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dramacydal2002 Comments
Hi all,

I stuck rangers and celtic in the English leagues, however I won the FA cup and finished 5th with Celtic but I didn't get into any of the European comptitions, does anyone know how I can fix this to ensure that they are entered?

good job so far mate, you really need to manage san marino calcio and then build there youth system if you want to win the world cup with the national team.... also for the national team try hire coaching staff from teams with excellent youth facilities, eventually their youth intake will then have 1 or 2 half sammarinese players...
does anyone know how I can do this? I had a good tactic in FM 2013 but it won't let me upload it, haven't won a game so far....!
I hope you can take out Guangzhou this season as redemption for stealing your players!
amazing to see Everton doing so well, who is their manager?
awesome first half of the season keep it up!
March to May


An undefeated end to the season saw only points dropped at Clyde and Queens Park respectively. A quiet end to the season in a division which was easily romped. With an ageing squad, may need to shake things up next season. With the Transfer Embargo players over the age of 17 cannot be signed.







About time the big lank scored, 10 hours without a goal but still 31 games 28 goals for the season, not a bad return considering he is rotated and there is three up front!






And when it was all said and done Rangers won the league easily with 94 points due to two losses sustained at the start of the season. An awesome 122 goals were scored and only 20 conceded.



3 players were in the top 5 goals scored for the Season showing how dominant the team was.
firstly congrats on the walk, again a charity that is close to me. Secondly unlucky on the sacking, be good to see where you go from here.
good job in finishing 10th and good to see you stay, another fact did you know Cowden are the only team in Scotland (and prob UK) to have a steel fence all the way around the pitch.

Shows you how daft the SPL is when 7th has more points than 6th!
u can stay up, just need points against st j and Kilmarnock! Also quick fact, my mum won a competition to name their mascot "samba bear" lol
Jan / Feb 2013

Another 10 competitive games were played to kick off 2013, with 9 games in the league and one game in the only remaining cup that the team is in:


Another stretch of unbeaten games in the league and an unfortunate defeat to Inverness in a one sided thumping.











Due to the transfer embargo, no players were signed during the transfer window as such go into the final half of the season with the same team.

A lot of goals were scored over the ten games and for the second time in a row I drop ten points to Stirling, still top of the league, twenty points ahead of second placed Peterhead.
awesome, not my fault if you lose next ten though!
did you manage to get any more free transfers in? Might be time for a change of tactics see if that may help 4-1-4-1 or something to shore up defence
Nov/Dec 2012

Last months competitive winnings streak would be hard to keep up with, none the less the team went out and performed over the period to ensure life in the third division did not last too long!


One defeat and one draw saw the good form continue, two wins in the Scottish Cup including a 7-nil demolition of Stranraer saw the Ger's through to the 5th round of the Scottish Cup.






Jordan White ruining the fun for everyone with a brace at Ibrox.


Tall Paul Millar finding his scoring boots and this performance alone justifies his £5,000 transfer fee.






Although he scored in the last game here, Kevin 'Sick-Note' Thomson has been quite disappointing in his return to Ibrox. At this level he should be dominating the middle of the park. Lucky he is only on £2.5k a week otherwise he would be gone in January.

Lastly, Sandaza has been terrible, on FM13 Handheld and before the transfer update he was a beast, he will be gone in January if I can find someone dumb enough to take him.
Sep/Oct 2012

A winning run in all competitive matches see's the season come alive, only a draw in a friendly v Man Utd on international week put a stop to all green lights. Finally the team and tactics seem to be working together:


As Shendender noted above four goals have come from Lee McCulloch who has been rotated into the forward 3.

7 Goals from Paul Millar, 8 from Andy Little and 4 from Cassidy have seen the front 3 tear apart the competition:










This run of games has seen the mighty Gers' sit top of the 3rd division and also into the 3rd round of the Scottish Cup where a not so glamorous tie against Peterhead awaits.
By Shedender | Permalink | On 08 June 2013 - 11:28 AM
Fella, I suggest playing Lee McCulloch up top as he bagged 28 goals for me in division 3. I also used him as a poacher.

It's been a sticky start to the season but I'm sure the form will pick up and eventually walk the league.

My front 3 are Millar, Little and Cassidy, I try to play McCulloch in Midfield but I will try him up front!
August 2012

The season kicked off in late July and continued into August, with an overhauled squad and experimental tactics, Rangers first spell in division 3 was never meant to be easy:


Being dumped out two cups in such a short space of time was never an ideal scenario, the challenge cup should have been won by the team never mind getting dumped in the first round. A first defeat in the league was also difficult to swallow. This may be a tough season.






Pre Season 2012 - Transfers

Billy wasted no time in bringing in new players in order to launch his assault on Division 3, with no less than 7 players coming into the club and only one leaving:


Young Barrie McKay although a prospect, left when a reasonable offer came in to take him to the SPL with Hibernian, with nearly the full amount going into the kitty, it seemed like a good deal.

Coming the other way on loan were:

Jake Cassidy - Striker

Jordan Spence - CB/RB

Stephen McGinn - Centre Mid

The first person that money was spent on was a new Striker in transfer listed Andrew Barrowman from Dunfermline Athletic for a pricey sum of £95k...


Coming in on free transfers were former Hearts midfield maestro Rudi Skacel, who would chip in from midfield with some goals and also provide the assists to the forward 3... (4-3-3 formation). A deal until the end of the season should be enough to let the Czech international prove himself.


and former Rangers turned sold out championship wash out Kevin 'Thommo' Thomson, who is looking to break back into the Scotland fold and become a staple in DM.


The last player to come in during the window is a secret gem on FM13 since the update, after originally getting his physical stats wrong, SI corrected it in the update making him a secret goalscoring hero and also the tallest player on the game:

'Tall' Paul Millar


Just look at that jumping attribute, awesome for corners and free kicks!! Big Billy Bigshot had no problems signing this guy down on a 3 year deal and cannot wait to let him cause havoc in the champions league. Often known as a poor mans Peter Crouch, Billy was quote as saying "Cannie wait to get the big man in the box" and there has been rumours circling that indeed Crouchy might be the next player heading to Ibrox in the transfer window.

Pre-season went pretty terrible as the team tried to gel with the new coaching staff and 4-3-3 tactics that will be played, as such no real results to write home about at this stage:

Pre Season 2012

After Rangers shock relegation to division 3, Ally McCoist has walked out, leaving them managerless and in turmoil.

Up steps Billy Bigshot an uproven, young manager ready to steer Rangers back to the SPL, appeasing fans and shareholders alike.

need to sign paul millar from elgin, the games secret goalscorer, I will post a screen of his better than goal a game ratio.
Paul Millar from Elgin is a goal machine if you can get him before the embargo, whip in corners and he outjumps all defenders. I will post a screen later but he is currently 15 games 14 goals 8 assists and 3 mom with av rating 8.00
how injury prone is big kev tho!
they have the worst financial situation going so that is actually quite a big challenge as little room to play in transfer market etc
The only thing better than their nickname is there songs! "there was a coo" and "when the sun shines!"
looks like some good signings!
start again, try as Dunfermline?
bad run of form, need to push on til jan transfer window!
ha-ha I am glad my criticism spurred him on. perhaps I should do it more often for the rest of your team!
I Started off poorly as the back room staff are terrible, brought in a lot of new faces and changed the tactics about. Sitting mid table at xmas so similar to yourself. Try take advantage of the trialists where the squad is thin or b4 singing someone.
seen that happen a few times, never in cpu's favour!