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What is Susie On Tour?

Susie on tour is a batch of challenges set over a certain time scale where the individual will pick up the same save file and play through it, doing the best they can to earn points which will be outlined per challenge. This was launched by @Cymro back in 2014 and briefly appeared during FM15 however hasn’t been relaunched since. @tongey has suggested we relaunch it and see if we can get some activity and healthy competition back within the site as we’re getting to the stage where everyone ‘dies off from FM saves’ now.

Challenge #1 – Stop the drop (5 month challenge)

Its Christmas day 2016, usually a day for celebrating but for Sunderland things are looking very bleak in the Premier League as they occupy the bottom spot with 11 points and 20 games to go this season. Hopes of survival are realistic still, just four points outside the drop zone its in your hands to turn around their fortunes and keep them up. You have five months to turn them from relegation candidates to the highest possible finish you can manage. Your first two games…only the small matter of Manchester United at home and then welcoming Arsene Wenger’s Gunners to see out the 2016 calendar year and open up the transfer widow.


A big squad with some talent admittedly. However there is some deadwood and waste of space in the squad, eating up the wage budget. Its now your job to sort through who to keep and how to try and get rid of as you approach the January transfer window. It'll be your only chance to strengthen the side during this challenge.


The finances are there, already a healthy transfer budget going into January which you need to make full use of if you're going to keep the black cats up and earn some points for challenge one!

Scoring system:

Premier League:

Win the Premier League – 100 points
Top 4 – 75 points
Top 6 – 50 points
Top 10 – 25 points
11th – 14th – 15 points
15th – 17th – 10 points
Relegated – -25 points

Sacked: -25 points (and the challenge is over)

FA Cup:

Third Round exit – 5 points
Fourth Round exit – 10 points
Fifth Round exit – 15 points
Six round exit - 20 points
Semi Finalist – 25 points
Runners Up – 35 points
Winners – 50 points

Rivalries: (competitive only)

Beat Newcastle – 10 points
Beat Middlesbrough – 5 points


Win manager of the year – 25 points
Player wins player of the year – 10 points
Player wins young player of the year – 10 points
Player wins goal of the season – 10 points


You must start set your manager experience as Coaching Badges None and Playing Experience Sunday League Footballer and play from the file attached only. You have until 8pm BST on Sunday 25th June (8 days) to submit your screenshots in this thread, and accumulate as many points as you can within the confines of a maximum of 5 months in the game.

You may not manage any other teams, or use other programs to aid you in this challenge
You may not use any editor or scouting software.
Screenshots must be added to this thread for points to count.

Screenshots required:

- Manager profile (proof of reputation etc)
- End of season fixture list showing results
- End of season league table
- Anything else you feel necessary ie. transfers etc.

Game File: Down By Christmas...

Good luck, once the first challenge has been completed we will tot up scores, set up a separate page for a leaderboard and hopefully get a few of us on board for it.

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So I'll kick this off...here is my manager trying to save the Black Cats:


I'll probably play through the whole thing tomorrow, got a bit of 'spare' time at work so hopefully get it done and guide them to some sort of safety. Expecting a busy January transfer window incomings and outgoings.
I'm set up and ready to go. I'll introduce you to the saviour of Sunderland AFC...


Looking to get this completed quickly, whilst I continue along with my FC Nordsjæland save. This is going to be fun
Ugh, Sunderland!

I might 'begrudgingly" participate in the first 'leg' of this challenge but I won't enjoy it.

Had we of taken the chances we created we could of easily stole a point here. I had set up defensively and after going two down moved to attacking to grab one back through Borini. Unfortunately we couldn't find a leveller though.
Seems like you played well! Dominated the possession there @Dan
We gave away a silly, controversial penalty @tongey which is annoying but could of stole a point still


Three matches down and currently four points from a possible nine. Much better than I had expected to start and with the transfer window open its not time to do some business. We're struggling to score. We've moved off the bottom though, sitting nineteenth now still four points from safety though as those around us pick up points..


Couldn't resist an aging Ronaldinho on a free transfer. He may just be the turning point for us going forward in the final third.

I won't overly post now until the end of the season. Don't want to give away too much info.!
Dans Attempt - Susie On Tour - #1 Stop The Drop


So I struggled to free up the funds and couldn't get rid of many players but still made a few signings in January that were bought in to try and sure up mainly our defence but obviously Ronaldinho was there to add some Brazilian flare to our game going forward. That was the plan anyway!


The FA Cup draw really wasn't kind to us. Everyone had to play Reading first of all, we made a meal out of it needing a replay before we eventually advanced to the fourth Round. There we faced high flying Liverpool and fail short. Meaning we picked up 10 points for our FA Cup efforts this season.


So moving into the important part of the challenge, the league season and things started tough with games against United, Arsenal and Liverpool, within four games of taking the reigns of the club, these three sitting in the top three. Whilst we faired okay against the first two, Liverpool smashed us out the park. Only once all season did we managed back to back wins and that was against Hull and Stoke. We battled well, my most pleasing result came when we beat beat Everton three two with Defoe getting a hatrick I think. As you can see we beat Middlesbrough, which gives me 5 points for the bonus challenge.


And yes, we survived and went on to finish better than I expected. up in sixteenth and ending three points clear of the drop zone. At one point we were easily seven points clear of it and knocking on the door for a top fourteen spot finish. However it ended up being sixteenth and this gives me another 10 points for the challenge.


I very nearly picked up an additional, bonus ten points too through goal of the season, however Kirchhoff strike against Bournemouth in January was just beaten by Huddlestone meaning there wasn't any awards for myself or my players in the end of year.

Total points for challenge one:
League finish 17th - 10 points
FA Cup exit Fourth Round - 10 points
Beat Middlesbrough - 5 points

Total - 25 points.

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Tongeys Attempt- Susie On Tour - #1 Stop The Drop


So with the quit reasonable transfer budget of around £12.5m to spend on new players I set around strengthening in the key positions for my formation which included a CM and a new Striker. Welcome to the club Milos Jojic from FC Köln and Shane Long from Southampton. Both were reasonable prices for what they can help do. In the other direction off went Seb Larsson to help free up some funds and Borini, Rodwell and Gooch all went out on loans as they were deemed useless for the first team.


In the FA Cup we didn't really get going. A 3-0 loss to Reading means we get only 5 points which is very disappointing as it was a winnable tie.


So down to the main meat in this challenge sandwich, 'The Premier League'. As you can see our form dramatically improved after my taking over. We actually managed to star scoring and we scored regularly. Up there in my best wins was a 1-0 win against Manchester United to end the season. A 4-3 victory against Arsenal was a surprising result and kickstarted us on our way. We managed to get the victory needed against Middlesborough with 2-1 getting us that win. Another 5 points in the bag.

Shane Long managed to scored 15 goals in the 18 games he played for me. That's a good return in my eyes.


So with those fixtures we managed to climb from rock bottom up to 12th position. I'm half tempted to carry on this challenge, we shall see...So it's 15 points for our league finish.

Unfortunately no awards to gain some extra points but a good haul and a good half season overall.

League Finish - 12th - 15
FA Cup - 3rd Round Exit - 5
Middlesborough - Victory - 5

Grand Total: - 25


I'm game, something different!

Ugh, Sunderland.

Well, here we go:


Two heartbreaks already!



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Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light.

Good to have you on board @DNZY and @Suffolk Seasider perhaps the 'tour series' will take off again this year if we can get five or more on board each challenge it could produce an interesting head to head competition!
Awesome to have you guys on board with this @DNZY and @Suffolk Seasider
Four game unbeaten run and then this happens...never a penalty and lost 4-2 because of it.



Any mulligans for these kinds of incidents?


Opted for experience in defence with Andrea Raggi coming in from Monaco as O'Shea and Lescott departed to Bordeaux and Barnsley respectively. Shane Long I managed to squeeze a deal in for too, but ended up being a serious liability.


Had an absolute mare coming to the end, my fate was sealed in the 89th minute of the Crystal Palace game where Scott Dann headed in the winner. Pretty much the team rested on the shoulders of Jermaine Defoe who was the go to man for goals. The Southampton game was a curse of that phantom penalty which could've helped our unbeaten momentum a little bit further. The 'Boro and Swansea games were crucial points dropped. Even the FA Cup couldn't get started with a poor display to Reading who were a man down for nearly 87 minutes.


An unfortunate end, right before the final game of the season. A harsh sacking but what's done is done.


Had rotten luck with teams around us constantly winning including Watford, West Brom, Everton and Stoke just failing to sink into some horrendous run of form. 22 points gained in 19 games isn't bad considering the opponents we had to play at the beginning and end of the stint. A valiant effort but nothing I could do.


Points Summary:

Premier League - 19th (relegated)
= -25 points
Sacked? - Yes
= -25 points
FA Cup - Third Round exit
= 5 points
Beat Middlesbrough - No
= 0 points
Beat Newcastle - No
= 0 points



Not a great start...

You all fly through these games! In my game I'm about the Leicester game. Will try get it finished by next weekend!
Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light.

Thats not far from the end now @Suffolk Seasider can't wait to see how you get on! Hoping we can get a few more involved before it closes.

Manager profile indicating that I began with no coaching badges and SLF reputation.


Signed a few players in January on cheap(ish) deals. Will Keane arrived from Hull, Danny from Zenit, Eric Mathono from Kaizer Chiefs and Adam Phillips from Liverpool. Seb Larsson went to Derby.


So despite beating Manchester United and Liverpool and drawing against Arsenal, the league form was absolutely awful and the fact I couldn't even see out the league season proves what feat awaited me. The last two games in my short managerial stint was both 5-0 defeats, including one to rivals Middlesbrough. I changed tactics, I changed personnel and nothing seemingly worked at this awful, awful football club.


Relegated with four games to go.


And thus my sacking was confirmed.

Points Summary:

Premier League - 20/20 (relegated to Championship)
= -25 points
Sacked? - Yes
= -25 points
FA Cup - Third Round exit
= 5 points
Beat Middlesbrough - No
= 0 points
Beat Newcastle - No
= 0 points


Well, at least I lasted longer than @Shedender

Wow @Shedender I wasn't expecting that at all! What happened against Burnley!?
I have done so much wheeling and dealing in the transfer window on mine! I feel like the Harry Redknapp of the forums...you'll see what I mean. I didn't even get everyone I wanted because Cåceres suffered crucuiate ligament damage and so failed his medical.

Some whopping defeats there, @Shedender !
Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light.

Well I took A shot at the challenge with low expectations

I made this guy to run the team

Naturally, Sunderland was weak with their current squad, so I decided reinforcements had to be brought in

Khazri, Watmore and Gooch left because I used a wingerless formation so they seemed surplus to requirements, Rodwell and Gibson complained so I shipped them out on loan. And nobody cares about the rest. Ulloa came in as a rotational striker as we lacked depth in that area, I wanted to bring Ronaldinho in just because he is Ronaldinho. Insua came in as dislike using Lukaku, so he came in. Lerma came in because he fit a midfield role I lacked and Lacen
and Cambiasso came in as Gibson and Rodwell's replacements.

Arsenal to Hull was a very poor stretch which saw us lose the FA CUP and left us with 5 points. From the Hull game on though we woke up and played like a completely different team, This streak saw us end in...
16th Place!!!.

I was completely expecting to be relegated, but I guess magic does happen.

Points Total

Position 16th = 10 points

FA Cup 3rd Round = 5 points

Beat Middlesbrough = 5 pointd

Leading to a grand total of

20 Points


Well, at least I lasted longer than @Shedender

Wouldn't have been hard. I should've been sacked the minute Boro beat us 5-0.

Wow @Shedender I wasn't expecting that at all! What happened against Burnley!?

I've no idea pal, I suffered some outrageous hammerings during my short stint.

Indeed pal. Cannae explain what happened in those defeats.

Don't think I'll ever be managing Sunderland again!
Nice having you on board @Vladimirchan hopefully you'll stick around for the next leg of the tour too, a good, positive points scoring start that!
Count me in, I remember how fun these used to be.


Had a good start in my first game, unfortunately this happened:


Good to have you on board @mr.SPANKY The more the merrier, would be great if we could get 10+ involved throughout each step of the tour. Thats an injury crises immediately! Are they long term?
Thats an injury crises immediately! Are they long term?

Ndong 2 weeks, Defoe 2 months, Borini 4 weeks. It's fucked my plans for the transfer window, half my team is unfit and or coming back from injuries this is going to be tough hahaha.
Ndong 2 weeks, Defoe 2 months, Borini 4 weeks. It's fucked my plans for the transfer window, half my team is unfit and or coming back from injuries this is going to be tough hahaha.

Don't forget the African Cup of Nations too!

Defoe at 2 months is a massive loss!

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Sometimes you have to stand in the shadows; to see the light.

Wilc94s Attempt - Susie On Tour- #1 Stop The Drop

First up, lets meet the man who's handed the challenge of saving the sinking ship.


Ryan Wilcox, a man who meets the required specifications, but could a rookie manager like himself really complete the task in hand? The inexperienced manager had no dealings in the transfer window, with the intention of trying to get the squad bonded, without upsetting it any further.


As you can see, I had a real struggle to get things going, taking 8 Premier League matches before I managed a single point! 4 more league games then passed, with 4 more defeats. A depleted team, doomed to go down, and there seemed nothing I could do to prevent it. Finally, a bit of light in there, my 13th Premier League game, and finally my first win, against Everton. Would this prove to be the turning point? A fight back from 2 down against West Ham to save a point had me thinking it could be, we could possibly pull out a miracle here. Then we proceeded to lose the next match to a struggling Boro. The 2-1 loss was enough for the Sunderland board, it was time to get rid!

However, looking back at the fixtures, by some miracle we put together an FA Cup run. We smashed out way past Reading before blowing a 3 goal lead against Fulham as they took us to a replay. After a long struggle against the Championship outfit we managed to break through, and hold our lead to get into the next round, where we'd face Chelsea. Havoc inside 13 minutes saw us level at 2-2, but with the clock running out we snatched a late winner! Who saw that coming?! Next up, West Brom. A goalless draw saw us through 120 minutes of action, before we booked our place in the next round with a 3-1 penalty shootout win. But for me, that was the end of the road. A valiant cup run, that I would play no further part in.


Expected, and inevitable. A very poor showing in the league meant this was a long time coming. Just shy of 4 months in charge is where my challenge end.


And confirmation of the league table as I leave it. The loss to Boro was the game that sent us down, and ultimately ended my reign here. A challenge much harder than I had anticipated. Anyway, onwards to the points scoring ...

Points Breakdown

Premier League - 20th - Relegated = -25 Points
FA Cup - 6th Round = 20 Points
Sacked! = -25 Points
Challenge Total = -30 Points

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