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Yes, it is possible.

Manager profile:

WC qualifying group:

Nations Cup:

World Cup:
Group https://imgur.com/a/QuzUzXz
Knockout rounds https://imgur.com/a/XjcnJus


WC qualification - 20
AFCHAN Winners - 25
WC Winners - 50
total - 95 points

No awards, but Gennesh did get best keeper, Warda was 3rd best player and Gennesh + Samir made the Best 11.

Going to be almost impossible to beat this with the England challenge.
It's all about the tactic
So Far So Good....

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iam having trouble where to save the file too to i can load this save up.

documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2018/Games
It's all about the tactic
Oh dear, two weeks later I realise that I couldn't even fail spectacularly - instead, I just flopped anonymously. How depressing...



World Cup Qualifying



Oddly enough, from the beginning my problem wasn't in defence but rather in attack. With a half-decent striker, I honestly think we would have trounced Ghana twice. The less said about the Congo game, the better however. At the time, I honestly thought that if I could find someone to play upfront, I could get something out of the team, even if Salah wasn't setting the world alight.




That's where it all began to go pear-shaped, I'm afraid. By the time the CHAN was on, I already knew Lady Luck had thrown us in a World Cup group with Brazil, Spain and Scotland. The only worse draw I could think of involved Wales instead of Scotland because of Bale. In my opinion, the Home Nations have always been completely over-rated in FM. So I knew there was absolutely zero chance for us to get out of that group.

That means the CHAN was my last hope to score some points. Changing more than half the squad wasn't the real challenge here, since I wasn't happy with my attacking line to begin with. However, losing Obama, another poor sod whose name I can't remember and Ibrahim to injury really put a dent in my hopes. The one team I didn't want to face was Angola because they have a half-decent league so, of course, we got them in the second round. And guess what? We couldn't score to save our lives.

World Cup



By the time the World Cup started, we had reached a whole new level of crap. The two center backs I had used for most of my tenure injured themselves with their respective clubs a couple of months before the tournament, as did Sobhi. We still managed to have some impact on the competition by taking down a couple of high-profile players, including Iniesta. Apart from that, the gap in class (and, I have to admit, managerial ability) was so huge that we didn't even register a shot on target against Scotland (who looked better than Brazil) and Spain.

The only saving grace was that I, surprisingly, wasn't fired. If it'd been Federation President Manager, I would have fired myself after such a miserable showing in front of the world but, either the guys have zero ambition or they realised that there was nothing to be done.

Is it sour grapes if I mentioned that Croatia beat Mexico in the World Cup Final which, in my opinion, isn't the most likely of outcomes...?

Anyway, onto the scoring:

World Cup Qualification - 20pts
AFCHAN - Quarter Finalist - 0pts
World Cup - pathetic group stage exit - 0pts
Sucking at your job - (fortunately) 0pts

That's a grand total of 20pts, if I'm not mistaken.

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This is the result of my experience with Egypt.

First, this is my manager profile :


I've succeeded in qualifying for World Cup as you can see below :


This rewards me with 20 pts.

Then, I reached the semi-final of the CHAN:


This rewards me with 5 pts.

And eventually, I played the world cup but was knocked out in the group stage as you can see below:


This rewards me with 0 pts.

So this is a total of 25 pts.
Hopefully, I did a lot better with England (see in challenge 18.2).
It was fun until I was eliminated from the WC by Fair Play against Argentina. Also I won the CHAN.
My Profile
Fixture 2017
Fixture 2018
World Cup Qualifying
CHAN Group
CHAN Finals
World Cup Group B

Qualify for the World Cup:

Automatic- 20pts
Winners - 25pts
World Cup:
Out In The Group - 0pts


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2017 Fixtures:


Qualification - 20pts
AFCHAN - 25pts (Winners)
WC - 20pts (Qtr Finals)
Other - 5pts (Brazil x1)

TOTAL - 70pts
Manager Profile:


Fixture List 2017:


Fixture List 2018:


World Cup Qualification:




(I've taken ss after the World Cup, so I can't find screens of the cup tree. But I have this ss of the final game.)

World Cup Group Stage:


World Cup Tree:


World Cup Top Goalscorer:



Qualify for the World Cup = 20 points
AFCHAN - Winner = 25 points
World Cup - Quarter Final = 20 points
Top Goal Scorer = 5 points

Points Total = 70

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