11 years ago
2 months ago
I've been buying manager last 13-14 years at least, and it's still mindboggling that they refuse to fix some obvious AI problems.

Im playing with Napoli, and Koulibaly says that he wants to play more, I say sure, he departs to Cup of Nations, and in the middle of the competition he wants to talk with me, he's furious cause I didnt start him. How the f*ck could I start him, when's he's with Senegal squad playing african cup of nations ? this shit keeps happening every game, the NEVER fix it.

Second issue, also AI. Brought Mandzukic as backup, and a year after he tell's me he wants to leave cause he thinks he cannot play well on this level. I say sure, transfer list him, get a few offers from mexico, he accepts one from monterrey, and when i wanted to have a goodbye chat, told him : good luck with your career or sth, he's furious cause he wanted to stay here. wtf ?

this is just top of the iceberg, I love the game in general, but this keeps pissing me off every year.

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