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Here's a complete list of all the league expansions that are available on sortitoutsi for FM22


World Leagues Megapack

Download the World Leagues Megapack to expand 25 different nations in FM22.



Albania - (D2)

Andorra - (D2)

Armenia - (D2)

Azerbaijan - (D2)

Bosnia and Herzegovina - (D2)

Cyprus - (D2)

Estonia - (D2)

Faroe Islands - (D2)

Georgia - (D2)

Gibraltar - (D2)

Kazakhstan - (D2)

Kosovo - (D2)

Latvia - (D2) 

Lithuania - (D2)

Luxembourg - (D2)

Malta - (D2)

Moldova (D2)

Montenegro - (D2)

North Macedonia - (D2) 

San Marino - (D1)


South America

Bolivia - (D2)

Ecuador - (D2)

Paraguay - (D2)

Peru - (D2)

Venezuela - (D2)


To get all these just download the World Leagues Megapack 


Individual Playable Leagues and Nations


Andorra - Make Andorra playable in FM22

Azerbaijan - Make Azerbaijan playable in FM22

Cyprus (Level 3) - Make Cyprus playable in FM22

Cyprus (Level 4) - Make Cyprus playable in FM22

Ghana - Make Ghana playable in FM22

Ecuador - Expand Ecuador in FM22

England - Expand England to Level 13 in FM22

Estonia - Play in Estonia down to Level 6 in FM22

Ireland - Expand the playable leagues in Ireland in FM22

Italy (Level 4) - Add more tiers to Italy in FM22

Jamaica - Make Jamaica playable in FM22

Japan - Make Japan playable in FM22

Korea - Make Korea playable in FM22

Lithuania - Make Lithuania playable in FM22

Luxembourg - Make Luxembourg playable in FM22

Macedonia - Make Macedonia playable in FM22

Malta - Make Malta playable in FM22

Morocco - Make Morocco playable in FM22

New Zealand -Make New Zealand playable in FM22

Poland - Add 2 more tiers to Poland in FM22

Scotland - Add the lowest leagues in Scotland down to Tier 6 in FM22

Scotland - Full Scottish pyramid in FM22

Switzerland - Add 4 more tiers the Swiss League in FM22

Turkey - Turkish lower divisions

Ukraine - Add 3 more tiers to Ukraine in FM22




Fantasy Super Cups

Fantasy Super Cups are a way to add something fun to the game without drastically altering the game world. Similar to the Community Shield in England, Super Cups occur between the winners of two other competitions.


Anglo Cup: England vs Scotland - Winners of the English Premierships and FA Cups play each other at the end of the season.


Berks and Bucks Senior Cup - A 34 team knockout cup for the teams in Berkshire & Buckinghamshire.


British Champions Cup - Knockout Competition for the winners of the English and Irish Leagues.


Cold War Cup: USA vs Russia - Winners of the Russian Premier League and MLS play each other.


Commonwealth National Games - A tournament for the nations of the Commonwealth played every 4 years


Commonwealth Club Games - A tournament for the winners of the top flight of the each of the Commonwealth Nations


Germany vs Austria - Winners of the German and Austrian Top Divisions play each other.


Hungary vs Austria - Winners of the Hungarian and Austrian Top Divisions play each other.


Intercontinental Cups - Super Cups between the winners of the major continental competitions such as Champions League, Copa Libertadores and CONCACAF Champions League


Ukraine vs Russia - Winners of the Ukrainian and Russian Top Divisions play each other.


Ukraine vs Brazil - Winners of the Ukrainian and Brazilian Top Divisions play each other.


Fantasy Competitions

These are entire leagues you can play in that don't reflect real life, either by adding fake but realistic teams (Australia, Romania) or otherwise just being entirely made up


Australia (Fantasy) - Add 14 levels to the Australian Leagues


British Royal League (Fantasy) - Mini tournament featuring the 3 best teams from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland


Romania (Fantasy) - Add 6 levels to Romania


Scandinavian Royal league (Fantasy) - Mini tournament featuring the best teams from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Faroe Islands


World Super League (Fantasy) - All teams together in massive world super league pyramid


World champions league (Fantasy) - Replace the continental competitions from each continent with a single World Champions League featuring teams from every continent.


USA Level 10 and Canada Level 2(Fantasy) - Imagine if the North American leagues were expanded to include a footballing pyramid with 72 teams across Canada, USA and Puerto Rico? No need to imagine anymore!


Real Fixtures

Real fixtures for 17 leagues: 


List will be kept up to date 🙂


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