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stuart1976 Comments
This player is not in the default SI database yet and the UID provided is a custom one. We only cut players in the official database. Besides, that source image isn't even very good...

No Worries Mons

Player Name: Timothy Fosu-Mensah

Player ID: 37051102


Existing Images: Search results for: 37051102

Baja Edit - Not an improvement.

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Baja Edit - As I already told you,maximum is 3 persons,I've already done you a favor by leaving all 4 in previous post.

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Player Name: Tyrell Warren
Player ID: 28104393
Link: Link to picture
Existing Images: Search results for: 28104393

Done by Deano1903.

Player Name: Faustin Makela
Player ID: 28105590
Link: Link to picture
Existing Images: Search results for: 28105590

Done by Deano1903.

Player Name: Zachary Dearnley
Player ID: 28104392
Link: Link to picture
Existing Images: Search results for: 28104392

Done by Deano1903.

Player Name: Jake Kanyon
Player ID: 28105588
Link: Link to picture
Existing Images: Search results for: 28105588

Done by Deano1903.

Baja Edit - Full post edited.At first,please read rules on the first page mate.You can make maximum 3 requests in this thread.Also,try to find the best and biggest images,those you've posted are very small and useless.

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Cheers Tom I'll have a look when I'm back in .

SOLVED: In case anyone else has the same problem : I went to Nexway website, Contact us and sent them a message which was answered the next day and now sorted!!!!!!

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Hi guys just wondering if anyone else is waiting on their code. I bought mine on here through Nexway looking back I have had no correspondence from them not even a confirmation email for my payment although the payment as been made on paypal I do have a order number and screenshot of the transaction if anyone as had same prob can you when you have a spare min direct me in the right direction to solve this. Kindest regards Stuart
will do but we haven't release Premier League 15/16 pack yet tho...better wait til release pack, im do SSKCC for release new pack!

no worries mate thanks again
Hi Hammer could you alter this for the next update when you have chance please ? Best regards Stuart

Hi guys here's a better image of the new United shirt when someone has got a minute do you mind creating it thanks in advance

image search
Best to use this pack for the smaller pics, no idea whats gone on with Chelsea there though. It looks like you have conflicting graphics as the stadiums won't make that happen to your game on their own mate.


cheers VP
hi mate all seems to be working great apart from a few pics Leicester and stoke just show seats and villa and Chelsea are like this :


ps I using fmc

Hi guys if this helps new Man Utd home shirt

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No injuries are changed in our update.

You can create a file via the editor to do this and it'll be fully compatible with our update.

cheers mate thank you
Do injuries get updated ? Man Utd seem to have loads in latest update and only Carrick injured thanks in advance KUTGW
Hi guys

I cant get this to work either I had to create the panels folder in my documents/sports interactive/footballmanager2015

I have clear cache and reload skin ticked im using 1366 x 768 60hz and I have selected clear cache before reloading skin

cheers in advance


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Cheers Mons

Hope 7.0 onwards is as successful as 6.0
Pr0 - just noticed Tim Sherwood is still Spurs manager and Mauricio Pochettino as assistant.

StevoRobbo - I had the same problem but I just selected who I wanted then a message pops up saying players with be registered. hope this clears this up.
Pr0 just a quick one mate

There seems to be a conflict as Man United Assistant Manager , Scholes is set as Assistant manager but I am getting news feeds about Ryan Giggs as Assistant to which he doesn't show up in my staff list but when you search for him he's listed as Assistant manager of Man United probably setting Scholes as a coach or even Under 18's coach should do the trick . Cheers

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Just alter the budgets yourself Kieran. or get a rich sheik youll be used to that
Nice one Pr0 as always
Downloaded & applied 6.01 but all my faces have gone from my current game. I have also reloaded skin on confirm of changes but still the same cheers guys still loving the work of you guys on here...

ignore me guys my error its all working fine again hats off to the graphic makers

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hello guys

Club Logos not working after latest update, apart from Chelsea, Man City, Swansea.
my folder consists of 131 755 files.

things i have tried.
Creating a new game
Changing skins

Any Ideas thanks
hiya tom sorry to bump the thread did you manage to have a look at this for me. The default skin works fine no missing text but this happens using your skin, could it be the stadium picture stretching ? as that doesnt show on the default skin.

thanks mate

Allright fellas,

i have downloaded latest changes but my logos seem to be more transparent to the point you can hardly see them.

Before Update

After update

both normal and small logos affected

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Good work fellas

I cant seem to download any of the kits from mediafire any alternative links ? for the following :
Greece Superleague
crotia Pnvl
Armenia Premier league
Sweden both leagues

Thanks in adavnce
As i couldnt find any Custom views i have created some. These are to be used in player search they are based on the most important attributes for each style of position. The views all consist of :
Scout Reccomendation, Info, Name, Position, Club, Nationality, Caps, Age, Value and of course the relavent attributes.

Im going to make the same again for views in the squad pages.

Extract to sportsinteractive/footballmanager2013/views

[quote name='TomDixon77' user_id='1209' id='19886' timinesta
Possibly. What does it look like on the default skin?
hiya tom it seems fine on the default skin
Hiya Tom great Skin, i have 2 screenshots for you to look at im wondering is this something to do with my screen settings or something youll need to address. By the way im 1280 X 768 60Hz

http://imagetitan.net/image-9D03_509C064E.jpgPre Match
http://imagetitan.net/image-7550_509C064E.jpgPost Match

Cheers Mate
By mons | Permalink | On 07 November 2012 - 16:12 PM
Path looks fine. Could you upload your config file? How many images in all do you have in that folder btw?


Finally i have sorted it Mons. had a tick in "use caching to decrease page loading times" removed and icons show. Cheers for helping Mons

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