ESS Logos Megapack

Our ESS Logos for Football Manager are some of the biggest and best FM Logos around. This pack has been around for years and is a big favourite within the community. By downloading you'll be able to update Football Manager with thousands of the latest and best looking Club and Competition Logos around.
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ESS Logos Megapack

3 years ago
5 months ago

could you please do ID 16023768. Thanks in advance. @cHMIELu 

15 years ago
3 months ago

Could someone create me the badges for FC Isle of Man please?


Thank you in advance!

13 years ago
4 weeks ago

Please could you update the Burnley badge please. ID 622


The one in the full pack is the 2009 version, with the Latin phrase (pretiumque et causa laboris) We only used that for the 2009/10 season.

Ever since then we used this one (that says Burnley Football Club)


Seedy Loner
12 years ago
16 hours ago



Walsall v Leeds United - 1994/95 - YouTube

I'd like these created, if you've time. Thanks

Ajax Logo Vectors Free Download
8 years ago
2 weeks ago

can someone do this, all nice and same..ty


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