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Telegram Sam Comments
sup fam

If I order from here now can I play the beta?
Thanks for adding it again and for all the work put in.
Why is this file currently unavailable to download?
This ended too soon
I'll be following.
Also, I do miss this place. Was a period of my life when I was on here every day pretty much. Simpler times...
Is there anywhere to browse the old forums, aside from Wayback Machine? Has a bunch of missing pages.
I watched it yesterday. Good film, not anything amazing though.

So far none of the Best Picture nominees that I have seen have been better than Sicario.

Just back from seeing it now, I thought it was fantastic. Made for an enthralling watch even though most of it was people sitting around talking. A really fascinating story.

I love Sicario but I wouldn't have it for Best Picture.
Jamie T - Chaka Demus.
Seeing Spotlight tonight. Last of the Oscar nominees I've not seen yet.
Still remember the endless Old Firm arguments - Kazzy, Stan Petrov etc

Those were the days.

This Is England steelbook, £6.99.
The business United are doing makes me increasingly nervous about our own. I worry that Wenger might be content with what he's got which would be a disaster.
I miss the buzz of this place in it's heyday. I know everyone always moans about it but damn, once upon a time I could spend evenings posting on here. Perhaps I'm just getting old.
I didn't know roller blades could go that fast.
TOTS Soriano is a machine.

I'm being bullish, obviously, and my opinion will probably change by the end of the window but I'm feeling confident at the moment.
You old, mate.
My Dutch squad is looking pimpin' now that TOTS Cillessen and TOTS De Jong have been released.
Kit Harrington said he's not coming back. Whether he is lying though is another matter

I feel like he has to say that though, it totally ruins the surprise if he says he'll be back next year.
1. Arsenal
2. Chelsea
3. United
4. City
5. Spurs
6. Liverpool
Didn't say we had a chance, nor that I want to sign him. Sure, if he became available, I'd like him at Chelsea because he'd fit in nicely. In saying that, I think it's a smart move by Chelsea to request a top player in return for Cech in a bid to even out gain you'd get from getting a top keeper. Not that I believe it will happen, we'll no doubt just settle for a cash deal, but may as well try to ruffle a few feathers in the process.

Irrespective of all of this, you were never going to be able to 'unsettle' Oxlade-Chamberlain as you put it because he wouldn't want to leave.
I'd be unsettling Ox as much as possible while sorting out the Cech deal. Need to fuck with Wenger a bit more first before letting him get his man.

Also talk in Russia is that Chelsea will be signing Witsel, ironically, also has Mendes as his agent. Would be a excellent addition if true.

Oxlade-Chamberlain would only leave Arsenal if Wenger told him to go, and he won't do that. You've got no chance. We'd sooner pull out of the Cech deal than sell the Ox.
Hes been brilliant tonight, best performance Ive seen from him. But you got to agree hes not consistent enough

This is complete nonsense. Been great for Arsenal since his return from injury - literally hasn't had a bad game. Prior to that he was playing well for us and was England's best player for numerous games.
Baffles me why people want to hate Wilshere so much.

He's one of our best players, if not the best.

Spot on. Still see idiots calling him overrated all the time though.
Just finished binging on the new season of OITNB

Any good?
Don't think i've ever seen anyone use Sneijder up front before. Is he any good there?

Better than I expected.

The only thing he really lacks is pace - aside from that, his finishing is great, he's two-footed, he has great footwork and his dribbling is very good. Plus his set-piece are insane.
What an episode.
Having great fun with this squad at the moment.