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The Marshall Islands is the last nation on Earth without a football team, but with the help of Sort It Out SI, their newly-formed Soccer Federation is on a mission to change this.


A small nation of just 60,000 people in the Pacific Ocean, it may look like a tropical paradise, but the nation is facing an existential crisis. If global temperatures rise by more than 1.5 degrees then some of the islands may become uninhabitable. This could happen as soon as 2030. There is no time to lose. With a goal to eventually become FIFA members, the MISF are building a coaching curriculum for school children on the islands, recruiting eligible males and females for the national team, creating both men's and women's National Soccer Leagues.


Sort It Out SI has decided to support the project by signing a 2 year sponsorship deal to become the ‘Official Coaching Partner’ of the Marshall Islands Soccer Federation. We’re excited to say that this will see our manager man logo adorning the coaches kit until Summer 2025 (photos coming soon). We’re also going to be helping to promote the fundraising efforts of the MISF by adding Marshall Islands Soccer to our unofficial Football Manager database and offering fun Marshall Islands themed challenges that can be played in Football Manager.


“We’re incredibly thankful to Sort It Out SI for being a part of our journey as our Official Coaching Partner. With their passion for global soccer and developing the game, we’ll be wearing their logo with pride. We hope that this will be an incredibly fruitful partnership for both parties, and we will be working on several joint projects in the months ahead.” Matt Webb, Commercial Director of MISF.


“This project is not only about enabling the Marshall Islands to compete internationally, but using soccer as a means to raise awareness of the plight facing our nation. The Marshallese are a strong, proud and adaptable people, and we can’t wait to work alongside Sort It Out SI to help raise the profile of our project which will enable us to develop the sport further on the islands.”


We’re really excited to have this opportunity. We never thought we’d get to the point of being able to sponsor a football team, let alone an entire nation. Marshall Islands is the only nation left in the world without a football team so we’re really starting at the bottom here and as any hardcore FM fan knows, that’s the only place to start! We’re also keen to join the fight against climate change in any way we can. One of the hard truths of climate change is that it isn’t going to affect everyone equally, perhaps that’s why we still see so much inaction from some quarters. We want to address this by drawing attention to the localised effects of climate change and those on the frontline like the Marshall Islands.


Would you like to help the Marshall Islands Soccer Federation in their goal to bring international football to the islands? Please visit their Go Fund Me to find out more and donate:


Donate here: 


You can also keep up with everything going on in their project at any of the usual places:







17 years ago
4 hours ago

For some context San Marino, of the popular San Marino FM Challenge, has a population of 34,000, that's less than the Marshall Islands and they've got to the point of playing England 8 times! Building up the Marshall Islands in real life will be an even bigger challenge than San Marino in FM but we're hopeful and glad to be supporting the project.


If you do donate please leave a comment mentioning sortitoutsi so they can get an idea where the donations are coming from 🙂


You can also find out more about the project in a few other places:

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Video From Zealand

17 years ago
4 hours ago

Little preview of what's going on over there. More to come hopefully 🙂


Stavros Koulas
8 years ago
2 weeks ago

Nice initiative! Best of luck 

16 years ago
1 day ago

Well done! I´m ready to help at gofund! 

2 years ago
1 week ago

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