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9 years ago
6 months ago

Hi guys,


I've created a competition with the biggest clubs of Europe. All is going well but now I want to add a tournament format which somehow doesn't work. And I hope you could help me with this.


Set-up is as follows:


1st stage

512 teams will be drawn in to an open qualifiying format. One match will decide who will go through to the next round.


2nd stage

256 teams will be divided over over 16 groups of 16 teams. All the teams will play eachother once, with only the first place qualifying for the finals


3th stage

There will be a knock out competition. 16 teams will compete for the cup.


The biggest problem I'm currently running in to at the moment is that the 2nd stage can't be loaded because too few teams are being found that would be eligble to participate. 


This is the error pop up I'm getting.

Can you guys help me fix this problem? If you need any additional info please let me know and I'll provide you with screenshots or even the editor file :-) 



7 years ago
1 hour ago

post the “teams” section of stage 2

10 years ago
2 months ago

How did you fix this? I'm a similar issue with a CAF NL i'm working on. The same file gets verified in FM 2019. I can't seem to get it verified in FM 20 onwards

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