17 years ago
2 weeks ago

I'm downloading the normal update but everyone seems to have future transfers for a years time, which is no good to me. I would like to start the game with the current season acting as if it was the next season (players released, etc)


I've already done promotions/relegations myself.


An example of this is Troy Deeney, he has been released by Birmingham, but on the update he's due to leave in 2023.


Troy Deeney Updated Transfer - Football Manager 23.4 Data Update Changes (sortitoutsi.net)

17 years ago
3 days ago

These automatically get updated on June 1st. So Troy Deeney will change to released then as well as Messi.


Obviously in real life these transfers don't actually happen till July 1st but we've opted for June because we think most people don't want to wait until July.


We realise some people might want to hurry up and have it in the last few days of May but for simplicity we've chosen June 1st in advance and that's when it will happen.

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