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6 years ago
3 days ago

As the title says really. I'm Derby, currently in League One (I have a LOT of leagues running view-only, so it's a loooong-running but slow savegame).

My deal expired: now in the finances bit, front shirt sponsorship just isn't there. Does anyone know how this game mechanic works? (I have replacement shirts someone kindly made for me). Does my director of football sort this? 


Any help gratefully appreciated, or info as to how this works, before I swap the current shirts to the new one. Is it an end of season/database update July thing, done when all teams and divisions are refreshed? I know I could just add one using the ingame editor, but I don't want to do this, I want it to occur naturally. This is my new kit but I don't want to use it until I get a news item regarding it. Hope I've explained this ok.


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