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hollow101 Comments

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Kettering Town FC have appointed hollow101 as their new First team Manager, starting from this June.

Hollow101 has been handed a one-year contract.

"I am really pleased to be given the opportunity to manage Kettering and I am really looking forward to taking the club forwards over the coming years" he said.


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I have really struggled over recent FM's to really get 'into' a career as a used too, for one reason or another. I have started a couple of story threads but due to me giving up on the career they have quickly fallen by the way side, I wanted to give FM a 'last chance' and so decided to go down a level below the normal teams you can start with, not wanting to choose Wolves (the club I support), as I wanted to start low down.

(At the time of writing I have just completed my first season and so felt more confident now starting a story you can follow and I can continue with, but I will be starting from the start in this story)

Here goes...........................................................................
Just found another

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Great cut once again @rekooner2 Many thanks
Half Season Update



So we are half way through the season (well I have a game in hand). Its been a roller-coaster in terms of results, with a run of 5 defeats really doing some damage to our good start to the season. I am hoping we have turned the corner a bit now, but if we are to get promoted this season we need to ensure no repeats of that bad run.

First matches of the season


So we are off for real now and opened with a win and a draw, 4 points very pleased overall for a team tipped to be fighting relegation, of course long way to go yet.

Always nice to get a win in the first game particularly when at home as we were.

Both games were very similar to be honest, some good pieces of play but lacking in the end product really. We looked ok at the back but it was obvious movement and getting players into position o score was the issue, but solid base to build from.


So preseason has gone ok, very busy time with lots to focus on in terms of friendlys, backroom staff, transfers etc.

In terms of the friendlys the results were mixed on paper, however we did ok in all games even the Man City u23 match, the score line being down to 3 terrible individual errors that hopefully will not happen each week. Good work out fitness wise and starting to getting used to the new formation and style of play.


As you would expect there was very little wage or transfer fund wise to use for transfers and with the club overall having little in the way of cash (indeed most of preseason we have been in the red) I had to look mainly at frees etc.


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First day in the Job, ready for the work to start................


The first striking thing is the size of the squad, these are all the players at the club.........very small indeed. On looking in more detail the main gaps in depth are certainly upfront and at full back, for the way I want to play, so these are the areas I am going to need to focus on in terms of recruits..........which leads us nicely onto the another fix to make, no scouting team (see below)


The backroom team is overall quite small as you would expect for a club in Vanarama South but the main issue is no scouts at all. Fortunately the board, without asking, are happy for me to employee some scouts so lets get on to that quickly to help us with overall recruitment. You will see there is also no Head of Youth Recruitment and whilst I would like one of these to aid us in the future, this may have to wait a while until we make some other quick fixes.

Full name
Truro City Football Club

City, White Tigers, The Tinners


Treyew Road, Truro

3,800 (1,675 seats)

Peter Masters

National League South

National League South, 4th
Truro City FC are currently the highest placed Cornish team and with my love of the county from many holidays it seemed the place to start.

I want to transfer my philosophy’s about the real game into my FM save, whilst hopefully bringing glory on the pitch as well. I like to see teams playing attacking, exciting, possession based football - this influence coming from people like Rinus Michels, Jack Reynolds, Johan Cruyff, Pep Guardiola, Arsene Wenger and teams like Ajax, Netherlands, Barcelona, Arsenal, Bayern Munich.

As well as playing football in the right way (from my point of view, there is of course no right or wrong way to play the game) these clubs also have a massive emphasis on youth development, players for the future, developing their own talent etc, which Is another thing I wanted to implement – such a great feeling as a Wolves fan to see players like Matt Murray, Joleon Lescott etc turning out for your team and of course it also means in time bringing through players who exactly fit the system you want to play, adding in players from outside the club to enhance the team, bringing in new ideas and methods to complement the system in place.

So the long term plan was to:

• Play a system built around a 4-3-3 framework
• Play attractive, attacking football, with plenty of attempts on goal
• Make the pitch as big as possible with the ball and as small as possible without it – giving us lots of options in possession but making it easier to win back the ball if we lose it
• Be able to keep the ball well, but with an end ‘goal’ in mind, if we have the ball the opposition cannot score
• Excite the fans
• Develop players for the future
Bit of background rambling first. So having played FM (CM) for over 20 years now I am familiar with the game, although certainly no expert. In my early days of playing I always took over a team in the lowest playable English league and attempted to take them through the leagues, with varying degrees of success and lots of enjoyment. My save with Dorchester still invoking great memories years on having lifted them into the Premier League, before leaving them in the top half to save my beloved Wolves from the drop. There was also Leigh before that, who I guided to the edge of the Championship playoffs, League Cup Final (lost) and the FA Cup final before that inexplicable day when I decided to clean out the hard drive on my PC, with the save about 5-6 games from the end of the season, and deleted the whole save game grrrrrrrrrrrr.
Having got my brother in law interested in the game we moved over to network games in more recent years and with us playing less time (both working with families) always decided to take over clubs in the Premier or Championship instead of lower down, sadly after several FM games his love for the game fell away, sadly being sacked a few too many times for him to enjoy. So I went back to playing standard career modes, but carrying on with higher league saves, mainly with Wolves, but never really got a save going for one reason or another, particularly FM16 with my longest save being about 1 season. Was I falling out of love for the game? Did I not have the time anymore? Had I got other interests now?

In fact I could have answered yes and no to each so in contemplating my next move I decided to go back to ‘my roots’ and start a low league save, but take my time and enjoy it – it’s a game after all and should be fun (except when you lose that Cup Final, we have all been there with FM)

So here I am starting a new adventure, fun, enjoyable – the Vanarama North/South beckoned……………time to choose a team.
So after updating the game to full version and noticing some DB Changes to Truro, I have started over on the new DB.

I have moved over to a new career thread 'To Cornwall and beyond' looking forward to keeping you all upto date on my progress
I hope the legend that is Rory Fallon helps fire you to glory!

Thanks @Suffolk Seasider for your kind words, hopefully it will be a successful time. Sadly Rory Fallon was a early casualty of my tenure, for 'non footballing reasons' he was on £400 pw as player/assistant manager (and whilst I thought he may score some goals i knew we would not be playing to his strengths) and so with a heavy heart we agreed a mutual contract termination - allowing me to bring in my own Assistant manager and free up a large amount of wage budget.
End of Pre-Season arrives.......................................................



Well its been a busy few weeks, training to set up, press conferences, board meetings, transfers in and out and of course friendly matches. Its been a while since I have managed at this level (FM07 or 08 I think), it used to be the only way I would play FM, but then started playing an online saves with friends resulting in choosing English Prem/champ sides and then the last few years of FM I have gone with Wolverhampton Wanders, the club I have supported since I was 10 years old. For FM17 I decided I wanted a long term save again so decided to go into non-league once again.

Pre-season I felt went 'ok', managed to increase the squad depth with 4 more players in than out, reduced the wage bill by off loading several players on P/T contracts and stayed unbeaten in my friendly games, however I was aware that these games were mainly against teams we should have been beating. I had generally gone with these friendly's as they were local teams and used them mainly to build fitness, in terms of playing bigger teams I was limited due to location in the UK and the teams I could play would have cost funds to pay that we may or may not have recouped in ticket sales. Player recruitment wise I a little disappointed to not have strengthened as much as I would have liked, went through a few trial players but only wanted to sign players who would improve us and they were proving more difficult to find than I would have hoped - the good news of course was that with no transfer deadline we could keep looking and looking.
So here we go.....................................................


First thing that struck me was the size of the squad, this was every player at the club, so I knew depth was an issue for certain. My long term plan is to play and attacking, high line, pressing style based on the 'Total Football' system of the Ajax/Netherlands teams of the 70's and adapting since by Barcelona, Arsenal etc. I also wanted to adopt the Ajax system of youth development put into place by Jack Reynolds and continuing into present day.
However I knew both of these things would have to come in time, with small steps at a time to achieve this, this seasons small step would be using formation(s) based around 4-3-3 and getting the team used to this, along with signing players in the areas required, which straight away meant tackling the shortage of strikers at the club.


As expected the backroom team was small, although after being introduced to the chairman and my assistant manager I was able to get the board to increase my coaches to 3 giving me some help in this area.


Lots of work to do for sure, but with the board only requiring the club to 'avoid relegation' it hopefully means I will have time to be able to implement everything I want to do and who knows perhaps thrive as the underdog.

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Truro City have appointed hollow101 as their new First team Manager, starting from this June.

The 39-year-old will be handed a one-year contract.

"I am really pleased to be given the opportunity to manage Truro and I am really looking forward to taking the club forwards over the coming years" he said.

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He is the person on the right, thanks in advance

Thanks @BajaHater , top cut as always
He is the person on the right, thanks in advance
Cheers @krissmed and @bakizp

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Thanks as always @bakizp super job

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