11/06/2021: V3 Now Live!
This updated package contains four different versions of the Club World Cup. 
Version 1 is an extension of today's annual 7 team format. 
Version 2 is played biennially, featuring the 12 existing and previous confederation winners.
Version 3 is also biennial, with 24 teams in the main draw, following a single qualification round in June.
Version 4 is similar, but with 32 teams in the main draw, following two qualification rounds in January. 
Please see the file guide for full details of each format, including which teams qualify. 
This latest update was developed in partnership with Carlito85, and is now fully compatible with his latest UEFA Revival files, which you can find here:
If you don't plan on using his UEFA revival kits, you can simply use type A of teach version, which is compatible with the base game and most other custom files
To install, simply place the .fmf files in your documents > Sports Interactive > FM21 > Editor Data folder and then load the relevant one in-game. 




This is an amended FIFA Club World Cup designed to raise the profile of the tournament and bring more top teams into it without reducing it's level of exclusivity and legitimacy. The number of matches that teams play is kept to a minimum but the quality and significance of each match is improved. 






Mr Alwan
8 months ago
12 hours ago

If i have FM21 i will definitely use it 🙂

Andrew Halsey
4 years ago
1 month ago

Hi, I have loaded a chosen file into my editor but is shows as not choosable in my game. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Is there any change of doing an install process document with some screenshots maybe.


Thank you so much for the time you take in putting these data file together. It is very much appreciated.  

1 year ago
2 hours ago

Hola te pregunto

No se podria hacer la copa del mundo cada año de 16 clubes - 4 finalistas de champions. 4 de libertadores, 4 de concacaf, 2 de Asia y 2 de áfrica 

Asi en 4 grupos de 4 después formato natural. 

 te pregunto si vos podes por que ya intente pero no 


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