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Enos Comments
Kit colors and number colors can only be edited with in-game editor in careers in progress, like shown in this video:

Kit colors changes are hidden beneath custom kits but the match engine is using them check for color clash so it would be good idea to match them with custom made kits

Thanks Bolid. I tried to follow the instructions on the video and it had some impact. The kits on the pre-match formations worked, but the 3d engine still has the old number colors, etc. I tried to follow the directions perfectly, but I must be missing something.
Hi all. Rookie Kit maker. I made some 2d and 3D kits for Leeds and I cannot figure out how to change the color of the jersey number and name from the original. It only seems to be editable 'pre-save.' Does anyone know how to change these to work with an existing save?

Hopefully the 2D versions show up below. I'd like to use #4 as my #2, but the numbers don't show up properly. If you look at the 3D kit you can see that the name and number are still gray from the original kit.



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How did I only just discover this skin? Fabulous work! Thanks!

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@rabcp What a simple fix. I installed the simatchviewer files on the FM19 version of my game and not FM20. I must not have paid enough attention and I should just remove FM19 now that I'm not playing anymore. It allowed me to relieve my glorious FM Trophy victory anyway so all is well. Thanks!!!

Open the videos folder from the above location, there will be a folder called 'HD', rename it 'SD'

Hmmmm. I literally don't have that folder. The link is what I see... I could not get imgBB to post on here.

@rabcap Maybe I installed the patch wrong? I've found a fmf file called simatchviewer_uncompressed but I don't see videos in there. Do I need to use a specific application to open that file to find the video extension that requires remaining?
I'm playing LLM so haven't seen many video ads yet since the stadiums don't have it. I played one match at Wembley for the FA Trophy and it only used the built in game ads from SI. I assume that was normal since there probably weren't any FA Trophy specific ads in the patch. I recently played a friendly against Coventry and their video ads were blacked out. Do I have a problem? or is it just a function of the patch not working well with away friendlies? I'm in League 1 now and hope to enjoy this great patch.

By the way, these updates look great. This is the first time I've used the patch and I really enjoy it in my LLM save. When my team gets promoted I hope to enjoy these video ads too.

Using Man Utd as an example
If you use the xml file from the ‘clubs ads’ folder the for every home you would get adboards specify to Man Utd.
However, If you use the xml file from the ‘no club ads’ folder then in home league games generic EPL ads would be displayed and in cup games Europa League, FA Cup and Carbao Cup ads would be displayed.

Not sure if that answers your question

It does answer my question.

Now, I've actually installed both and it appears to be defaulting to 'no club' each time. Can I got back and reinstall the club XML in the same sequence and get only club ads when they exist?

Step 1: install club xml ver 1.0
Step 2: install club xml ver 1.1
Step 3: install club xml ver 1.2
Step 4: install club xml Premier part 1
Step 5: install club xml Premier part 2
Thanks @rabcp for the help and the patch. It's super cool. After re-reading and then viewing your instructions I may have misunderstood one thing -- even though the patch seems to be working fine for me. At the moment all stadiums in my LLM save have the same ads.

In the instructions you suggest choosing an XML file of your choosing. Either 'club' or 'no club.' I just installed everything in the XML folder. Could I make a tweak that could make each stadium unique in their ads? If so, is there a way for me to go back and correct? I suppose I could sequentially add the XML patches according to preference, but I don't understand what makes each XML patch unique. Should I only install the 'club' XMLs and not the 'no club?'

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I'm not sure whether it's required, but I have done it just in case and have not had any Bidstock issues yet.

Thanks for your help! One more dumb question. I've installed version 1-1.2 and everything seems to work fine. When I go to install the Premier League updates there does not appear to be a graphics folder in the download. Is that normal?

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These adboards work both for FM 19 and FM 2020.

Most of the adboards are from last season (18-19) but the English Premier League ones are 19-20.
You need to install all the packs listed in the same order they were made available, i.e. from top to bottom:
V1.0 - Download
V1.1 - Download
V1.2 - Download
EPL Part 1 - Download
EPL Part 2 - Download

(It's important to install each pack on top of the previous ones to ensure that the adboard graphics, videos and config files work as intended when some older files are overwritten with newer versions.)

Thanks for the instructions. Do you have to make the code changes to stop bidstack ads per the instructions on page 1 of the thread in FM20?
Just copy and paste this code into the fm.xml file in the; sports interactive/foobtball manager 20/ads folder
paste the graphics into the path from this code and it should work

Please pardon my ignorance here. I haven't used an adboard mod before. Is this patch only usable for FM19 or can I use it on FM20 with the instructions above? Or should I just wait for an FM20 mod to come out. Thanks for all the hard work as this looks to make the game really cool.
It's worked fine at my end over different setups over many years. If any dll files are missing, I'm sure they'd be downloadable

I cannot seem to fix FMXL. Does anyone know of another tool that will help me create a config file?

Nevermind. I didn't realize I had failed to export the file. I was still trying to run it from the extraction window.

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Does anyone know if FMXML will still work on the latest version of Windows? I cannot seem to get it to work, I get some dll error everytime. I'm trying to create an config file for some faces I'm trying to insert into my game. Thanks for any assistance.
Just saw this question. Here is a video that I believe best explains how to do it. I've always taken this approach and it works wonderfully.

@wannachupbrew Odd question here, but I like the dark filter you put on there for my background pics. Is it easy enough to take that code and apply it to another skin in order to get the same effect? I have the TCS skin, but it doesn't tone down the stadium pictures I have so I cannot see the fonts.
I've used the SS shirts for several years now and I really like them. From time to time I notice that the 3rd kit doesn't show up or the description below the kit has the wrong color. I've researched a bit and discovered there is an SKCC (sp?) patch I can download that fixes this. Does anyone have an idea of how long it takes for this patch to hit the site for FM20? I've also seen people mention I can fix this on my own using the in game editor. I haven't been able to find directions. Any answers/help would be much appreciated. I'm gearing up for FM20, but will try to wait for all the appropriate patches before I do.
So I have a bit of buyer's remorse. I was impatient and downloaded/installed a pack from the sigames website called "custom fan banners and adboards." It's a nice patch, but doesn't have the depth/quality of ads that your patch appears to have. Is it possible to install your patch on top without causing any problems or do I need to find a way to uninstall the previous patch? I'd love to keep the fan banners in the upper portions of the stadiums while using your adboards/video ads, but I'm content just to use your adboards/video ads.
Is this the same patch that was just posted on the SI forums a few days ago?
Yes, it sucks, I agree. It's not even colour clash. I suggest you take this to official SI forums.

Thanks. I did. We'll see what they say. I reported it as a bug.
Your text to link here...http://tinypic.com/r/oa4w7k/9


This just doesn't make sense to me. Why wouldn't it stay red? Or at least choose white? Before the most recent patch (when I actually played that match) Fiorentina was all red. Something about the patch did it and now it's messing with all of my matches and creating strange combos.

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It seems that SI implemented a possibility to combine various kit parts in case of a colour clash. You probably played away against oponent with same socks colour. It's not unrealistic to be honest, that happens often in real life.

Strange as I just can't imagine Fiorentina wearing their red 3rd kit with purple socks. I can imagine them wearing the 2nd strip white, but not purple.
After the latest FM19 update my kits aren't working properly. Purple socks Fiorentina with 3rd team kit?!?! Anybody else see this?
I do miss the days when a muddy pitch would see the player uniforms get muddy too.
follow my instructions on the pictures then when all done save your game no need to clear cache HAPPY DAYS
I followed your instructions and it didn't work. It also deleted the 2D shirts that I had added. I must have misunderstood your directions. I also wonder if the 3D kits aren't clashing somehow with the 2D kits?
you have to buy it through steam its self its around about £3.99 or cheaper

I picked up the editor. Do I need to clear cache, etc. after making changes?
I have this file with only the cheers. I deleted the vuvuzuelas as well as the audio comments. If someone can help me figure out how to upload it here, I'm happy to.
Where can I get the editor that will allow me to keep my current save, but use the 3d kits? iI had wondered about this problem for a while. I assumed I had added the kits incorrectly.
This is the legitimate Nike Ordem 3D match ball made by myself with full installation instructions. Although made primarily for the English Premier League,it's suitable for the English FA Cup,Serie A and La Liga as the colour variations for the other competitions being the same Nike design with only slightly different colour variations. Enjoy !

Do these have winter versions too?
Just in case anyone is not aware,the link to the FM18 ball is from a German site and the guy who posted it has not credited me,has not asked my permission to use it but claimed it as his own and therefore is a thief ! The ball is in fact MY work and is my first attempt at a ball for FM18. As you have noticed my FM17 pack doesn't work in FM18 and frankly it's a pain !! Hopefully,if and when I get to grips with the nonsense colours/shading/overlays etc that are required for FM18 3D balls to display correctly,I will release a pack but for now the Nike Ordem ball is the only completed one available. Also the ball in the link is not my current work and has been updated with more accurate colouring and panels. I will be shortly posting it with instructions.

@bartdude I love your ball mod. Looking forward to your official release!