10 years ago
2 months ago

Hi, I was considering starting an Ancelotti challenge. He started at Reggiana in Serie B which - at the time - had just been relegated from Serie A, but wasn't necessarily the favourite for promotion. He got promoted first season, then moved to Parma (at the time a top half/top 8 maybe team), and then to Juventus, where he did not do too well. He then moved to Milan, and the rest, as they say, is history.


The challenged could be:

  1. Take a club recently relegated to the second tier, but not favourite for promotion, get promoted,
  2. Move to mid-table team in the same league,
  3. Move to top-tier team in the same league. Win league and CL,
  4. Move to different country (European elite leagues), win league (and CL, potentially, need to reach 4 in career),
  5. Same as 4. for 4 main leagues in Europe.

You can also add the odd (and somewhat unsuccessful job here and there e.g. Napoli, Everton).


What do people think?


How could this be improved?

TOM Haden
6 years ago
1 month ago

Great Idea


I'm actually doing that challenge although didn't start with a relegated team. I started with Elche finished 6th in first season and am now in charge of valencia!

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