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FM23 Essentials - Essential Add Ons for Football Manager 2023

Check out our Essential Content for Football Manager 2023. It includes everything from FM23 Facepacks, FM23 Logopacks, FM23 Kitpacks, FM23 Backgrounds, FM23 Skins, FM23 Wonderkids, FM23 Tactics, FM23 Save Ideas and more.

FM23 English Lower Leagues Database

Add the English lower leagues to FM2023 so you can play with lower league teams that aren't normally playable in Football Manager 2023.

FM23 World Cup Quickstart

If you just want to quickly play through the World Cup without managing a club side through the first few months then download this FM2023 World Cup Save Game file which lets you start straight away at the start of the World Cup.

FM23 Around the World League Expansions

A massive add on for FM2023 adding loads of new playable nations and leagues to FM23.

FM23 Increased Realism Megapack

This megapack improves various in-game parameters in over 220 nations to take the realism of Football Manager to the next level!

FM23 New and Expanded Leagues

Add new playable leagues to Football Manager 2023

1998/99 Database

This database completely changes FM23 to reflect the world as it was in the 98/99 season including Brazilian Ronaldo, Zidane, Aimar, Shearer, Totti, Bergkamp, Rivaldo, Figo, Roberto Carlos, Yorke, Shevchenko, McManaman, Maldini and many more.

Football Manager 2023 Real Name Fix

The sortitoutsi real names fix changes the instances of fake names in FM23 to the proper, real life names for teams, competitions, awards, cities and stadiums in cases where the actual name is not licensed. This includes things like Man Utd being renamed Man UFC and Napoli being named Parthenope. These license updates are fully save-game compatible.

FM23 Wonderkids

FM23 Wonderkids are young players in Football Manager with the potential to become super stars in FM2023. They are usually the best players to buy in FM23 and you can use our complete list of FM23 wonderkids as the ultimate scouting tool for finding that hidden gem in Football Manager 2023.

FM23 Transfer Budgets

Want to know which clubs have the biggest transfer budgets in FM23 so you can sign all the best players and cheapest wonderkids in Football Manager 2023? What about the biggest wage budgets or just who are the richest clubs in FM2023? Our FM23 Transfer Budgets guide will tell you everything you need to know about the clubs with the biggest Transfer Budgets in Football Manager 2023.

Football Manager 2023 Kits

Download a range of Football Manager Kits, to update your team and match screens in Football Manager with the latest and most up to date football kits available. Our Football Manager Kit Packs contain thousands of FM Kits and are updated regularly so keep checking back for the latest Football Manager Kits.

Football Manager 2023 Player Faces

FM Player Faces appear in the player profile screen and some news items. Download our collections of Football Manager 2023 Facepacks to Update Football Manager 2023 with thousands of new Football Manager 2023 Player Faces.

Football Manager 2023 Logo Megapacks

Football Manager Logos are one of the most popular types of FM Graphics available. Club Logos, Competition Logos, Nation Logos and Team Logos are all available from our FM Logos section. Download our Logopacks to update Football Manager with thousands of Football Manager Logos. Our FM Logo Megapacks also contain all the Football Manager Flags you need.

Football Manager 2023 Backgrounds Megapack

Football Manager 2023 Backgrounds are big graphic pictures that appear in the background of FM23 as you're browsing different profiles. Our range of FM23 background packs includes beautiful stadium shots, both inside and out, photos of individual players, views of the cities where clubs are from and photos of fans in the crowd for each club or nation.

FM23 Trophies Pack

Get real photos of each trophy for each competition in Football Manager 2023.

FM23 Random Club Picker

Use our awesome Football Manager Random Club Picker to quickly and easily find a new team to manage in FM23. It will give you three different playable teams from FM2023, as well as a lowdown for each including their transfer budget, facilities, star players and biggest prospect. We even include a beautiful of photo of their stadium so you can get an idea of exactly what sort of team you're being tasked with managing.

FM23 Advanced Career Picker

Use our Football Manager Advanced Career Picker to search the list of playable teams within FM23 and find your next job in the game. You can search by reputation, newgen quality (how likely they are to create wonderkids!), average age, bank balance, transfer budget, wage budget and even average attendance. We'll then give you a list of FM2023 Clubs who match your search so you can pick the right one for your next Football Manager 2023 Career.