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satanismyuncle Comments
is there any way to make them stop blocking my sales? who the xxxx was so smart to make this a thing with this kind of AI. its so xxxxxx annoying, trying to sell a dude worth 12 mln for 10 mln, DENIED BY BOARD because they think he is worth more, hey nice i will never ever play this guy im sure that in next transfer window he will be worth 20 mln right, or just xxxxxxxx wait untill his contract is up, well xxxxxxx played SI you bunch of smart boys, let AI do more and more the game will be so enjoyable

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if you did this just update your graphics in game (options>interface>reload skin) and enjoy new BALL < its important, you will not get changable balls for other competitions you will have one ball for all of them
just leave it to your assistant it will be just fine
game engine is broken since a long time and lagging is a known issue here but i will try to help so to begin with are you always playing with your charger on? new laptops with a nice CPU/GPU are struggling for performence while on battery (laptop user here aswell)
for checking your graphics you need to go to "device manager" and look for "display adapters" but im sure its something like GTX 1050 so it shouldnt been an issue here
you can try to update your drivers aswell, disable background processes, clear your catche

for more help you can ask someone from SI support
helpful post i found on a SI forum :

We are currently investigating the issue, most cases appear to be down to CPU-related issues. To help us with our investigation:

Could you download GPUz https://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/ and open it up while FM is playing a match and the issue is happening. Full steps on how to do this properly for us here:


Please follow the steps in the link above and then send us the log files, it'd help a lot!

One extra thing to show us is your CPU utilisation. Steps on how to get task manager to show this can be found in the link below. Take a screenshot or preferably a video of this while the match is playing with the issue occurring please.


I know it's a pain but this info could be vital in helping us to identify the problem and fix it


i would like to reduce only bullshit injuries from happening, i can understand that someone is getting hurt in the middle of december while playing 90 mins every 3 days in England, but i just can't stand my players getting 4 month injuries in a pre season friendly or even random set piece traning session, how can you break your foot while practicing free kicks for fuck sake. but i assume its impossible to make it work this way, yet still really nice update i will try it out thanks for your work !
immersion in football manager good luck with that !
Great !!! excellent party and tactic .....
I would like to know which skin you are using ?
Thanks ...

i guess its just fm light skin
this game is so bad, they didnt fix or improved anything since so long and still they charge 50$ for it while adding 3 new things. im really disenchanted, it really seems like they dont really care, wont even bother to invest in more licenses since community like sortitoutsi will make job for them... so sad
is it just my save or england is too overpowered ? 8 years in a row all english CL final, every summer top 6 spending 200kk for players they dont really need but they can afford so why not, all players deciding to sign for english clubs even if i offer them better contract
awesome as always
really talkative forum
when you have a minute can you check if your file is compatible with the last update of Sortitoutsi Data Update? Because I did a test by excluding only the "Players and Staff" file but the teams' budgets have changed.
Thank you.

my save functioned well with data update i reckon. teams budgets were too high or too low what's the exact problem ?
this is a well known issue, but the game doesn't have a sense of distance! in one of my saves my stadium was too small to play in Europe League, so instead i played on fierce rival stadium ! That would never happen in real life, as well as 300 km travel for home game. But does your training schedule have "Travel" before every home game? That also happens, even when you play London club vs another London club they need to travel 1/3 of the day when in real life it takes 1 hour at most so you can even travel on a match day if it's not a noon game. What if you would give your club shit tones of money and then ask to build a new stadium ? Board interactions are sometimes malfunctioning, and even when you have 500 millions they will not build a stadium for let's say average 200 millions. Give them 1 billion and see where it goes. It will take few season to build it so give yourself a little bit of patience.
The game is probably already done and ready to develop, but MAYBE, just MAYBE some of SI stuff is an active forum user and will read OUR wishes as loyal servants of the game and consider putting some ideas into patch. I'm really interested in what do you guys think should be changed/upgraded maybe some bug fixes? What is cool and what is bad?

My insights on the current state of the game (hope it's not too long and boring)

1. Artificial intelligence. Computer managers are often doing some stupid things, doesn't know how to rotate squad, making bad signings, not adjusting tactics after a loss strikes, overall most of them (especially lower league) is just bad at what they do which makes game easier (we don't like it easy).

2. Team meetings reactions/Season expectations/Private chat/Board requests. All of those interactions are really stupid, so many times my team reacted so badly on what i said, when it was simply truth. Made a treble? Next season expect to fight for Europa league because your players will not agree and that's it. You lost/drawn last 6 games in a row ? After you tell them on team meeting that you want them to keep your head's up they will tell you "This way you will not win much" and morale will just drop on the neck, when you want to fix them. Board. Dear board, which also seem to be a game exploit, after few winning seasons they let me to have tones of coaches scout's physios and all kind of fancy things when AI from point 1, still has same 6 coaches that he had at the beginning, it's so easy to be maxed out when you do it manually, but even using director of football seem to give advantage over computer. Also, a lot of time my board just dumped me, even tho i just qualified for Europa league group stage for the first time in club history, making for it few millions, they will say that they don't have money to build a better training grounds etc. At one point in my save i maxed out my current stadium by expanding it, and my board just never ever let me build or buy a new one, even when i was just focused on selling players and making money for them. Private chats, so dumb. Players are getting grumpy over truth, i don't know what they think when after a 6.4 rated game i tell them "you played bad" and they say "nope, i played good" and they start to worry of how i treated them, poor babies. They act to much like some kind of role models, every player has a Kanye West sized ego imo.

3. How on earth player is not able to play AMR when he is natural MR, or playing DM/AMC when he is MC. what is this bullpuke, in real life players are played "out of position" so much, left backs playing on right side, strikers playing on wings, it's normal thing!

4. Transfer's fees are also dumb, AI always wants 500% price for a player, but when it comes to you they offer you 60%, and your player of course will be like "hey bro not cool why you didn't accept" then you tell "money wasn't right" you set price on market value, no one ever comes back for him and he is still an angry baby for next month or two (then magically they don't want to leave anymore). AI tend to make last second transfer offers, day or two before window is finished just unsettling my players for no reason, i will not sell a first team regular on a last day, let's be realistic. Also players are loosing sense of ambitions sometimes, they prefer to be backup in PSG for 100k/week then key player for a competing team for 120k/week just because "they got better team", well since they have better team - you will not play, obvious for me, never for them.

5. Match engine bugs fixes, as we all now it has its flaws, we all saw some weird behavior, dubious passes, dumb headers, or just classic goalkeeper>defender pass that goes straight to the opposition striker. We've all been there.

6. Goal-line replays are never a goal, so why bother.

7. Referees abusing VAR, going there too often, sequence of animations really annoying after time.

8. Released players prefer to stay without contract and retire then play in lower league.

9. Some stuff that stays in the game without work has "im thinking about ending my career" for years making them unemployable, but they exist with all their stats and history.

10. I don't feel that opposition instructions do anything at all as well as some tactical instructions

11. Player traits should be developed automatically, by players and their way of playing, if a youngster played already houndred games as inside forward, he will develop a skill to cut inside by himself without petting him and giving him a hand. Regens are born with some traits, i doubt that traits suits them a lot of time.

12. Regens are overpowered. Brazilian 16 years old boys having all physical attributes over 15 ? What did his mom feed him with?



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seem super bizarre ! i have never seen such thing in my career. do you have a transfer ban? is the player angry at you? i can't really think about any reason! you tried on all players? some new signings ?
ambitious project i have to say! really nice idea, but i reckon it as impossible to fully complete and get rid of all the bugs, i hope maybe it will inspire SI to make it as a feature in the game ?

good job man.
Lots of times after winning all the games in preseason even with stronger opposition my team seemed to forget what they just did starting season with 3 loses in a row ! i feel like it's kinda random, and players themselves know it's just a sparing game #Ramos #WeTookItAsAFriendlyAndTheyDidn't

But really professional way of managing from you ! I'm sorry I don't know answer for your question, i think it's just a "feature", totally not a bug.

Also working with game editor sometimes is really annoying, and when you want to do one thing also three other will happen, remember trying to put myself as a player, what a struggle that was.

do you... do you actually watch and care about friendlies ?
i feel you, it's so hard to find any kind of info's about those little little club's from country side, they doesn't even own a internet page sometimes! bow downs for making it to 4th !
well, tell us some more about your game style. what tactic do you use? what team do you play? struggling is a part of football !
well, easier way is to give yourself at least Continental license so 2nd/3rd league clubs will at least consider you! Without anything, i guess only non-league English club MAYBE would give you an interview. But there is an "THANOS WON" database that is making half of the population disappear so there is more jobs, and less players tending to make a game harder
i wonder if SI will agree with this and add them themselves in next release of the game.

good work! don't forget to add 9 year old Cristiano Ronaldo Junior hehe
oh yea that's right, in my save a semi final of polish cup was Lech vs Lech II, i loled hard seeing this. there is no way to make them not able to promote higher then 4th or 3rd league ? maybe SI will make it easier to fix with FM20, or even add more playable leagues from Poland (hope so)


not sure if common problem or it's just me, i mixed your tweaks with data update so maybe that's what caused this bug.

doesn't affect game play that much

good work on this lad, thank you

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Hi, I have kitpacks downloaded however I edited my clubs kits with the in-game editor to match the new ones for this season and it has removed my clubs downloaded kits even though the files are still in the right place and all the other club kits are there, does anyone know how I can undo this?

i think you might have fuck up a little bit, in game editor overwrite your downloaded kit if i understand well

your problem is that you wanted to change the in-game match engine color of a kit, and it caused the kit's in club overview to disappear right?


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in this season, even though he didn't make a single first team appearance he played U-18 games counted as non competitive, making a new row just like this.

i think that it could be resolved by making it Spanish style, so putting registration rules also for B team so youngsters are forced to play a full season there, but it's not immersive cause Polish league doesn't work like this.

I guess it's just my aesthetic feelings about it, it doesn't change anything in game play to be honest it's just my sick mind that needs to have everything perfect lol.

Great job anyway, thank you for your feedback and i hope you will continue project for FM20 !

OH and also - would be cool if U23 of teams that got promoted to Ekstraklasa would be able to get promotion to 4th league like in real life (i guess)

BTW. who the f is this dude ?


yea, also U18 football counts as first team, so even they have 0 appearances there will be useless row showing u18
no one knows nothing?
No one profits here, in fact it mostly costs Rob/Footygamer money to keep the place running as you already know. I've been on this site for nearly 16 years now and have never ever received a penny through peoples Premium Membership and neither has anybody else. We all do what we do for the love of the game, the site and its members, so please stop lying and get your facts correct before posting, thank you.

what about a guy who is basically selling his database for fm17
Regista is really good