

There is also a a FIFA Super Cup between the Champions League and World League winners, scheduled after qualifiers finish (since neither of those teams participate in them) but before the September international break and the start of the group stages.



24 January: This update contains a (apparent, anyway) fix to the longstanding issue that would occasionally (always in the first year of the game for start dates before 1 July, and unpredictably afterwards) cause a crash dump in the first week of July when the World League was created.

It also contains tweaks to the coefficient system, detailed below.

Release: The FM21 version is unlikely to receive any further updates. 

There are two changes in functionality from the FM21 version:

-All competitions now allow 5 subs from 12, with three stoppages. Any fixtures that allow for extra time allow an extra sub in extra time.

-The file now uses the "coefficient" functionality included in the FM22 editor to rank nations in the setup and allocate qualifying slots dynamically based on the past 5 years' results.


The FM22 version of this mod is available as an attachment to this post or on the Steam Workshop.

Known Issues

FM will crash dump in the first week of July 2021 if you use this file with a start date before then. Start dates after that work fine, as do subsequent years of the competition. I still have no idea why this happens but I assume it has something to do with the first year of a new save and whatever unique things happen there. Nonetheless I'll keep trying to fix it. I think this one has been fixed but please let me know if it persists.

Squad registrations may disappear upon loading a save game - this is apparently due to an SI bug, but on a CL/WL matchday you will still be able to select and register ineligible players even though it says you can't, so this is annoying but not fatal?

If you need more details, they're below. Let me know if there are any other bugs or if you have any suggestions, and otherwise have fun!



Thanks to a new feature in the FM22 editor, rankings now shift dynamically based on results, but I haven't found where the game actually shows "coefficients" for custom continental competitions, even though I've seen these allocations change in my simulations. Suffice to say over time some very unexpected countries may end up climbing to earn group stage slots, and I may have to refine this system over time this year.

UPDATE: I appear to have figured out how to control the distribution of coefficient points, but since the game does not show them we'll all just have to take my word for it. At the very least there seem to be fewer deeply unexpected countries climbing into the top 30 and getting automatic group stage spots than there used to be.

In any case, here is how I expect things to work:

Nation/Association Coefficients, as in reality, are the average of points earned by a nation's clubs per year in both the CL and WL. Nations are ranked based on the sum of these averages over 5 years. Here is how nations earn points:

A win in the CL or WL from the group stage onward is worth 2 points. A draw is worth one.

Wins in the CL qualifiers are worth 1 point. Draws are worth 0.5. 

Wins in the WL qualifiers are worth 0.5 points. Draws are worth 0.25.

Bonus points are also awarded for reaching certain stages of the competition as follows:

Reaching the WL final qualifying group stage (ie, being eliminated in the CL qualifiers and then winning your way back through the WL qualifiers) is worth one bonus point.

Reaching the CL group stage is worth 4 points. Reaching the WL group stage is worth 2 points.

Reaching the CL knockouts is worth 6 points. Reaching the WL knockouts (not including the playoff - so you have to win your WL group or the playoff between a second-place WL group finish and a third-place CL group finish) is worth 3 points.

Reaching each subsequent round in either competition is worth 1 point.

Nations are ranked based on the sum of these average points over the past 5 years (as far as I can tell this starts at 0 so there may be some dramatic shifts in the first 5 years from my initially set list to what results create), and the number of spots is laid out as follows:


CL and WL holders: automatically qualify to the group stage and instead play a Super Cup.  There is no limit on the number of qualifiers for each country, so it is possible for up to 9 teams from a country to qualify, if the CL and WL are won by teams from the same top 9 country.

Leagues ranked 1-9: 7 spots (champion gets an automatic CL group stage spot, cup winner and 2 more spots in Q5, 2 spots in Q4, 1 spot in Q3. )

Leagues ranked 10-30: 6 spots (champion to group stage, cup winner and 1 to Q5, 2 to Q4, 1 Q3. League 30 loses one of the Q4 spots and gains one in Q3)

Leagues ranked 31-57: 4 spots (champion to Q5, cup winner to Q4, 2 Q3.)

Leagues ranked 58 and below: 2 spots (champion and cup winner) starting at various rounds from Q4 (for the champions of leagues ranked 58-64) to Q1 (for the champions and cup winners from leagues ranked below 115).

The initially set ranking shakes out as follows:

6+1 (1 automatic CL group stage place, 3 places in Q5, 1 place and the cup winner in Q4, 1 place in Q3):

Spain, Germany, England, Italy, France, Brazil, Russia, Portugal, Argentina,

5+1 (1 automatic CL group stage place, 2 places in Q5, 1 place and the cup winner in Q4, 1 place in Q3):

Ukraine, Mexico, Belgium, Turkey, Czechia,  Switzerland, Netherlands, Greece, USA, Austria, Croatia, Chile, Denmark, Colombia, Paraguay, Poland, Sweden, Israel, South Korea, Japan, China.

3+1 (1 place in Q5, 1 place in Q4, 1 place and the cup winner in Q3):

Uruguay, Scotland, Romania, Ecuador, Cyprus, Norway, Bulgaria, Peru, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Costa Rica, South Africa, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Tunisia, Slovakia, Australia, Hungary, Nigeria, DR Congo, Morocco, Qatar, UAE, Belarus, Canada

Countries that are playable in the base game that start with 2 spots include: 

Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore

Format Details:

The Champions League has five qualifying rounds, with two-legged fixtures starting in June. All CL qualifiers are seeded into these rounds depending on how high they finished and which league they qualified from or won the domestic cup in, as above. The 96 winners in the final qualifying round (August) go to the CL group stage along with the 32 automatic qualifiers, the losers go to the WL group stage along with the 32 teams that survive the WL qualifiers, below.

The World League has four qualifying rounds, beginning in July after the first two CL qualifying rounds are complete.

  • Teams that lose in the first 2 CL rounds start in WL Q1.
  • Teams that lose in CL Q3 are drawn into WL Q2.
  • Teams that lose in CL Q4 are drawn into WL Q3.
  • The winners in WL Q3 are drawn into 32 groups of 3 playing two games each - the winner of each group qualifies for the WL group stage.

Each group stage features 32 groups of 4 (so six games each). CL plays on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, WL on Thursdays, from September through December.

CL: The top 2 in each group qualify for the knockout rounds. Third place teams fall into the World League knockouts.

WL: The top 2 in each group qualify for the knockout rounds. The 32 second place teams will be drawn against the 32 3rd place teams from the Champions League groups - World League group winners will receive a bye to face the winner of those ties.

Everything goes as you'd expect from there.


Prize Money (all amounts in Euros)

Qualifying Phase:

1st round: 75k for CL, 35K for WL

2nd round: 75k for CL and WL

3rd round: 150k for CL, 125k for WL

4th round: 250k for CL, (WL: 75k/win and 35k/draw)

5th round: 400k

CL Group Stage (WL pays about half these amounts)

20M for all Group Stage participants, 1.5M per victory, 750k per draw

CL Knockout Rounds (WL pays about half these amounts, Super Cup final pays approximately half of World League final):

7M for all knockout round participants, + 4M for reaching second knockout round + 6M for reaching QF + 10M for reaching SF  + 20M for winning final or 15M for losing final

Jonathan Stevens
1 year ago
1 month ago

Oh man, been looking for a DB edit like this for years! Not a world league but a proper world champions league in the same format we have in europe normally.

Will be loading this up next save! Awesome cheers for this!

Alexander Johnsen
7 years ago
1 month ago

Could be interesting to try.


One way of avoiding the registration rule would be to simply remove it?

11 years ago
52 minutes ago
By Alexander Johnsen 01 December 2021 - 16:31 PM UTC 

One way of avoiding the registration rule would be to simply remove it?


It has been frustrating enough to deal with over the years that I have absolutely thought of just getting rid, but I do like the idea enough to keep it - particularly since I've gotten it to a point where either it works or it breaks in a way I can live with.

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