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Rick87 Comments
How the hell is it 4th January already?

Christmas break went far too quickly.

Cheer up, the next holiday is on it's way, Easter eggs are in shops already!
Saw this on FB and found it rather moving;

Dear Aston Villa,
I’m not sure where to start... so many memories and so many fun ones at that. You were once the giants of English football. You had William McGregor on your board, who was the founder of the football league way back in 1888. In recent memory we beat Bayern Munich to win the European cup. Hell, the season after, we were the European Super Cup winners as we beat Barcelona...YES its true... BARCELONA!!!!
We were one of the founding members of the Premier League too, back in 1992. The first season of the Prem league we finished runners up to Manchester United. In 1994 we beat Manchester United 3-1 in the league cup final. I remember Saunders and Atkinson scoring the goals and we thought we were amazing. We then won the cup again in 1996 against Leeds, with Taylor and my school boy favourites Dwight Yorke & Savo Milosevic scoring. Once again we thought we were on the up.
I defended and stood up proudly for you in front of all of my cousins and friends as they all supported Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool. They watched Champions league football and cheered and smiled as their teams triumphed whilst I sat their dreaming that one day we may be there. They used to cuss the Villa team, the players and the managers we had, I still stood up for you.
We had mediocrity, but it was my teams mediocrity. WE were not that successful, but you were my unsuccessful team. We didn’t go into Europe and win cups again, but you were my underperforming team. However, somewhere along the way, you stopped being my team. You stopped trying, you showed no heart, no passion and no sign to us fans, that we deserved something better.
My team wouldn’t go 19 games without a win. My team would run their hearts out to just get a corner. Tackle in the opposing penalty box, not just when defending their own half. Jump higher than any other opposition player, just to win that header. They would hold their heads up high when the going got tough and not cower under pressure.
It is with a heavy heart that I say good bye from the league we ultimately founded way back when. It is with a heavy heart, that deep down I know it is what needs to happen. The players that are there do not care about the club as much as the fans do. I don’t expect them to, as for them it’s a place to work. What I do expect though, is for the players to respect the fans and the club and show ambition to want to do well. I have not seen that.
These players will leave when the season is over and I hope we will give the youth academy a chance. These are players that want to prove their worth and want to do well for Villa, not just for their pay packet.
I want to see the determination and stature of McGrath. I want to see the composure of Laursen. I want to see the passing of Cowans, the smiles and goals of Dwight Yorke. I want to see the skill and flamboyance of Morley and a manager who gave as much as Brian Little.
This is our chance to change OUR club for the better. To get rid of the owner who doesn’t really care anymore. To get rid of the players who do not care anymore and to BRING BACK the passion and fight that made us fall in love with this wonderful club
Looks like Leicester are beginning to slip now, funnily enough on the 40 point mark they will all so eager to get to. Wonder if repeating that mantra has had an effect psychologically. At the other end of the table, do even Villa fans think they're going to stay up?

What did he say? I stick with the Final Score lot on the BBC rather than the Sky news team on Saturdays (though it does occasionally mean having to put up with Chris Sutton).

Whilst of course I'm hopeful of a miracle, realistically I think we should start selling and releasing the big wages and deadwood (most of the squad) in this transfer window in order to allow us to rebuild for a serious push for immediate promotion back to the Prem next season. Hopefully Lerner can sell the club finally, hopefully the rest of the clowns on the board with him.

Such a sad state of affairs to see the Villa in such dire straights.
For fuck sake, I think we should start cutting the wage bill this month to prepare for life in the Championship next season as we are absolutely hapless.
First priority is getting players who can actually defend, the Defoe goal should never have happened, four Villa players within a few yards of the throw in which set it up and not one of them reacted. We could sign Messi, Ronaldo and Jesus in this window but it won't do any good with how shit we are.
Got the baby so I'm stopping in this year, to be fair I probably wouldn't have bothered going out in the pissing rain just to cram into an over crowded pub where it takes about twenty minutes to get a drink and then have to pay grossly inflated taxi fares home. Perhaps I'm just getting old though.

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Just seen that Lemmy has died.

Saw Motorhead a couple of times in the last decade, they were brilliant both times, at one point they had the record for loudest ever rock band in terms of decibels.
To be fair, given his lifestyle it's quite shocking he made it all the way to seventy.
Have a good un' all.

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Appalling club to manage but good luck none the less mate.

Here is a quick look at my initial squad;


Captain Jamie Barrett is the only player with a written contract which helps with my money saving goals although it does leave us vulnerable to losing players without any compensation throughout the season which could jeopardise our chances on the pitch.
I have plenty of options in midfield, however both the defence and the forward line lack depth so strengthening those areas will be key, to start with I have set the team up in a 4-5-1 formation which should ensure we dominate most games in midfield, creating opportunities for the striker and the two wide men who will operate as inside forwards as well as remaining robust at the back, I hope to eventually be able to set up in my preferred 4-3-3 formation once I have found the right players to make it work at this level, although that could take a couple of seasons.

Gresley play in the Northern Premier League Division One South (a bit of a mouth full I know) which is at the eight tier of English football, here are the other teams in our division and their chances of promotion;

Supporters will be particuarly keen to see us finish above local rivals Coalville Town and Loughborough Dynamo who both play just across the county border in Leicestershire. as well as beating fellow Derbyshire outfit Belper.
The champions gain automatic promoton to the Norther Premier League and the teams between second and fifth play-off to join them. The bottom two are relegated.

My template for success will be that of another local club, Burton Albion, The Brewers are just five miles down the road and have enjoyed a phenomenal rise up the divisions having risen from the Northern Premier League (seventh tier) to League One (third tier) title challengers in just thirteen years.

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After waiting a while before starting my first FM16 career I have decided to start a save using my local club, Gresley FC and see what I can achieve with them. I have a full time job as well as a wife and eight month old daughter so I don't know how often I will be able to update, however I shall do my best to post at least every few days.


The club was founded in 1882 as Gresley Rovers FC, They initially played at the wonderfully named Mushroom Lane in nearby Albert Village which served as the base for their first campaign in the Burton-upon-Trent district league. The club enjoyed success in it's formative years and acquired a new ground on Church street in Swadlincote, Rovers eventually moved across the road in 1907 to construct the Moat ground which they still call home today, over a century later.
The Moat Ground, Swadlincote

Rovers's proudest moment came in 1991 when they stepped out beneath the twin towers of Wembley stadium for the FA Vase final against Guiseley in what is still regarded as one of the most exciting games to be played at the home of English football; After 31 minutes the score was Guiseley 3–0 Gresley, but Gresley came back and grabbed a dramatic equaliser in injury time at the end of the ninety minutes. Then in extra time gresley went 4–3 in front but this time it was Guiseley's turn to score a late equaliser as they leveled things in injury time at the end of the second half of extra time. Unfortunately the moatmen went down 3-1 in a replay at Bramall lane but this is still a performance the club can be justly proud of.

The lowest moment in the club's history came in 1997 when the club won the Dr.Martin's Premier League but was denied promotion to the National Conference due to financial restrictions preventing them from upgrading the Moat Ground to the required standard, Derby County kindly offered Gresley use of the Baseball ground which they had just vacated to move to Pride Park, however this move was blocked by the FA. This disappointment proved the beginning of the end for Rovers, a drop in attendances owing to the lack of opportunity to progress followed and just a year after winning the league the club was relegated. For a decade the club battled on through financial difficulties but was eventually liquidated in 2007.

The modern incarnation of the club- Gresley FC reformed in the East Midlands counties league where, under the management of club legend Gary Norton they finished runners up in 2009/10 and won promotion to the Midlands Alliance the following year, where they surprised many by securing back to back promotions on final day of the season. Gresley finished their first season in Evo-Stick Division one with a respectable 11th place finish. Norton decided to step down as joint manager of the first team at the end of the campaign in order to take up a directors position, leaving his assistant Martin Rowe in sole charge of the team, since then the Moatmen have continued to improve, finishing ninth in 2013/14 and making the play-off's in 2014/15 where they were defeated by Leek Town.


Gresley FC
East Midlands Counties League Champions 2010–11
Midland Football Alliance Champions 2011–12
Coalville Charity Cup Champions 2011-12

Gresley Rovers
Bass Charity Vase 1911, 1929, 1931, 1949, 1950, 1967, 1989
Millennium Cup Champions 1999–2000
Southern League Premier Division Champions 1996–97
Southern League Cup Runners Up 1993–94
Southern League Midland Division Runners Up 1992–93
FA Vase Runners Up 1990–91
West Midlands League Champions 1990–91, 1991–92
West Midlands League Runners Up 1985–86, 1988–89
West Midlands League Cup Winners 1988–89
West Midlands League Cup Runners Up 1986–87, 1991–92
Derbyshire Senior Cup Winners 1987–88, 1988–89, 1989–90, 1990–91, 1993–94, 1995–96, 1996–97, 2004–05
Derbyshire Senior Cup Runners Up 1956–57, 1969–70, 1999–2000, 2001–02
East Midlands League Champions 1967–68, 1969–70
Central Alliance Champions 1964–65, 1966–67
Central Alliance Cup Winners 1952–53
Leicestershire Senior League Champions 1900–01, 1946–47, 1947–48
Leicestershire Senior Cup Winners 1988–99, 1946–47
Coalville Charity Cup Winners 1946–47

As you can see I have a good foundation laid already for a promotion push, my challenge will be to help the team into the Northern Premier League and keep them there, and gradually build a squad capable of reaching the Conference Leagues to make up for the heartbreak that denied Rovers the same honour back in the 90's. The biggest priority is to save money, cash is hard to come by down in the basement divisions and we will need a nest egg should we ever reach my ambitions of Conference football.

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Doing well mate, send an Email to Remi Garde and tell him how it's done before it's too late.
Doing well mate, send an Email to Remi Garde and tell him how it's done before it's too late.
I want Leicester to win the title.

I think everyone aside from Man City and Arsenal fans do. Living in Leicestershire I would love for it to happen.
This is just what the Villa are doing in real life, holidaying until Christmas before Remi starts playing properly and goes on a glorious run up the table. .
Villa look like they're making a serious challenge for Derby's worst points total.

Seeing more and more 'supporters' on FB saying things like 'at least we will win a game or two in the Championship' No way in hell this current squad is good enough to come back up automatically. The morale of the club is just at rock bottom.
It does seem there is something of a glass ceiling in rock music which ,makes it difficult for many youngish bands to become truly top acts, it's the same old bands that headline all the major rock festivals and stadium gigs year in year out on rotation, Foo Fighters, Muse, Metallica, Iron Maiden etc which doesn't help the perception that the pop market likes to portray rock as for middle aged old men.
On my way home from work last night I saw literally hundreds of people walking up to the church in my village with purple flowers and candles for a vigil in memory of the murdered fifteen year old Kayleigh Haywood who lived here. You see this sort of thing on the news every day but when it happens in your own back garden and you can see the effect it has on the local community, particularly a small, tight knit one such as Measham it is really shocking.

They formally charged a 28 year old with the rape and murder last night despite not having officially identified the body so he must have either confessed or they have something concrete on him.
Just waking up to the news of the Paris attacks, I agree with Franck, filthy fucking cowards targeting innocents, none of whom had anything to do with France's Syrian involvement, it genuinely frightens me as to what sort of world my baby daughter will grow up in.
This is only going to strengthen the causes of bigoted cunts like Britain First.

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It would be a travesty if Monk is sacked, he's a young manager who is still learning, Swansea knew that when they gave him the chance and thus should be prepared to stand by him through this rough patch.
Happy with the result today, as others have said it was a solid performance and the defence looked better organised and made far fewer mistakes, also the run of seven consecutive defeats has been arrested, it's a start for Garde to build on.
Good luck matey.
To be fair you were watching him against Villa.

Touché Forest fan, Touché.
England squads are always picked arbitrarily - how else can you explain why Tom Cleverley or Tom Huddlestone has so many callups but Jack Cork or Jack Colback doesn't.

And a Spurs fan moaning - Spurs are the worst offenders for geting all of their English players immediately capped by England. Admittedly Danny Rose maybe deserves a bit more international credit. - But Dier, Mason, Alli, Livermore all called up very early.

Based purely on the evidence of watching Spurs-Villa last Monday I would say Dier certainly deserves a chance.
How on earth can Fabian Delph be selected after playing just four minutes so far for City?
Anybody tried WWE 16? I've not watched wrestling for the best part of a decade now but I saw an advert for the game last night and it looks as if it is set in the attitude era when I did watch it which has made me think about getting it.

A popular challenge for several years now here on Susie. The retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013 from football after 27 years at the helm at Old Trafford. Many supporters had never known another United manager and most agree that there will never be another quite like Fergie. The real life successors David Moyes and later Loius Van Gaal have struggled in the unenviable task of succeeding the most successful manager in British football history. are you the one to pick up the torch? succeeding the most successful manager in British football history.

That's where you come in....

Your challenge is to equal Sir Alex's trophy haul, there are several ways you can do this;

The Easy Way: - Start with Manchester United and rediscover the Red Devils's dominance of English football for another quarter of a century.

The Moderate Way: - Begin with a mid table English club who haven't won a league title in over 25 years and turn them into world beaters, developing several generations of new superstars along the way.

The Fergie Way: - Beginning in the Scottish Championship, take charge of any side for a season (SAF started at East Stirlingshire) You do not need to win a trophy here, eventually move on to a bigger Championship club (SAF: St. Mirren) and guide them to promotion. Eventually take over at an SPL side that is not a part of the Old Firm (SAF: Aberdeen), emulating the great man here will be the toughest part of the challenge, particularly in Europe (You'll be going for the Europa League instead of the now defunct Cup winners cup) Finally, after checking of Scotland you can move South of the border, taking on a fallen giant side from the Premiership (SAF: Manchester United) and guiding them to the staggering haul of silverware that Mr. Ferguson has amassed in his 27 years.

-Start with professional footballer set as your experience level.
-You may manage the Scottish national side during the course of your career as Sir Alex did briefly.
-Remember, Fergie's rule #1, No player is bigger than the club! if some prima donna starts acting up, give him the boot.
-If you manage to win the treble, you earn the right to nickname yourself 'Sir'

Scoring system

10 Points - Scottish Championship
15 Points - Scottish League Cup
15 Points - Englih Community Shield
20 Points - Scottish FA Cup
30 Points - Scottish Premier League
30 Points - English League Cup
40 Points - European Super Cup
45 Points - FIFA World Club Cup
70 Points - Europa League
70 Points - English FA Cup
100 Points - English Premiership
150 Points - UEFA European Championship (ONLY if won with Scotland)
150 Points - UEFA Champions League
150 Points - FIFA World Cup (ONLY if won with Scotland)

5 points - per Manger of the Month award
25 points - Have a Player win domestic player of the season award
25 points - Have a player finish highest scorer in your league
40 points - Have a player who you have brought through your academy win domestic player of the season award
40 points - Have a player who you have brought through your academy finish highest scorer in your league.
75 points - Manager of the year award.
80 points - Have a player win World player of the year award
100 points - Have a player who you have brought through your academy win World player of the season award

Bonus points

5 points - For every game won after the fourth minute of stoppage time (Fergie Time)
5 points - Beat a side managed by Gordon Strachan
5 points - Beat a side managed by Kenny Dalgleish
5 points - Beat a side managed by Arsne Wenger
5 points - Beat a side managed by Jose Mourinho
5 points - Pick up a touch line ban for criticising the referee but still win your game in the stands.
15 points - Stay in the game so long you have a son (ala Darren Ferguson)
100 points - Win the Champions League in stoppage time
100 points - Enter the Managerial hall of fame in both Scotland & England
150 points - Enter Worldwide hall of fame.
150 points - If playing as a side other than Man United, surpass United's record 20 league titles.

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Remi Garde has banned Villa's four French players from speaking their native language in the dressing room. If Sherwood was allowing players to form groups who were only interacting in small groups instead of as a team it's no wonder the squad hasn't gelled since the summer overhaul.
Someone I know seems to have been arrested for possibly conspiring to blow up a nuclear powerplant.

Mike Dean owes Westwood an apology at half time.