Tester Team ME Win % PPG AGF AGA GD PL W D L
RDF Tactics SL Benfica 22.4.0 97% 2.9 3.3 0.5 96 34 33 0 1

Creating perfect tactics in FM22 can be a bit daunting, but in this Football Manager 2022 video, I breakdown how I created a PERFECT 4-2-3-1 in the hope it helps others to be able to create their "perfect" tactic from scratch. In the video, I showcase the results I got with Benfica, my method at looking at the squad and recognising it's strengths, creating the tactic and style of play including the use of DATA HUB, and lastly, we play a match to see how the tactic plays out in Football Manager 2022.

Test Results

SL Benfica

RDF Tactics
2 years ago
1 week ago
22.4.0 97% 2.9 3.3 0.5 96 34 33 0 1

10 years ago
2 weeks ago

Hola gente, para los que hablan español he hecho una review de esta tactica.


2 months ago
1 day ago

This tactic is the most powerful I've ever used

10 years ago
4 days ago

It's really ofensive at times, depends on the roles you use on your two mids.

It tends to drain the stamina of your players, it's probably a good idea to have between 24 - 28 players (some youngsters slowly coming to the first team) to avoid that mid season drop.

In my case I had to sacrifice the domestic cup because of that, too many games, not enough time to rest between the games and the play style is very demanding.

The thing that caught my attention, because I've never used it before, was the tweak, “shoot on sight”. It really improved my ofensive and changed the way I look to that. They don't take all the shots outside of the box, instead they just tend to be more goal focused than not…sometimes you'll get some weird angle shots, but you just might get some awesome goals aswell, it will rely on your players quality.

The set pieces need some tweaks, don't expect a lot of goals with the way they are. 



Domestic League
League Cup - Group Stage
League Cup - Road to the Finals
Conference League - Group Stage
Conference League - Road to the Final

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