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Well done @tongey definitely around the 'average' score for the challenge, updated the leaderboard with your latest scores too!

Don't forget the deadline is this Sunday 6th August at 8PM. Just over 2 days to get it done

Don't miss out on posting your scores, I believe the following people may still be playing through:

@Matthew C

And in more exciting news, especially for @Suffolk Seasider, stop 4 of the tour will be live in just over 15minutes time.
Ryan9s Attempt - Heading Down Under

I really didn't want to get caught up in transfer activity on this one as there seems to be so many rules, so I kept the squad the same. No buys, no sells ... So how did I get on?


We'll start with the FFA Cup, we won in the first leg 2-0 over lower league Lambton Jaffa, before being drawn against St. Albans Saints. An easy tie for us in which we walked out 3-0 winners. Green Gully would be our next opponents in another favourable draw, but this one didn't go our way. The lower league side beat us 1-0 in the quarter final!


Right, now for some league action! We were very rocky at the start, after winning the first couple we went downhill, ending up winning 3 and losing 3 of our first 6! Shortly after that we made huge improvements, going on an 8 game unbeaten streak, before we slipped again. The losses started to creep back in, and we found it hard to recover from there. Plenty of draws and losses that could have so easily have seen us take more points, but it wasn't to be!


A quick look at the league table confirms our 4th place finish. Joint on points with our rivals Melbourne Victory who finished in 3rd, and a point behind runners up Brisbane Roar. Adelaide United were the runaway winners in the end, with a 6 point cushion over 2nd.


Our 4th place finish the the league earned us qualification to the Hyundai Finals Series Elim. Final, where we faced Perth Glory once again. A tight encounter with 7 goals, as evenly shared as the could be, saw our campaign end. A blow for us, but Perth had won 4-3.

Points Breakdown

Hyundai A-League - 4th = 10 Points
Hyundai A-League Finals Series - Elimination Final = 0 Points
FFA Cup - Quarter Finals = 10 Points
Beat Melbourne Victory - 1 = 5 Points
Challenge Total = 25 Points

A poor points total, but I'm glad that one is over. Unfortunately there was no enjoyment in that one.
Yeah lets not talk about this as I score -15 points from this leg.

Unlucky @Matthew C but I'm just glad I wasn't the only person to get the chop on this leg. They're an awful, awful club.
I'm done with this now. This was fun and challenging. I've never managed in Australia before. The transfer system was interesting and difficult, but fun.

Manager Profile:

Fixture list:

Part 1:

Part 2:

League Table:

Player of the Year:

Hyundai A-League 1st = 20 points
Hyundai A-League Finals Series Winner = 20 points
FFA Cup Quarter Finalist = 10 points
Beat Melbourne Victory x2 = 10 points
Player of the year = 5 points

Total: 65 points
So here's how I got on down under, have some serious reservations about this league like the rest.



With the restrictive nature of A-League transfer policy and registration, some 0% loans were required to add a bit of quality into the squad. Walker-Peters has a solid choice for left back and worked the wings in search of the overlap many times. His Spurs team mate Thomas Glover, of course is an Australian native so no problems registering him, also drafted but with Thomas Sorensen being a stalwart in goal, he was left warming the bench during his entire loan spell. Calvert-Lewin was a risky one, had to drop Brandán to make room for him but with his versatility he looked sharp and injected a lot more pace.



As you can see this is quite possibly one of the most boring leagues imaginable. Couldn't score more than two goals in a game it's that bad. Made a poor start to life with two defeats at the beginning, but our fortunes completely turned around with nine wins in our next ten, somehow losing to Wellington Phoenix in between in a match we dominated. It was until about February where bad form hit us hard, losing a few key players to injury - notably Cahill and Franjic. Started drawing matches galore, plus a crucial win over Sydney in injury time to put us in a great position of closing in on top spot. Sadly, we blew it in our final two games against Adelaide and Perth Glory.


Melbourne Victory stole top spot, Sydney coming a close second and it got so bad that Brisbane Roar managed to overtake us into third and therefore ended up in a mediocre fourth.



Disastrous, eliminated in the Elimination match to Adelaide United. Completely burnt out.



F*cking Melbourne Victory. Horrible little team of swines who robbed us in the 89th minute to take the cup away from us in front of nearly 100,000 fans(?!). That said we had a good run in defeating A-League sides Perth Glory and Brisbane Roar on the way and easily dismantling Adelaide Comets in the semi-finals. Still yet to win any form of cup in these challenges, that may be the closest we get.


There was a silver lining though, claiming the Manager of the Year award and taking my first honour in these challenges.

Goodbye, Oz. I won't miss you.

Hyundai A-League (Regular Season) - 4th = 10 points
Hyundai A-League Finals Series - Elimination Final = 0 points
FFA Cup - Finalists = 20 points
Beat Melbourne Victory - (x1) = 5 points
Manager of the Year - Yes = 5 points
Total Points = 40 points

Stop three is now closed! All points are calculated up and added to the leaderboard.
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