2 years ago
1 month ago

Hello all,


Usually I play on steam each year but with FM22 being on gamepass day 1, I waited for that.


I'm trying to load the logos but when I've transferred the files and done the usual unticking cache and ticking reload skin, it just doesn't want to play ball.


I have no other files in there clashing. I made sure before coming here.


Anyone else who is playing via gamepass able to help me?


Been doing the logos/kits etc for years, so for it to not work is rather frustrating


Cheers for any help

8 years ago
1 month ago

Im playing on gamepass and all logos, faces, stadiums, etc… are working fine


There is written “Este juego se puede modificar” (in english, it means that the game can be modified) because i pressed “…" button and “enable modifications”. Have you done that?

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