9 years ago
12 hours ago

Hi everyone, 

i'm looking for someone who would like to create this competition into the DB. It's an annual French club competition contested by:

  • the 4 top-ranked teams of Guadeloupe 1st division
  • the 4 top-ranked teams of Guyane 1st division
  • the 4 top-ranked teams of Martinique 1st division
  • and the champion of Saint-Martin 1st division


Complete rules and presentation here

It's a quite simple competition format. I will try to create it myself but I might struggle with the advanced rules. Hopefully someone wants to help. 

Looking for reading from you guys.

The Modelcitizen
1 year ago
19 hours ago

I know it's a bit late 😉 but working on this now in my CONCACAF club file that fixes up those competitions. Will release it on here later today or tomorrow

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