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Hard for me to think of any positives from that when all I can think of it how livid I am at Smalling
Positive is that we didn't collapse, and that we had a decent 15 mins. That might be down to City trying to throw the game away.

Last season we got destroyed.

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I'm actually reasonably happy with that. Smalling's lost us the game obviously, but I thought we put in a decent account of ourselves. Rooney looked really good, Di Maria dangerous again (he really can't take corners though, but his free kick delivery is excellent) and Fellaini looked good again.
LvG confirms Rojo dislocated his shoulder.

It never rains but it pours.

Good opportunity for Benteke there, shame he has Weiman as his partner, I would of prefered Agbonlahor and N'Zogbia either side of him using their pace to get to his knock downs.
Fuckin hell, thought the drought was over then...
http://www.liveonlineradio.net/wp-content/themes/Music_Covers/images/music2.gif -------- http://rs648.pbsrc.com/albums/uu204/JeWeL1980_photos/7505xjc54lf3np.gif~c200 -------- http://www.liveonlineradio.net/wp-content/themes/Music_Covers/images/music2.gif

We look so much more dangerous with Benteke causing problems.

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Wow, when was the last time Rooney did that?

Euro 2004 I think!

Spurs are poor.
Euro 2004 I think!

Spurs are poor.

I said that i hadn't seen Rooney do that for 10 years when he did it! Vividly remember him doing it in a friendly against Argentina, think he scored that time though.
FFS Benteke. Stupid sending off. We've looked much better having him to hold the ball up, however he's now suspended for three games. Mason shouldn't have escaped unpunished though.

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For crying out loud.
unlucky. Red cards have help decide both matches!
Jordan Rhodes is a football genius
well looks like I'm winning £100
Come on Dazza...
Fuckin hell, we deserved at least a draw from that. absolutely gutted.
Obviously disappointed with the loss but actually thought we played well. City were near enough hanging on at the end despite playing 10 men for 60ish minutes with a makeshift back 4. Smalling was stupid and will be hurting. Just wish Rooney had shot or Fellaini had met his chance with his head! (2 bad mistakes from Kompany who seems to make a lot of them that go unnoticed/not spoken about)

My point that spending so much in the summer and not signing proper defenders still stands. Rojo looks like he can't defend, no trust in him what so ever when it comes to defending.

People have been saying Shaw still looks unfit but I think its just he has a weird body shape? Something doesn't look right about it. Thought he was very good today, 1 of our better performers.
Yeah I thought Shaw did well today
Jordan Rhodes is a football genius
I thought Shaw had a shocker tbh. Always out of position and standing off Navas far too much given Navas' pace. Has a real tendency to day dream too.

Rojo on the other hand I can't understand why he's getting stick. Another game with another new defensive partner and did well again before making an unnecessary challenge and injuring himself. Looked more composed under the high ball and has good recovery pace and strong in the challenge. Definitely has an error in him, and he's not ever going to be physically imposing. He doesn't look much like a defender, given the ridiculous hair cut, but I think people are actually ignoring the fact that he's actually pretty good at it.

Given all the various caveats that need to be applied about him e.g. new league, new language, different defensive partner every week etc... I think he's performing more than admirably and his absence is a massive loss.
Shaw was poor today. And, I know it's early in his Premier League career, but Rojo to me isn't a convincing center back.
But whats he actually done to give you that impression though? I'll give you that he was lucky to get away with that tackle in the box on the stroke of half time.

But I'm not sure what else he's expected to do there, he has to do something and it wasn't his mistake that led to the chance. Other than that? Felt he had the better of his one on ones with Aguero (Squawka ridiculously has an excellent bit of defending after half time down as a failed tackle) looked composed under the dropping ball and only gave the ball away when trying to pass long.

He doesn't look convincing, but unless you're going to actually base the argument on what he does on the pitch rather than the perception of what he's doing then its all a bit unnecessary. After all, you could just as easily argue that Cleverley is a better player than Suarez because Suarez looks a bit ungainly, if you're going to ignore whether they're actually good footballers or not.

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I didn't watch the match (or any highlights). But I agree Shaw was poor.

Made out of strong stuff too by the sounds of it.

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Pretty good little bit on Toure here. Sometimes I think we do forget that footballers are human, too.

It was wonderful to see Toure having a positive impact on what City did well. The Ivorian is more comfortable with the company of Silva as his perfect foil, but still controlled the game in midfield after a difficult opening. His pass for the goal was superb, and was unlucky not to score at the death following a delicious turn.

Toure's influence was emphatic. He made more passes than any other player on the pitch and also completed a higher percentage of them (93.1%). His 54 passes in the opposition half was 26 more than any of his teammates.

Toure's reputation was damaged hugely after the birthday cake incident of May, and he will now inevitably be afforded less leeway than other players. That said, the criticism of his form experienced of late is unfair in the extreme.

This is a player whose 28-year-old brother died just four months ago. If we want our players to demonstrate emotions such as passion, loyalty, regret and joy, then we must also offer patience in dealing with tragedy.

There is a danger that we want to know all about the footballer but nothing of the person. Another reminder that football really isn't a matter of life or death, whatever the platitudes may try and dictate.

I also felt it important to highlight Toure's performance after hearing reports of chants in the away end involving the Ivorian and Ebola, and a brief search on Twitter brings up similar lines from so-called football supporters. If you can't have a scrap of dignity, you don't deserve to watch football.
Rojo hasn't convinced me because his positioning and marking have been poor so far - two necessities at centre back. Plus he likes to run out too often, a la David Luiz.

He's got good strength, but he just doesn't convince me at CB. He looks like a good left back - likes to get forward and passes well. At Sporting he had Mauricio as his partner, who was excellent, maybe when we have a consistent pairing at the back he might do well.

McNair is probably our most intelligent centre back at the moment. Which is a worry.
Rojo won't ever be anything more than an okay central defender, his positioning lacks and he's too undersized. The only way to help cover this areas of weakness is to literally partner him with a bigger stronger centre back. He has the urge to try to nick the ball in front, similar to Luiz and also Carvalho back in the day, the difference is that they're both bigger stronger players who could also use their body if needed- Carvalho also read the game far better and combined well with Terry because each other covered the others weak points. A consistent partner may help, but no one Man Utd have in their squad is going to be the right sort of partner he'll need.
Wow we actually won a league game for once. Probably didn't deserve to beat Villa but luckily for us, its not about what you deserve its about what you get.

Kane did more in his first 30 seconds than Soldado and Adebayor did in the whole game. He must start now, he is the only confident striker we've got and he is scoring. Also once again Dembele is an unused sub, I just don't get that at all.
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