Dear all

This is FLUTSKIN Version 8.0 for FM23!!

First of all I would like to give a great thank you to all FM fans who choose to play with FLUTSKIN and always keep me motivated to still editing the skin and gave me new ideas!!!

A special thank you to all of players who decided to distinguish my work with a donation!! Although just a small part of FM Players who use the skin made a donation (I edited the skin as a hobby and, as you know, completely free), I always feel honoured and happy when people recognize the work done and decide to contribute. So, I reinforce, I have to give a special thank you to that friends of FlutsKin!!!!!!

Also a thank you to all the skin makers who indirectly contribute to my work, and a special thank you to PATRES10, from fmslovakia for the 2D default kits (especially tailor-made for FlutSkin), to MICHAEL MURRAY since I started editing the match inbetween highlights panel based on his amazing work, to QVORDRUP, for the metallic “Round country flags” and his great collaboration in the “country locator maps”, to NUNO KOPIO for the “Square shiny flags” I included as alt files (for using as an alternative to the “Round country flags”) to PMPOU for his great contribution with many tickets to customize the skin, to DAZS8 for his great work in the addons for Flutskin. I also thank you for the contributes made by NOLEAFWILEN and RICHBELL. 

In FlutSkin you can find so many changes comparing to the default skin that I can’t present all of them here. I suggest you to go through the panels in order to see with your eyes all the changes!!

Main Changes in Version 8.0

  • Tactics Overview Panel (now the subs bench includes the player pictures)
  • Inbox panel (the height of the head bar was increased and tweaked)
  • Match Inbetween highlights (now all the panels can be resized with the mouse, in height and width, for a better customization)
  • Data hub → next opposition tweaked
  • Player popup panel tweaked (pros and cons panel included in the drop down arrow)
  • New alts included (tickets alts - thank you PMPOU!; alt for black sidebar)
  • Some other tweaks here and there


Main Changes in Version 7.0

  • Club Overview Panel (now 5 tabs, new information and tweaks)
  • Player Overview Panel (new information and the panels arrangement tweaked)
  • Tactics Overview Panel (bigger pitch, subs bench on the left and information about previous matches with the opponent tweaked)
  • Home panel (more results included in the results panel)


Main Changes in Version 6.0

-Home panel 

  • New tab included with more information

-Player Overview Panel

  • Now you can use 6 (!) different tabs full of information


  • Team full names included in the match scoreboard of UEFA competitions

-Match Team News panel

  • Now you can choose among several tickets (I included tickets regarding UEFA competitions, BWIN Portuguese League, Bundesliga and a generic ticket, but, of course, you can customize your skin with the tickets you want)

-Calendar tweaked

-Reported bugs fixed


“Main Changes” in Version 5.0

  • “New” Club overview panel

        - now includes 3 different tabs including much more informations: club details, club history and key information (this tab full of club information). In the             first tab the “followers in social networks” was included in the top middle panel.

  • “New” stadium overview panel

        - now includes much more stadium information 

  • “New” Nation overview panel and general panel

        - Now include new information about each nation

  • Player overview panel tweaked

        - colours of attributes boxes and analysers tweaked

  • Non player (staff) panel tweaked

       - Current and Potential ability included


Please note that many of the screenshots above are not corresponding to the current version of the skin. As soon as possible I will try ti update the screenshots.


“Main Changes” in Version 4.0

  • Player overview panel

         - new set of tabs in the top middle box. Some of those tabs include new ring graphs of attribute analysis profile (physical, mental, technical, goalkeeping,  defensive and offensive) which were created based on the great work of GROOT in his Electric Panther Skin. Thank you my friend!!; The other tabs include persoal details, biography and player stats full of data.

  • Player attributes panel

        - New tabs included in the middle boxes of the panel; stats box tweaked (with more data)

  • Individual training panel

       - New 5 tabs included

  • New Bookmarks button included (now you can easily bookmark your favourite panels and have quickly acess to all of them)
  • Lots of tweaks in player/staff list displayed in inbox panel (with much more information)
  • Other tweaks here and there
  • A few new alts (now you have a total of 24 alts for customize your Flutskin. However, please note that some of them could not entirely correspond to the current version of the skin)
  • Finally, I would like to thank you Robin Heart who challenge me to do new things in the skin and gave me a new background picture for including in the background selector. Thank you, my friend!


“Main Changes” in Version 3.0

  • Match inbetween highlights panel tweaked (now includes new information – pass map and match momentum – and four tabs for easily choose the information we want to see during the match)
  • Ingame editor included in match day header panel
  • Club affiliates panel tweaked
  • Club overview panel tweaked (club details tweaked)
  • Some other tweaks here and there
  • Reported bugs fixed
  • New Alts added:
    • 1. grey titlebar and sidebar
    • 2. player attributes not displayed (since I didn’t test all the panels, if you find a panel including player attributes yet, please let me know)
    • 3. club details in club overview panel as it was in the last version of the skin


“Main Changes” in Version 2.0


  • New Intro panel, now with 4 backgrounds rotating with each other
  • New ticket picture in the pre-match panel (thank you, NunoKopio, for the new image)
  • A few panels in news panel tweaked


Bugs fixed

  • Competition Team stats panel and competition player stats panel
  • Shorlist panel
  • Player coach report for contract negotiations
  • Player coach report for contract promises
  • Tactics set pieces panel
  • Team report scout report panel
  • Scouting centre assignment card for recruitment focus panel
  • Coach summary report boxes (player profile panel and player attributes panel)


“Main Changes” in Version 1.0

  • Intro panel (new background included)
  • Social news (size of the panels increased)
  • New alt for match titlebar/scoreboard, including clock, teams (only the team logos) and score
  • Reported bugs fixed
  • Note 1: I also decided to keep the panels of the Uefa Cups, Bundesliga and EFL as default. However, I included a new alt for those who prefer using the match titlebar of the FlutSkin, in all competitions.


The pack includes many alt files for customize the skin (please read the read me file included in the pack) and several tutorials: 1) how should be the configs for the stadiums packs; 2) how can you adjust the size and the place of the kit number in player overview panel; 3) how can you do the 2D kits adapted for Flutskin. BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS OR REQUESTS, PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THE ALT FOLDERS AND ALSO AT THE READ ME AND TUTORIAL FILES!!


You can download the 2D packs prepared for Flutskin (titlebar and player overview panel) here in sourtitoutsi. FC style kits SS Kits style


If you prefer SS'kits as default kits, you can download this and replace the kits folder located here: Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2022\skins\fm2022flutskin_dark\graphics\pictures\kits

However, if you prefer edit your own kits, I also included in the pack a .pdf file explaining how you can edit the kits for Flutskin.


The sortitoutsi Backgrounds Megapack includes player, competition and stadium backgrounds, as well as beautiful city images:


As always FlutSkin is completely free to download and I hope you enjoy it. However, if you want, you can reward my work donating whatever amount you wish. Any small amount is really appreciated.


You can donate by clicking here:

THE SKIN IS TOTALLY COMPATIBLE WITH 1920x1080 SCREEN RESOLUTION AND 4k (windows display settings 200%; game 100%).


Important note regarding TV LOGOS:
Although the default tv logo is the one I use, of course you can easily change it; for that you just have to go to skin/graphics/icons/tv logos. In that folder there is a alt folder with many TV logos. You just have to replace the tv logo.png and the tv [email protected] for that one you want. Of course you should rename the new logos as tv logo and tv [email protected] You also can use other logos made by you. The procedure to use them is exactly the same. However, I should remember that yo should use logos with the right height. For tv logo you should use 25px and for the @2x you should use 50px.

Resolution requirements:
This skin was made to work properly in 3840x2160 (4K with windows display settings 200%) and also 1920x1080 (1080p) full screen mode, sidebar icons only. As a result, some panels won’t work properly in other resolutions.


[b]How to add Flut Skin in FM23[/b]
Download and extract the .zip file (using either 7-Zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for Mac).

Place the "fm2023flutskin_dark" folder here: 
Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2023\skins

[*] Create the folder "skins" if it doesn't exist.
[*] Start FM23 and go to Preferences screen and then into the Interface tab.
[*] You should see FM 2023 Flut Skin dark - 8.0 as an option in the skin drop down of the Overview box. 
[*] Hit the Confirm button.

Please note this skin is provided as is. It has nothing to do with Sports Interactive or SEGA and won't be supported by them.

13 years ago
1 day ago
By CarlosInacio 10 May 2023 - 16:44 PM UTC 

I am having the same problem and in the .pdf that comes with the skin I couldn't find anything that points to the resolution of this problem. 

Can you give me some help FLUT?


The pdf is the following. And yes, there you can find the explanation for adjust the kit number and kit name in the player overview panel.


Changing the size and place of kit number and kit name.pdf

2 weeks ago
1 week ago

Hi flut,


just new to your skin and already liking it very much. 

However I've two questions:


Firstly, how do I have to interpret the CA and PA attributes in the player overview? Since it seems those don't match the hidden CA/PA numbers or the star ratings.

I've installed alt 10 for now since I don't understand it, but would like to understand it.


Secondly, is there a way to use your skin with attributes, but without the hidden attributes (including hidden CA/PA numbers). For example in the following places (maybe there are more places, but to give you an idea of what I mean): 

-player overview > profile > player panel 1 > ability (I know I can just change this one, but those are the attributes I'm talking about)

-player overview > profile > player panel 6 > info2 > ability

-player overview > information > info > ability

I have the ingame editor, but I don't want to see those right away, not even by accident, if I want to see those I prefer to have an extra conscious step I have to take to do so. 


Hope you can help

2 years ago
1 minute ago

Thanks for the great skin, as always. I'm using the version without attributes, and I found a screen where the attributes are shown. It's the progress screen in the development tab. I've attached a screenshot below. Any way for me to manually fix that without causing you guys too much trouble?

3 years ago
21 hours ago

First of all, a great job. I have a problem with the size of the number on the jersey (see screenshot) Before changing the lines in ki34. Now it doesn't work anymore, can you help me .please




3 years ago
21 hours ago
9 years ago
2 weeks ago
9 years ago
3 hours ago

Hi @flut I have two questions, 

can you do something to make club panels visible in japan?

For staff members, is there a possibility to remove the textual information and restore the colored bar to indicate the level of knowledge of a country?

EDIT - 26 May

I've found a solution for the Japanese club panel, I've been using this and at first glance it seems compatible with your skin.


EDIT - 31 May

I add two more questions ..

1 - Is it possible to ensure that the color of the shirts of the players called up for the national team is not changed on the main page of the club and to ensure that it remains unchanged?

2 - Social media info ..

The number of followers, which I imagine is in any case a fantasy value, what does it refer to? What determines this number? The club's reputation perhaps? or what other data?

league unplayable
playable league

then, in the championships that are muted in-game this value is not seen, is it perhaps possible to make sure that it is seen anyway?

16 years ago
19 hours ago



First I want to say that I love your skin, it's just beautiful. But, it's obviously only properly looking at 4K, and because I like to play it at [email protected]% zoom I need your help to adjust things that are not working with my settings. I've already sorted the player numbers on various panels, as you can see on the screenshots. So here are screenshots, please use the numbers I did to reference the appropriate XML files:

#7 is missing arrow
#12 is missing arrow
#15 is missing arrow
#18 is the width of team colors BG element
#25 width of team colors BG element
#36 width of team colors BG element
#38 widths of team colors BG element
I forgot to mark here player's face location because it's dropping a couple of pixels over the name box.
Bars dimensions

Also, if it's not a problem you mention in the original post somewhere that you personally use the Metalic country flags and competition trophies because they are shown on the screenshots but are not included. And one suggestion, to have the player card consistent on all panels. It makes no sense to be able to choose if it is not persistent across them all.


I'm also attaching my fix for player kits' numbers and names on player profiles. It's good for Windowed mode at 1080p resolution with 85% zoom. If someone wants to use it, just unpack it in the skin folder and allow overwriting of the files when prompted.


Thanks in advance, and please continue with the great work you are doing on this skin.

1 year ago
2 days ago

Hey @flut ,
first at all, Great Skin! I like it! Big respect!

So I have a Problem…
i tweaked teh skin with your “alt” instructions, now i wanted to have the Attributes without the boxes.
In normal Penel is all fine, but now I find a problem:


In the Penel where you compare players, the first player attributtes, are fine now, but the second player have still the boxes BUT without anything in it.
I want to have all, without boxes, and to see the attributes again!
Do you have a solution for me?


14 years ago
12 hours ago

Any idea how I can remove the jersey icon from the player panels. The background image of the player is thereby covered.

Bielsa is a Legend
9 years ago
5 hours ago
By goldgans 06 June 2023 - 19:38 PM UTC 

Any idea how I can remove the jersey icon from the player panels. The background image of the player is thereby covered.


Just change the drop down to Flut card

14 years ago
12 hours ago

Where can I find that?

Bielsa is a Legend
9 years ago
5 hours ago
By goldgans 07 June 2023 - 09:25 AM UTC 

Where can I find that?


click the white arrow under history

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