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Alex Mahone Comments
Great Job, SirTavares!

Would you be able to include these players in your next update?

Ryotaro Meshino from Man City
Quinten Simons from Beerschot
Hwang Ui-Jo from Bordeaux
Nesta Guinness-Walker from AFC Wimbledon
Daniel Schmidt from Sint-Truiden
Mor Ndiaye from Porto
Adrien Perez from LAFC.
Mohammed Katana Nyanje from Aspire
David Villa from Vissel Kobe.
Akira Fitzgerald from Richmond Kickers
Edgar Sevikyan from Levante
Hiroki Sugajima from Portimonense
Anthony Musaba from NEC Nijmegen


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Hi, Thanks for the file.

In the editor when i import the England file, im unable to see any database changes.
Hi, Thanks for the file.

Id suggest also some tweaks in the top South American clubs such as Boca, River, Flamengo, Palmeiras and Sao Paulo.. There is a noticeable increase in finances and international interest from TOP players.

De Rossi, Juanfran, Dani ALves, Rafinha, Filipe Luis, Balotelli, Fabregas, Llorente,etc...( Players already signed and in real talks to join). It is not that much unreal to see players of this caliber to sign for south american players.

I forgot this thread..my bad.

It worked for a Germany file but it didn't for a Spanish one
Awesome! It works now
Not really.."This site can’t be reached"
What is going on?

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Hi Thank you so much!

I cannot download the file through the link posted.
Thank you so much for this file man!

Could you also tweak Staff?
There are some new managers climbing the ladder with CA that does not reflect the level they compete nowadays.

For example, Sylvinho. He was assistant at very high level teams like Inter and City before Brazil NT. This season he is Lyon's new manager and in the game he still looks to be mostly an Assistant Manager rather than go on as Manager.

I also think Eddie Howe CA-PA is not accurate in the game.

I have few other names but Id like to know if you are interested in adding Staff CA-PA changes to your file. If so,I could give you a hand.

Thank you again!

Thank you for the effort.
I just tried the new file and when I use the custom start date(May 2019), Rooney future transfer does not work. Is it intended to work only with the start date in 2018?
@TheMinsterman is putting a file together covering player/staff issues

He is also really busy doing the usual promtion/finance/club change file so lots being done

to be clear the file added to the live update is nothing to do with Sir T at all his file has been removed, so you have made assumptions there

now if you want to see whats in the file open it in the editor as said The Minsterman is pretty busy trying to get a lot done for the whole community here

Thank you.

No assumptions at all, I wrote "same name file" and simply asked if it has any relation with Sirtavares.

I appreciate the message and looking forward to check the other file.

Would be good if an ADM clarifies the files in use with the live update.

SirTavares has given his reasons and wishes.

Now, the update has the same name file in the folder.

What is the content of this file? Is it related to Sirtavares previous work or not?
The live update now again has a Player and Staff changes file. What is this about?
there is varying success rates with merging up until this version my advice was never do it

back up the files and try then if it doesnt work nothing lost

there is more success if both files are fmf(you cant merge 2 x xml files in editor, but you can have a xml file open and merge a fmf file)
give it a go and report back

NB copy/back up those files first

I tried copying the "copy matches" command at the edit tab and then loaded the fmf file and pasted the matches at the right section.

I just loaded the game and the fixtures were there, didnt progress yet. Will do and report if game crashes ..

Thank you!

Would everyone know if its possible to merge a real fixtures file with a data league fmf file?

Thank you
@SirTAVARES mentioned something about files being obsolete nowadays.

2 days ago the live update file had a Player and Staff file, from 29.07., I do have your past releases from 25.06 (General Changes) and 27.05 (Player and Staff).

What are those files in regard to what has been released with the Live Update?

Hi guys,

I have been wondering for ages and today i decided to bring this up here;

For those who are insane about football and this game, like myself: What is your setup to give realism as much as possible to your save?

For my saves, I like to have:

- Country leagues updates ( Claasen, Timo, etc..)
- I start the save with the custom file ( May 2019)
- Live Update from sortitoutsi
- SirTavares extra files
- Real names files
- Real fixtures Nokey with the file of Real Fixtures and Results from FrankTheTank87

How do you set your save up?
my files were taking out from the sortitoutsi since i don't feel appreciated and spent a lot of days working on stuff to be deleted by others in live update.

best of luck for everyone

What happened man??? Your files are essential to complement the Live Update.
I cant believe this
How did u solve it mate?
Please, has someone tried the custom start date file?
This print using 31.12.2018 as a custom start date..
Hi, I am downloading the custom dates since 28.12 and even today's file gives me an error in the game when trying to select the file.

it says 2 teams required, 0 found.

Anyone having the same issue or knowing a work-around?
the wages are not real!
Could you share it brother? It looks fantastic!!!

I have been thinking about it for quite sometime...
Is there a way for us to select only the pic files for players and staff currently in the database we use?

I have a feeling that a pack of 200 000 files might affect game speed and i doubt we use a database in our saves close to 200 000 people.

Any tips on that?

Thanks in advance!

Download link goes to a blank page, how may I get the file?

No. It is not possible here You can do it yourself in game editor.

Thank you!
But I meant in the editor, is it possible to set a future transfer for Gerrard for example?
Is there a way to set future transfer for Managers?
and why are you replying to a disabled submission?

I didnt notice it was disabled at the time.
11M euros transfer fee !!!
Absolutely not one year contract and 19k per week is a joke.
He will earn around 4M euros per season.

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