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Seeing you lot smash this is making me nervous to play if
3rd. The wheels came off when Kerola stopped scoring and I had 4 draws on the bounce. I also attacked MAPS and lost 5-2 early in the season, and then in the reverse fixture was 3 points clear of them and thought I would attack them again and got beat 1-4 and that was not good.





10 pts

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It looks like I'm going to be the only one who finished lower than second place ffs.

Na I've not started yet and will probably relegate them
http://www.liveonlineradio.net/wp-content/themes/Music_Covers/images/music2.gif -------- https://media.giphy.com/media/PdKTOwHgOASGY/giphy.gif -------- http://www.liveonlineradio.net/wp-content/themes/Music_Covers/images/music2.gif
Everything was going well until I faced my direct rivals.




3rd-8th – 10pts

Can't be any worse than Sunderland...

So i've finally finished, it took me a long while as it was clear less than half way through the season we couldn't get top 2 yet the gap to 9th was huge, meaning there was nothing to play for with over half the season to go, really hard to motivate yourself to plow through it, but I got there in the end. Only managed 5th due to some inadequate displays against the better sides and being quite toothless in the first half of the season, we were a far better sides after bringing in a decent striker to help Paukku.



10 points is better than none I guess,

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Nothing personal @gaz12321 but I'm so glad someone did as bad as me in the league.
@Shedender - haha, I spent most of the season in 7th so I can't complain. Don't really get how everybody else smashed it, I've been playing these games for 20 years and I found this tough, took me 6 months to find a decent striker.

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@Shedender - haha, I spent most of the season in 7th so I can't complain. Don't really get how everybody else smashed it, I've been playing these games for 20 years and I found this tough, took me 6 months to find a decent striker.

See I didn't have a problem with a goalscorer, I had a problem keeping clean sheets.
First time here, liked the look of the challenge and played for the past 12 years so thought I'd give it a go!


Seemed to be able to keep clean sheets well enough, just really struggled for goals in the first half of the season, and was a way clear at the top after a succession of 1-0 victories.


Was all going okay, until the wheels threatened to come off towards the end of the season with a key centre-back injured and Khait going back to Iraq, meaning that my defence started leaking goals to lesser teams(losing me the title of least goals conceded out of the 5 divisions!), although I just about scraped over the finish line thanks to 23 goals from my new striker and some very fortunate penalty misses in the games against Virkia and Maps.


Game of the season had to go to the second game against PS-44, 3 goals and a man down after 30 minutes, fought back to 3-3, before losing it with the final kick of the game. This game did unfortunately contribute to the 10 conceded in the final 7 games, having only conceded 15 in the previous 31 (and 8 in the first 20)


Enjoyed the challenge and hope to join for more legs, although ultimately started scoring too late in the season and didn't turn draws into wins against lesser opposition meaning no additional awards were won, so I think just the 50 points for winning the league!

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12 people have so far completed this leg. I am going to hopefully take on the challenge tomorrow afternoon and evening and get it done by the end of the weekend. Hopefully a few more of the first leg players and going to attempt it too.
I will be doing it just not had time recently.
http://www.liveonlineradio.net/wp-content/themes/Music_Covers/images/music2.gif -------- https://media.giphy.com/media/PdKTOwHgOASGY/giphy.gif -------- http://www.liveonlineradio.net/wp-content/themes/Music_Covers/images/music2.gif
I'm done and it went quite well. This was fun, but also difficult, my key players had a lot of long injuries and I couldn't play what I thought was the best XI in most of the season, so it was difficult.

Here are my results:

Manager Profile:


Fixture List Part 1:


Fixture List Part 2:


League Table:


League Winner = 50

Total = 50
Finally getting started myself as I had the morning free for once.


Halfway through the league season and we're top and unbeaten to date!


Enjoyed this one and might come back to it in the future to see how far I can take them. Nice change not to have to worry about wage budgets and transfer fees. Won the group on the final day and had player of the year and top scorer.

I work it out to be 60 points this time round.

Have a good Christmas everyone and see you for the next challenge in 2018.
Finally started this yesterday, Dasher, Dancer and Prancer spearheading my attack.

http://www.liveonlineradio.net/wp-content/themes/Music_Covers/images/music2.gif -------- https://media.giphy.com/media/PdKTOwHgOASGY/giphy.gif -------- http://www.liveonlineradio.net/wp-content/themes/Music_Covers/images/music2.gif

Just the one signing this summer, played nearly every game for us too across the season.


Our form was incredible throughout the whole of the season. Halfway through we were unbeaten. We picked up just three league defeats all year which was an incredible effort. But I saw other peoples post where other teams barely drop points, was it enough...


League champions, big 50 points secured for that. Still only won the league by 8 points despite being so dominant all season.


And this guy was the main reason for our success, striker Keroa scored 36 goals in 37 games this season and won the top scorer as well as player of the year bagging me another 10 points.

Points total:
league winners - 50 points
player of the year - 5 points
Top scorer - 5 points
overall - 60 points
I've started this and 8 games in I already have more losses than some of you finished with
Finished! Managed to get this out today.

Ended up finishing 2nd, 5 points adrift, despite not losing in the last 31 games.

No other awards, which I believe leaves me on 25 points.


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Finished 6th which means I've actually got some points, though still in the minus


Let me know if you need any more but as you can see I've certainly not cheated
http://www.liveonlineradio.net/wp-content/themes/Music_Covers/images/music2.gif -------- https://media.giphy.com/media/PdKTOwHgOASGY/giphy.gif -------- http://www.liveonlineradio.net/wp-content/themes/Music_Covers/images/music2.gif
I was too into my own save to start this earlier, but I'm back in for this one starting today. With the Christmas break there's more than enough free time too get this one finished. Seems like it'll be disappointing if I don't smash it, but seeing as I barely got lucky enough in the Sunderland challenge to not end on minus points we shall see...


(Edit - Somehow managed to take the wrong SS at the start of the season, so this is actually after 1 game)

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Here goes! Lets hope I've left enough time for this one ...

This was definitely an easy challenge, and if it weren't for the first third of the season where I felt I was still working out my best 11 and the roles they should play I'd have been on for the win.. As it was we stumbled a bit to start with and then every time Virkia dropped points we did too so could never quite catch them up.

2nd in the league - 25 points
Player of the season - 5 points

Total - 30 points


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I found this challenge to be one of the simpler challenges in terms of getting the results, but it was a tough season in the way the bigger teams in the league also very rarely drop points. An exciting challenge this one was!


So, we round off the season with just 2 defeats, and 5 draws, meaning we've won 31 of the 38 games we've played. But in a league where others perform just as well, how far up the table would that leave us?


We're crowned champions of the division by just 3 points! It came right down until the last game for us, when MaPS, who were top, going into it, faced PS-44 who were 3rd place. PS-44 did us a favour by winning the fixture, along with our 2-1 final day win. What a great finish to an insane season. On our way we banged in the goals, hitting 100 for the season, whilst conceding just 27!

No awards were picked up, my top scorer ended on 25 goals, whilst the top scorers in the league were joint with 40! Insane amount of goals!

Challenge Score
League - Winners - 50 points
Rivalries - N/A
Manager of the Year - 0 points
Player of the Year - 0 points
Top Goalscorer - 0 points

Challenge Total - 50 points!
just about to start this worth a bash
League Winners 50 points
Rivalries - N.A
Manager of the year 0 points
Top goalscorer 0 points
Player of the year 0 points

screenshots are as follows
Finished on 10 points I believe...





Finished 2nd in the league after going down to the final day but PS-44 and MaPS played each other so I couldn't possibly win the league. Maybe next time eh...
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