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Hi all,
I am an avid player of FM (Since CM2 days) and always like to immerse myself in the game fully, but one area I tend to get a little extra help is by using other people's Tactics.
I have no problem in this, however I am planning on creating my own tactics for my save, something I haven't done since FM12 (I Think) so the revamped tactics engine is not something I have used in great detail so am looking for a little advice.

I have one main question, that is:
When creating tactics, have people found it better to create a tactic around your best player's preferred positions/roles or create a tactic and try get your players to fit into that?

I am going to start a Beta save as Spurs and want to start off on the right track with creating a tactic that will work for them without having to rebuild my whole team.

Any other tactic creation advice you can give would also be appreciated (Set piece creation etc..)
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Personally I prefer to make a tactic then either train my players to fit it or over time being players. In FM20 players have better suitability for more roles which makes things slightly easier.

I don't bother with set pieces as I find the default settings do a good enough job. But if I change anything it'll be the defensive side.
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Personally, I usually go the other way, at least to start with.

I try to find the philosophy and tactic that best accomodates the squad available. If money isn't a problem, then I can buy the players I need to fit a tactic and philosophy that I want to play, irrespective of the current squad. Usually, it's some sort of compromise between finding a tactic that suits the squad and moulding the squad to my ideas. At the start, or if things are going poorly, I will likely veer more in the former direction, while after I've had more training time and transfer windows to mould the squad more in my image I can start to veer in the latter direction.

I also don't bother with set pieces.

Hope that helps! Do ask if you have any further questions - tactics is arguably my favourite part of the game!

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