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Here's a complete list of all the league expansions that are available on sortitoutsi for Football Manager 2023. These files let you make more leagues playable in FM23.


We need help keep this list up to date, if you would like to help please apply for a role as a moderator.


Multi Nation Megapacks

Below you will find a list of megapacks that contain expansions for multiple leagues and nations.


Expand 25 nations with realistic rules and structure

You can download DaveTheEditor's Around the Globe Leagues Megapack to expand 25 different nations in FM23. It includes the following nations:



Albania - (D3)

Andorra - (D2)

Armenia - (D2)

Azerbaijan - (D2)

Bosnia and Herzegovina - (D2)

Cyprus - (D3)

Estonia - (D3)

Faroe Islands - (D3)

Georgia - (D3)

Gibraltar - (D2)

Kazakhstan - (D2)

Kosovo - (D2)

Latvia - (D3)

Lithuania - (D2)

Luxembourg - (D3)

Malta - (D2)

Moldova (D3)

Montenegro - (D2)

North Macedonia - (D3)

San Marino - (D1)

South America

Bolivia - (D2)

Ecuador - (D2)

Paraguay - (D2)

Peru - (D2)

Venezuela - (D2)


255 New Leagues (Unrealistic)

You could also try the FM23 Playable Leagues Megapack by @falsobohemio the leagues in this megapack. Although this is the biggest megapack available, the rules and structure of the leagues does not accurately reflect real life. It can still be fun to play in a new exotic place though.


I have not listed all nations here, check the link for that info.


Realism Megapack

One of the most popular files for Football Manager is Dave's Increase Realism Megapack, which adds tons of minor adjustments to things like finances, average attendances, weather, transfer preferences etc


Individual Playable Leagues and Nations

African International Cups - Add International Cups from Africa to FM23


Bosnia - Unlock the first 2 tiers from Bosnia in FM23


Chile - Play the complete structure of Chile


Chile - Another file adding the complete structure of Chile


Cyprus - Adds the 3rd division to Cyprus in FM23


Greece - Lower divisions to level 5


Egypt - Add Egypt as a playable nation in FM23


Faroe Islands - Make the Faroe Islands playable down to Div 4


Macedonia - Unlock the first 2 tiers from Macedonia in FM23


Montenegro - Unlock the first 2 tiers in Montenegro in FM23


Poland - Add the Poland divisions down to level 4


Qatar - Make the Qatar league playable in FM23


San Marino - Adds San Marino as a playable nation in FM23


Saudi Arabia - This file makes Saudi Arabia playable in FM23


Serbia - Add extra Serbian leagues down to the 3rd tier


Serbia - Add extra Serbian leagues down to the 4th tier


UAE - Make leagues in the UAE playable in FM23


Ukraine - Adds the 3rd tier to Ukraine in FM23 


Competition Format Changes

Hong Kong Fix - This file fixes the rules for Hong Kong in FM23


No more foreigners limits - This file will remove all the rules and limits on the number of foreign players allowed in different competitions.


No new UEFA competitions format - This file will undo the changes UEFA are planning for the Champions League and Europa League in 2024 and revert it to the original format we're all used to.


Turkey: No more rules - This file will remove all squad registration rules in Turkey


World Cup 32 teams - This will reset the World Cup back to 32 teams


Fantasy Competitions

These are entire leagues you can play in that don't reflect real life, either by adding fake but realistic teams (Australia, Romania) or otherwise just being entirely made up


Australia (Fantasy) - Adds a new fictional structure to Australia from A-League to E-League


Balkan League (Fantasy) - Top two teams from Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, The Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia, and Slovenia compete in a tournament.


Belgium Dutch Merger (Fantasy) - This database merges the Dutch and Belgium football pyramids


British Royal League (Fantasy) - The British Royal League takes the four best-placed teams in the football leagues of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. It runs from July to April.


Celtic and Rangers in England (Fantasy): This file will add Celtic and Rangers to the Premier League expanding the number of teams in the PL to 22.


Columbia 3rd Division (Fantasy) - This file adds a fictional 3rd division to Columbia


CONMEBOL and CONCACAF union - This file combines CONMEBOL and CONCACAF with a format similar to UEFA competitions


European Competitions 1980's - This file edits the European Competitions to reflect how they looked into the 1980's


Greece (Fantasy) - A new fictional structure for the Greek leagues


Italy (Fantasy) - This will reboot the Italian leagues with a fictional system aimed at making it fairer, with fairer spread of tv and prize money 


Nueva Andalucía (Fantasy) - This is a completely fictional nation called Nueva Andalucía with 174 teams spread across 5 nations


Romania (Fantasy) - Romania rebuilt with fictional 4 tier system


Scandinavian Royal League (Fantasy) - Mini tournament featuring the best teams from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Faroe Islands


Visegrad Alliance League (Fantasy) - Mini tournament between teams from Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia


Ultimate 227 team 20 month World Cup (Fantasy) - This file converts the World Cup into a 20 month long 227 team tournament 


USA + Canada (Fantasy) - Fictional 10 tiers for USA for 4 tiers for Canada


Yugoslavia (Fantasy) - This file adds the former nation of Country of Yugoslavia as a playable nation with 7 tiers


Fantasy Super Cups

Fantasy Super Cups are a way to add something fun to the game without drastically altering the game world. Similar to the Community Shield in England, Super Cups occur between the winners of two other competitions.


Anglo England vs Scottish Super Cups (Fantasy) - A fictional super cup where the winners of the English and Scottish Premierships play each other as well as the winners of the England and Scottish Cups.


Intercontinental Cups - Super Cups between the winners of the major continental competitions such as Champions League, Copa Libertadores and CONCACAF Champions League


Muratti Vase - Annual competition between Guernsey, Jersey, and Alderney.

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Fantastic List - thank You!


i think the most of us use the two Parts:

DaveTheEditor's Around the Globe Leagues Megapack


Dave's Increase Realism Megapack,


very interesting to check, which realistic Files are compatible to these two Parts. I will check and try.


Thanks again, for that List!  Greetings.

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Hi @Footygamer !


I've tried to expand Hungarian league with playable third division, and real rules, but it's a little difficult for me 😢

Promotion and relegation will change 2 times in the next 2 years. After 22/23 and one more after the 23/24 season.

Can You help with this database change, if i send You the rules?



Kiril Bonev
5 months ago
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Thanks but..Damn, Bulgaria is not a part of the Balkan league pack? Guess nobody likes us

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By Kiril Bonev 01 March 2023 - 14:12 PM UTC 

Thanks but..Damn, Bulgaria is not a part of the Balkan league pack? Guess nobody likes us


Actually, that  database only pretends to be a Balkan tournament - ex-Yugoslavia plus Albania 

 (missing except Bulgaria, also Romania, Greece and Turkey)

9 years ago
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Saudações, quero criar uma libertadores na américa do sul nos moldes da champions, com premiações generosas e o sistema de ranking de de países e clubes que influenciam nas vagas de cada país, tenho alguma experiência no editor, mas não consigo criar essa liga. Alguém pode me passar um tutorial ou indicar um?

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