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For those who doesn't know, Ferro Carril Oeste is a traditional team in Buenos Aires. It's beloved by lots of fans because it's the typical neighbour club where most fans are middle age fans and the tradition to go with the family to see a match is still alive.

It has been on 2nd division since 2000/01 seasson and could never come back.

I started working in Ferro with a very serious financial situation but with a high quality team to compete for a promotion.

My line up was a classic 4-4-2

a sweeper GK / 2 ball playing defenders / 2 wing back / 2 box-to-box middfielders / 2 inverted wingers / 1 advance forward / 1 target man

Results start to appear from game 6. I personally love this formation as it can be super offensive or defensive depending the tasks and players you select.
If the matches required more people attacking, I just simply move the full backs and inverted wingers one step forward and one btob middfielder becomes a defensive middfielder.

Other good formation used was a 3-5-2 but with a good singularity. the central defender was an attacking Libero and I used a player that is natural a half back or defensive middfielder. He has to be strong in defensive tasks and also in passing.

The system to promote to 1st division is very complicated. I managed to be the champion of my zone (2nd division has 2 zones -A and B) and played a final in neutral stadium with the champion of the zone B. After a 1 - 0 victory I completed my main task to bring Ferro back to 1st division.

Unfortunatelly the club has a very deep financial problem and hiring players was a real puzzle. Only terminated contract players with 34-38 years old and in very specific key possitions as contract budget was on the edge.

Franco Cángele was one of my best players hired. Although he was just about to be retired, he managed to make some good assistance and key Goals that made me win some difficult games.

My #9 player (Bordacahar) was the top scorer.

Now we must manage our badget, make some sells and pray to be competitive.

Thanks for reading

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