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nathan50pound Comments
Is there anyway to take away the horrible cartoon like face and just add an image like for example: Figo, Shearer or non database people that you can just add details for. I did this before 2017 and it was amazingly realistic to have say Shearer and manage Newcastle and have his details and old FM picture. Can we add those kinds of pictures now? I think last year I searched high and low but was stuck with the Cartoon face.

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I heard you can change from having these terrible cartoon based manager pictures to an actual PNG manager profile picture if, and only if, you start a new game with this skin on the older non updated version of the game before the transfers, is that true?
For example from original pack with 34 images,only 16 images worth cuttin' and I'm not even sure about them.

I'd say those don't need cutting but the 16 that you pointed out would be much better improvements if cut.
For your information Jordi Alba is done just few days\week ago in improvement thread,and he is in last update.Download it before tryin' to be smart or funny.Also,these sources are not even the best available for Barcelona,since there are at least much better sources on their official site...

Jérémy Mathieu, Javier Mascherano, Sergi Roberto....

Mate I could have picked 10 other players, sorry for picking the 1 single player with a recent cut, you completely missed my point. Maybe you're the one trying to be a smart ass about it no?
Wasting of time...so just no.

Yeah because Jordi Alba for example only has a cut from... 2 seasons ago?
Haha Dafaq?

Someone's a big Neymar fan!

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Like Italian football much?

Someone give this man a cookie!
I gave you an answer the first time you asked

Thug Life!

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I'm using computer generated absolute straight lines to make sure the cuts are straight so I can guarantee you that the fixes I have done are straight. You have your opinion and I obviously ain't gonna change it and if mons think that yours are straight then he may as well use them. I just know for a fact that they are not and thus I offered my alternative versions based on your cuts. No reason to go all mad about it.

You're a 'Glory Hunter'

Take away 99% of the work. Do the 1% and claim the glory.

You're a John Terry. Give that man a medal.

... My opinion. Don't like it? Get rekt m8.

Request for Liverpool squad photos taken from their UEFA Champions League individual profile pictures (total of 12).
LFC UEFA CL 2014/15 Teampack

Example pic:

I wish to have them in my game as they are the most recent photos of the respective players and I believe they add more realism in the game. Many thanks for helping me.

Cheers !

I second his opinion that it would be great to have these does, maybe not as better quality images but to improve our game . Mainly for the Liverpool fans out there, if there are many of us left right now!?!?!?
It would be great to get a screenshot as someone suggested, because i have mine at:

<string id="skin_name" value="scorpio" />

For the Scorpio skin obviously but it's still not reading the skin no matter what i do.
Yes NICELAD, You're my new best friend!
This is my first attempt and was posted in the individual forum of cut out faces. Please don't be too harsh with criticism. tuodi8shi asked me to move here. So I have as requested.

For using a Potato, I would say these are excellent cuts. 10/10


Can someone delete this please? Soz

@MONS: I was trying to post a cut i tried to do myself. If you can delete this for me, i will upload it again via a hosting site as you said.

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Third face, being Oğuzhan Kayar.

Am i the only one, when creating a CONFIG file, still can not get his face (this cut) showing up in the game?

I have also noticed GERMAN teams kits don't show up in the CL.

Bit strange, be nice to have a fix for this. It really does my nut in. Of course I'm a LEG END at the game, so i always go far in the CL, so i get a German team at one stage or another.

As in other skins, some of the panels are shown only in big resolutions (I play in 1920x1080 and the screenshots are from my game)

Thank you for the sensible reply. Much appreciated!

Unlike the COCK FACE that replied before!

Why then, when i download it, does it not have many of the things shown in the screenshots? Smart ass!!
Sorry but where is version 1.10?

Because i can only see the 1.1 download.

Thanks for that.

If anyone knows how to change the KAKA picture from JPG to PNG so that it reads it in the pack that would much appreciated.

EDIT: Done it online, might as well add it for anyone else needing it, again, thanks alot for your help.

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Thanks anyway for attempting it, it's just nice to have a skin now.
I just had a quick question.

I remember downloading the AC MILAN pack a while ago, and i am 90% sure it had Matri and Kaka's new cuts done.
I deleted that pack before downloading the new updates, then notice their old cuts are in that new update.

Am i going crazy or is there a Milan pack floating around with those 2 cuts because i tried looking again only to find a MILAN pack without them both missing.

Thanks if anyone can answer that for me.
Yay, that would be great, your new SKIN is well and truly in the WANK BANK my friend
Anything is better than the CRUSTY RUSTY default one right now. Hope you finish it soon. It does look good though.
Got mine now.

It was hidden, on GMAIL, i went to ALL emails, so it was in spam or somewhere else, hope this helps.
I purchased from SORTITOUTSI, still no code sent through!!

Anyone else who bought from here still not been sent theirs?

I don't understand why some would receive codes and some wouldn't :/