Hello everyone, im looking for a smaller cut out facepack for my mobile version fm23. I know there is a big mega pack, but with a size of 9 gbs its a bit to much for football manager mobile.


I would like to see a pack with only the faces of the playable leagues in mobile. Can someone help me?


(Ps didnt have specific file to add so i added a flamingo)

16 years ago
8 hours ago

@Patrick van de Groep, I don't know why you created a download to ask a question 😕


To answer your question, there aren't any smaller versions of the cut-out megapack, no. It's too much hassle to collate and update.


I've removed this download, since it's irrelevant.

4 years ago
15 hours ago

You could use a bulk resize tool or Python script to do it maybe, but would be something you’d have to do manually 😉

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