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Apparently we're signing Pato.. weird one.. mind fucked me when I realised he's still only 26, seems he's been around for ages
Chelsea's demise is just hilarious. I thought nobody would match our poor defence of the title under Moyes, but Chelsea, so so shit.
I'd say he's got to go (Mourinho), but he wasn't even at the game today so it'd be a bit harsh to sack him right after this game.
On a real though, what the fuck has happened with Chelsea? They've got the same players as last year, and Mourinho doesn't seem like the guy who would let his players get complacent. I know he always falls out with players but surely players like Terry wouldn't fuck around with him.

A couple of factors.
  • We've had absolutely no luck with some decisions, not all, but some. There just isn't a consistency being had across the board. This has impacted some games in a direct fashion or has made us lose focus in others.
  • Our defending has been terrible. From marking set pieces, closing down players quick enough when closer to goal, etc. It just hasn't been at the level it has needed to be, particularly at the beginning of the season. We've looked better since Ivanovic has been out of the side, but we're still struggling to do some of the basics for the full 90 minutes.
  • We have possibly the most predictable and worse attacking game plan known to man. The 4231 simply doesn't compliment the sort of players we have, irrespective if it won us the title last season, it only worked for the first 6 months and since the start of this year; once teams understood how to combat us, it has been dire. We move the ball far too slow, our "wide" players congest the middle of the pitch. Our CM positions have been too slow and lacked defensive awareness; which has improved in the games we've played with Ramires and Mikel. Having inverted fullbacks provides us with no width or balance. If our "wide" attackers are always going to play centrally then it's crucial our fullbacks get forward and offer width to keep play stretched. Again, we look a more balanced side with Azpi and Baba, opposed to Azpi and Ivanovic/Zouma. Then our CF spends more time coming deep or out on the wing than he does in and around the goal. This is somewhat a by-product of our "wide" players sucking all the central space away and forcing any runs into the channels wide where the space is. The CF is always isolated and often has to deal with two or more defenders at a time.
  • We've got so many players out of form all at once it isn't funny. Willian is about the only player that has maintained a consistent level.
  • Mourinho's stubbiness to be tactically bold and try something new, while being unwilling to remove the shackles and allow some freedom.
  • Failing to strengthen during the summer. We sat on what we had, lost a few players and replaced them with players of similar or less quality. We just don't have a squad filled with enough senior useable players. It's the same 13/14 that get games and then the odd U/21 like Kenedy, RLC, etc make up the numbers. It was clear last season we needed to invest and improve, we didn't.
  • There are no leaders in this side. Last season we had Terry, Drogba and Cech. Big characters and great leaders over the years. Now only Terry remains and he cannot continue to carry the side himself at his age.
  • A terribly planned pre-season left us undercooked early on compared to other sides.
There's other areas but you get the point. I didn't think we'd win the league again, but certainly hadn't anticipated us being this poor. I'm not one for sacking Mourinho, I think he needs to say. However, he also needs to help himself and focus less about the media, officials, etc and more about what he can influence and control; starting with the system employed and approach. Missing out on Champions League football for a season isn't a huge deal, however we need results. At this rate, we'll be looking at trying to stay in the Prem come end of season.
  • Cesc Fabregas
Looks like fantastic well run club Swansea are heading towards their second relegation battle in three years.

I know very little about Pato - but he seemed to be trying to link himself with Sunderland in the Summer. I'd be wary.

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You just know City will get that goal in the last 5 minutes /o\
I see Delph got the welcome he probably deserves.
noir et blanc armée

Read my FM Career A Little Bit Of History Changing

Well that was frustrating. Poor performance for the most part, but almost as annoyed at Pellegrini's substitutions as the result. The refusal to bring on Iheanacho until the 84th minute when he's our best option up front was bizarre, allowing Yaya to saunter around misplacing passes for 70+ minutes and persisting with Sterling up-front for almost as long didn't do too much to help either.

  • Radamal Falcao

  • On a serious note though, I think verse is right in that they came in to the season undercooked, and that they were underwhelming for most of this calendar year, anyway. But I think there's more to it than that, Mourinho strikes as a hugely frustrating manager to play under whose motivational methods appear to be slating his players in an attempt to provoke a reaction out of them. This seems to work in the short term, Hazard being a good case in point, as he succeeds in getting that reaction and improving performances over the short term. Longer term, it seems that he doesn't build the same rapport with his players that, say, Ferguson did and eventually people get fed up with his confrontational style. All of that seems to be made worse when the results start to go against his team.

    I can't see how he can turn it around without replacing 4-5 first teamers. verse says they're 'out of form' but I think they're just fed up. They'll stay up if they keep him (can't believe their seasons gone that badly that I have to say that, lol) but either way the solution, replacing him or replacing the team, is going to be expensive.
    Chelsea won't be relegated ffs They'll finish top half still

    City fucking finally running out of luck \o/ Solid performance from Villa tbf
    Happy with the result today, as others have said it was a solid performance and the defence looked better organised and made far fewer mistakes, also the run of seven consecutive defeats has been arrested, it's a start for Garde to build on.

    Damn that LvG for ruining him.
    Liverpool - beat Chelsea comfortably last week, behind against Palace at home this week!
    New save coming for FM20...:- Heartbreak, misery, but hope on the horizon... https://i.imgur.com/vyxFXJL.png?1
    Damn that LvG for ruining him.

    Yeah and RVP is banging in goals in Turkey as well, such a shame that our manager clearly ruined both of them and that they weren't both clearly over the hill.
    Clearly shite Danny Rose creating the goal there.
    22 shots and just 4 on target and Palace then go and nick the win! unbelievable!
    New save coming for FM20...:- Heartbreak, misery, but hope on the horizon... https://i.imgur.com/vyxFXJL.png?1
    Not the worst performance, but absolutely awful in the final third, I blame the rain.. Back to some questionable defending again
    I'll take a 1-1, heck I'd snap your hand off for it the way we were dominated.
    070563 - 120815

    I'll see you
    Fantastic day for us.
    Not pleased with 1-1 really. Before the game I would've taken a draw, but after that performance we should've taken 3 points. Typical Spurs.
    Spurs' pressing was impressive and restricted us massively. Didn't help that Santi started when he was completely fucking ill (threw up at half time apparently) so we couldn't control the game at all. Needed Mikel on instead of Flam but all the subs worked well.

    Despite being on the backfoot most of the time we definitely had the better chances to score and Giroud should've had a brace at least. Özil though, what a fucking player. 6 games in a row he's produced an assist which is a record & takes him to 10 in 11 in the League now. Clearly the best player at the club.

    Alexis needs to be dropped but unfortunately for us, we're not able to. Also how Delle Alli got MOTM is beyond me, he fackin ran araand a bit but didn't do much other than that.

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    Garry Monk is apparently going to be sacked.

    Ridiculous if it's true. But also quite funny.

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    It would indeed be ridiculous.

    It's been a slump, no doubt about that (although they're still only 14th despite the slump), but it's only been a few games and he led them to their highest ever points tally last season.
    It would be a travesty if Monk is sacked, he's a young manager who is still learning, Swansea knew that when they gave him the chance and thus should be prepared to stand by him through this rough patch.

    Ridiculous but Monk is a wank. And seemed to undermine Laudrup.
    Martin Fulop has died aged 32.

    Fucking cancer.
    Martin Fulop has died aged 32.

    Fucking cancer.

    Tommaso Trani, ex QPR and Milan goalie, also died today. Only 21 years old...
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