Here you can find all database that I created. They are based on three principles: 1.Compatibility, 2.Realism, 3.Functionality


When you create anything in pre-game editor, it creates new ID, but when you combine more databases that have created things it starts to have problems. Because when the database starts loading it will automotically change IDs of the second (third...) loaded database and for example graphics will not work, or regional cups, regional promotion will stop work properly. So that's why I don't create new clubs or competitions or anything else, I work only with the basic database, when I need new competition I am using extinct competitions from that nation. This way all my databases will always be compatible with any other database.


I'm always trying to create exact copy of the format of the league, not just the man's pyramid but youth pyramid too. So I always spend lots of time researching rules, formats of the leagues and their fixtures, so everything here is close as possible to reality.


I bet you know the feeling when you start playing and after first season you found out that the promotion/relegation doesn't work or that the history of competition is not saving or other things. I always test mine databases before I put them out, every time I simulate at least 6 seasons and than I check if everything works. So don't worry, every database here works fine.

If you have suggestion for me to create some nation or you find some mistakes comment here or under any database.

You can download it on steam here:

Right now there is 77 nations in this pack, you can find more in depth description to each nation on their steam pages. Here is the list:


Afghanistan (D1)


Algeria (D2)


Armenia (D2)


Austria (D6)


Bahrain (D2)


Belgium (D6)


Belize (D1)


Bhutan (D2)


Bolivia (D2)


Botswana (D1)


Cameroon (D2)


Central African Republic (D2)


Chile (D5)


Chinese Taipei (D2)


Colombia (D3)


Costa Rica (D2)


Croatia (D4)


Cuba (D1)


DR Congo (D1)


Ecuador (D3)


Egypt (D3)


El Salvador (D2)


Estonia (D3)


France (D5)


Ghana (D2)


Guam (D1)


Guatemala (D2)


Honduras (D2)


India (D4)


Iran (D3)


Italy (D7)


Ivory Coast (D2)


Japan (D6)


Kosovo (D3)


Kyrgyzstan (D2)


Laos (D2)


Lebanon (D2)


Lesotho (D2)


Libya (D2)


Lithuania (D2)


Luxembourg (D3)


Macau (D3)


Madagascar (D1)


Maldives (D3)


Mali (D1)


Mexico (D4)


Moldova (D3)


Mongolia (D2)


Montserrat (D1)


Morocco (D3)


Myanmar (D2)


Namibia (D1)


Nepal (D2)


Nicaragua (D1)


Nigeria (D2)


North Korea (D2)


Northern Mariana Islands (D2)


Oman (D2)


Panama (D2)


Paraguay (D3)


Philippines (D1)


Qatar (D2)


Saudi Arabia (D3)


Senegal (D3)


Somalia (D1)


South Korea (D4)


Switzerland (D5)


São Tomé e Príncipe (D2)


Tajikistan (D2)


Thailand (D3)


Tunisia (D2)


Turkmenistan (D1)


United Arab Emirates (D4)


Uzbekistan (D2)


Venezuela (D2)


Zambia (D2)


Zimbabwe (D1)

15 years ago
32 minutes ago

Thanks for this. I tested all those files in game and everything worked well that I could see. I will be using this.

Johnny Heinonen
3 years ago
4 days ago

Would it be possible to have Swedish lower leagues? Swedish division 3,4,5,6,7? (Except from what’s already existing) If so, with db 23.0.0..?

Many thanks

Johnny 🙏


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