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Hopefully done over the weekend
Managed to do it today. Qualified for the tournament and went out in the last 8 to eventual winners Senegal after winning our group. Mahrez (as to be expected with any team I play with) was our WORST player, I never get good players playing well! Almost didn't bother taking him to the competition. Screenshots below and save attached!






That gives me 10pts with no further bonuses

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I should have this wrapped up over the weekend, i've qualified fairly easily despite throwing away a 3 goal lead against Gambia! My group draw is Zambia, DR Congo & Gabon so I honestly have no idea what to expect, media seem to think it's a tough draw but doesn't seem too bad, we'll see. I did pick up a nice 3-2 win over Uruguay in a friendly after going 2 down in the first 2 minutes, not that it counts for anything!

How is Mahrez getting on for everyone? I cannot get anything out of him, the guy is continually unfit for the first game of every call up and when he is fit enough to play he contributes nothing at all, been using him as an IF on the right wing but to be honest Adam Ounas is doing a better job!

He was great in the qualifiers with assists and goals, along with Slimani. As soon as the pre-tournament friendlies and the tournament itself rolled around, he went missing.
Managed to win the thing and beat Tunisia so 55 points for me.

Thought I was going to blow it at the end against Senegal in the final. We were losing 1-0 at half-time and I was getting ready to bring the big guns on who had been left out as they were struggling after my Semi went to Extra Time. Must have given the team talk of my life as we were 3-1 by 49 minutes

How is Mahrez getting on for everyone? I cannot get anything out of him, the guy is continually unfit for the first game of every call up and when he is fit enough to play he contributes nothing at all, been using him as an IF on the right wing but to be honest Adam Ounas is doing a better job!

He was useless for me in the Cup of Nations, scoring one meesley goal against Uganda and I stupidly kept playing him due to his "reputation" when I perhaps shouldn't have but no one performed for me in the tournament - when you lose 4-0 or so to Zimbabwe then you're screwed.
I'm done, and disappointed to go out in 1/4 final to an injury time strike from Cameroon, but we just weren't at the races! The big players were consistently poor (Mahrez was my worst player, but I kept playing him!), I regret not giving more playing time to the lesser players if i'm honest. Soudani was joint top scorer though despite only starting 3 games and I got a win against Tunisia...






Quarter Finals = 10 pts
Beat Tunisia = 5 pts
Joint Top Scorer = 5 pts

Total = 20 pts
Got the win, but no bonus points. Got to say Mahrez was disappointing - didn't start him most of the time because Brahimi, Feghouli and Ounas were just performing better.


Fixtures 1

Fixtures 2

Knockout Rounds

Winners - 50 points
I'm starting this today. Missed the boat on the first two challenges but looking forward to taking part going forward.

@Anonymous HD @martinfjuul the wrong file was attached, this has been corrected now.

I had been playing on the wrong save! I'll download and restart today.
That was fun. Won the cup. Soundani smashed it and broke top scoring records (including 3 hatty's). Beat Egypt along the way. I even managed to get a decent performance or two out of Mahrez.

Here are the fixtures. I like my teams to be very attacking and have found by playing 5 at the back it gives a defensive balance. I went behind to Senegal in the first half but for the most part we were dominant.


ACON fixture tree


Here's the Cup of Nations overview.


Winner - 50
Rivals - 5
Top scorer - 5

(I dont think there are play awards?)

60 points total

If someone can tell me how to attach the game file I will do so. I cant see an 'attach' option in the menu.

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Fixtures Part One: https://i.imgur.com/qjr5xSk.png

Fixtures Part Two: https://i.imgur.com/tWb45uJ.png

Qualifying Group: https://i.imgur.com/kSMLO3X.png

Tournament Group: https://i.imgur.com/QMKIglA.png

Tournament Tree: https://i.imgur.com/amBKTuB.png

Top Scorer: https://i.imgur.com/Sl02sVq.png

Unfortunately never got the chance to play any rivals so missed out on bonus points.
Winners: 50 points
Top Scorer Slimani: 5 points
Total: 55 points
Okay so here we go







Y'know what really sucks about the final is the fact we could easily have won this. We had so many chances, but it wasn't to be...


That penalty will haunt me forever

Anyway, just the simple Runners Up points for me
Total Points = 25


Yep, didn't work out.
Manager Profile - https://photos.app.goo.gl/LBQntcfMzbrYyyXO2

Fixtures -

Second Round Exit - 5pts
Rivalries – Beat Tunisia - 5 pts

Total - 10points

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Might try it again... I expected better!

Might try it again... I expected better!

Only one attempt I'm afraid! Otherwise we'd all be scoring maximum points each challenge
Best get on with stop 3!

Here are my results. This was fun, but challenging, espicially since my knowledge on the algerian players aren't great, but they do have a lot of potential and I'm excited to see what they can do in real life with these players. They could sure make some upsets.

Manager Profile:

Fixtures 2018:

Fixtures 2019:

Group Table:

Championship Tree:

AFCON Winners - 50 points
Beating Tunisia - 5 points

Total = 55 points
Less than 1 week to go, get those entries in!
I will have mine done by the end of the month, just been playing an Arsenal save (and I've not actually been sacked yet) so not touched this since it was first put up.
http://www.liveonlineradio.net/wp-content/themes/Music_Covers/images/music2.gif -------- https://media.giphy.com/media/PdKTOwHgOASGY/giphy.gif -------- http://www.liveonlineradio.net/wp-content/themes/Music_Covers/images/music2.gif
I'm a bit late to the table with one, but here you go.

I had very little faith in this team after shipping seven goals in our first game. The theme of terrible defending cropped up often throughout this journey. We qualified for the tournament proper without too much hassle although being held to a 4-4 draw with Gambia after being 4-1 up was a little worrying .


We scraped through the group stage.


And despite Mahrez twisting his ankle about 30 seconds into the second round game against Congo.


Things seemed to click and we managed to go on a run to the final. Where we showed our true colours and were trounced by Senegal.


I blame the undue pressures put on me by the Algerian powers that be.

Good morning, first to say that I love your challenges and that they continue to appear more.
Second, I hope to finish on time
Let's go to this



Calendar 2018 - Qualification


Group Table


Calendar 2019 - Cup of Nations


Diaphragm of Cup of Nations


And finally, the unbelievable, Algeria the winner


When to the statistics none of my players was the best scorer nor the best in assists.


Winners - 50pts


Total: 50 Points

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Official SirWerGaming ©

Fm 2020 - Saves

Challenge Number 3!


The qualifying stage here proved to be straight forward as we dominated the group, winning all 5 of the games I was in charge for!


And after doing so, we topped the group. Through to the finals we go!


Our AFCON group saw us face Mali first, where we came away with a 3-1 win. Second up was Rwanda, who were the weakest team in the group. A 6-0 drumming was perfect for us! And finally Nigeria, who gave us our first defeat of the campaign, losing 3-0!


However, we had done enough to progress in 2nd place!


In the 2nd round we faced Burkina Faso, and easily progressed to the next round with a 2-0 win. Things got even more comfortable when we faced Togo in the Quater Final as we ran out 3-0 winners. Things weren't to be though as we met out match in the Semi Final, where Senegal done enough to beat in in extra time. This set up a 3rd Place Playoff against Egypt, who we overcame 4-2 after extra time. 3rd place in the end!

Challenge Score
AFCON - Semi Finalists - 15 points
Rivalries - Beat Egypt - 5 points

Challenge Total - 20 points!
Just time for me to sneak my entry in!

Started off excellently with a draw against Argentina, and a win later on! Some days we just didn't show up, and I never had any confidence in any of my players defensively.
The turning point of the campaign was when the excellent Islam Slimani got injured late against Tunisia after bagging a brace, and we were never the same again, playing poorly in our final 3 matches.
A lot of talk about Mahrez - he scored 3 in 2 against Argentina, but eventually went missing at AFCON.

I believe victories over Tunisia and Egypt score me 5 each, and an extra 10 for going out at the quarter final stage.

A disappointing campaign - 20 points
How you guys managed to not get thumped by Argentina, I will never know. I found them to be utterly dominant.
How you guys managed to not get thumped by Argentina, I will never know. I found them to be utterly dominant.

I personally believe that attack is the best form of defence. Played an attacking mentality 4-2-4 with Brahimi and Mahrez at AML/AMR Inside Forwards and Slimani and Soudani up top.
Went 3-0 up in the first half, Argentina weak at the back, barely threatened.
Lisandro Lopez came on after the break, and Argentina levelled it up as he bagged a brace including a dodgy penalty. We were fatigued more than anything. Mahrez was exceptional and got a brace of his own.
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