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Rick87 Comments
Listened to it on the radio in my shop, sounded like a cracking game, looking forward to seeing the highlights on MOTD later.

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Sorry to hear that Rick, hope Bruce the cat manages to pull through.

Sounds as if he's going to be OK. Lost all the teeth on one side of his mouth, had to have his jaw wired shut as well as possibly losing the use of one eye. Thank fuck he is insured.
I take it your manager has a high rep?

No Sunday league with no coaching badges. It's perhaps unrealistic that an inexperienced foreigner would get one of the top jobs in the country but that's more down to the leagues been only skeletal in what information Classen supplied when creating his megapack.

Still you do hear about complete complete nobody's getting jobs with minnows, Journalist Mark Watson getting the job running the Pohnpei national team by just emailing them springs to mind. Also Andre Villas Boas's getting the British Virgin Islands job just because he once lived in the same building as Bobby Robson.

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Full name Futebol Club Lusitanos
Nickname(s) LFC, Lusitanos
Founded 1999; 17 years ago
Ground Andorra Football Federation stadiums
Chairman António da Silva Cerqueira
Manager Richard Beale
League Primera Divisió
2014–15 Primera Divisió, 2nd

Nearly all the jobs available on day one were in Andorra with just one in Gibraltar and none at all in San Marino, the Gibraltar job was with Magpies in the second division which I went for along with three jobs in Andorra, all in the top flight. I was pleased to be offered the best of those jobs with CF Lusiatanos who are a team formed by, and consisting almost entirely off Portuguese who have emigrated to the country. Currently there is only one Andorran in the squad, it looks as if all the regens that come through the youth system are also Portugese.

LFC were runners up in the league last season after winning it two years in a row in the preceding seasons, which gives me the bonus of Europa League football in my very first season in management. I'm not quite sure how the all Portuguese thing will work in Europe however, unless Lusiatanos are exempt from having a home grown quota of domestic players when registering their squad, anybody come across this before?

We are predicted a third place finish again this season which would be good enough for another crack at the Europa League depending on the national cup winner;

It may hold just 1,000 people but the stadium is something of true beauty;

Did any of the West Ham fans on here make the trip last summer for their Europa tie with Lusitans?

Well here we go then, I know nothing about Andorran football so this is bound to be an experience if nothing else.

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Hello everyone;

I've not done a career on here in quite some time, mostly due to time restraints, juggling a full time job and a young family, however I found myself intrigued by the Jacobs ladder challenge. Essensially I have to move up the European ranking system step by step by winning one of three possible nations on each rung of the ladder. This appeals to me as it's the sort of save I can play casually in my own time over a long period.

The first step gives me a choice between Andorra, Gibraltar and San Marino;

http://icons.iconarchive.com/icons/custom-icon-design/all-country-flag/256/Andorra-Flag-icon.png http://icons.iconarchive.com/icons/custom-icon-design/all-country-flag/256/Gibraltar-Flag-icon.png http://icons.iconarchive.com/icons/custom-icon-design/all-country-flag/256/San-Marino-Flag-icon.png
Horrible night last night, my cat got hit by a car. thankfully from what the vet was saying he looks like he might pull through but it was horrible seeing him lying there covered in blood struggling to breath. My one year old little girl would be devastated if he died, Bruce (the cats name) was her first word, she happily babbles on about him all day and lights up when she sees him come in, he lets he pull his whiskers and tail without ever getting angry with her.
They let you change certain things using notepad but you have to know the exact command lines or you can screw up your games.
Aside from those with a strong knowledge of the FM file system I would suggest the in game editor is the better option for a simple task such as this.
In all honesty I think relegation is a blessing in disguise for us, we've been on a steep decline for years and reaching the cup final last year did nothing to mask that. Hopefully going down will meen an exodus of the overpaid c*nts who have shown no passion for the club such as N'Zogbia, Agbonlahor and Bacuna, allowing the likes of Jordam Lyden, Rushian Hepburn-Murphy and Andre Green to come through.

I think it speaks volumes for the loyalty of the long suffering support that we have sold our all our remaining away allocations despite the inevitable looking as if it will be made official at Bournemouth this week thanks to the shower of shite representing us.

Unlike the majority of my fellow supporterst I don't blame Lerner, he has spent a lot on players since he arrived, redeveloped much of the ground and built a world class training facility at Bodymore Heath. The fault lies solely with the players in my opinion.

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I really enjoy playing in Wales, however will you be doing a version with things such as team kits and club relationships completed? I like playing as Barmouth & Dyffryn United as my family owns a hotel in Barmouth but most of the information is either wrong or incomplete. I realise it wasn't you that entered the info but if you were willing I would be happy to collaborate on a detailed file?
I've never used the in game editor, so was wondering if the following is possible. I'm managing Ajax and we have just brought in a group of youth players which are regens. Is it possible with the editor to go in and change the regens names? I basically want to be able to make them real life Ajax academy players.


Yes you can.
Of all the problems at Aston Villa currently, changing the badge was clearly the most important to address first;

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Quite an interesting concept this. I might steal it but with the English Midlands instead of Stockholm.
Keep up the good work!
Abysmal yesterday. Sad to think that our away trips next season are likely to include local derbys with Burton Albion and Walsall
150 miles in one day is very long. Do able, but depending how quick you go (say 10 miles per hour which is pretty beginner speed, that's 15 hours in the saddle without stops). Key to it if you want to do it in one day would be to just keep very low intensity for it all, no matter how slow you go. It's better to go slow at it and steady than going hard but blowing up. Depending on how much you want to get into cycling, could invest in a heart rate monitor and a Garmin (you could probably pick up a Garmin 800 for about 100 quid, maybe less, which lets you do a map of your route to follow, would be perfect for the actual challenge itself).

I wasn't thinking of doing good it in one day, I don't think I could manage that. I've been adjusting the route on a mapping website so I mainly follow canals and official cycle routes, these adjustments have taken me up to almost exactly 200 miles, although the route is almost entirely flat all the way through the west midlands and into mid-Wales. I'm aiming for 50 miles per day so it will take me about four days, possibly five as coming off of flat towpaths and straight onto huge hills and mountain scenery in Wales will obviously be a big challenge as I've never taken on that kind of terrain before living here in the flat Midlands.

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I know there are a few serious cyclists on here so I thought I'd ask for advice here before joining various cycling forums;

I start a new job tomorrow at a charity organisation and would like to throw myself in at the deep end and volunteer for a couple of fundraising events in the summer such as the three peaks mountain climbing challenge, or as is more relevant to my question, a long distance hike or cycling challenge to show enthusiasm and hopefully make a good impression early on.
I kind of have a challenge in mind which I would like to do, from my new office in Coalville, Leicestershire all the way to Barmouth, Gwynedd (around 150 miles) as a family member co-owns a hotel there.
Here is a rough map with the route Google suggested, obviously that will have to be tweaked to take into account stops along the way and I would prefer to avoid big towns, using country roads, canals and cycle trails as much as possible as I'm not a particularly confident road cyclist.

The advice I'm after really is how often do you guys do long distance rides and how do you go about planning them? do you thoroughly mark out a route or wing it on the day, relying on maps and road signs etc? Also how much is too much to fit into one day? I'm nowhere near a pro cyclist, I ride a six mile round trip to work and back each day and try to go on a longer ride on Sundays, usually about 15-20 miles which doesn't normally tire me out too much so I think I can handle more, I just don't want to over do it.

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Watched the theory of everything last night. Good film about Stephen Hawking and his gradual decline healthwise. Eddie Redmayne portrays Hawking very tastefully.
Doing well boys.
Two games without defeat, the great escape is on...
For fuck sake the guy celebrated a goal in a football ground. Move on.
Cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans, no more merciful beheadings, and call off Christmas!
Come off it.

Interesting couple of nights of football, love how Leicester just keep on going. To be fair though they've been in this form since about last March so why would they stop now? Great header by Huth. Can't believe Swansea didn't appoint a proper manager to replace Monk, could end up costing them their PL status - Big Sam would have been licking his lips before tonight. Also how are United still only two points off 4th despite their horrific form?

We've got them at home on Saturday, hopefully our extra days rest and beating palace will give us a shot in the arm for it, we definitely need it with Sunderland winning last night.

Having said that, the Leicester away game was where it all started to go tits up for us this season, blowing a two goal lead late on.
Just one more point is required and they're officially better than Derby.

The great escape is on!

Clearly we are going to do a Leicester and surge up the table, top by next Christmas...
FUCKIN YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Been a good performance given our dreadful form, hopefully it will give us a little confidence to at least put up a fight rather than accepting relegation with a whimper.

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Fairly pleased with our first half, had a few chances and kept the ball reasonably well, although I think that is more to do with Palace not playing with a striker up front and struggling to make their counter attacks effective.
In absolute shock. Someone who you think will never die, cannot believe it.

I can't claim to know that much about him other than some of his better known songs to be honest, he was before my time but I know a lot of the bands and musicians I like were influenced by him and have done various covers of his music.
David Bowie's died.
As somebody who frequents many different FM sites this has always seemed to be the second biggest/busiest behind the official SI forum, it's still by far and away the best for graphics, I think if we had more of active section for custom leagues and additional editor data we could surpass the SI board in terms of daily activity as the editors hideaway section over there seems to always be thriving.
Swansea have confirmed that Alan Curtis will remain in charge for the rest of the season. BBC Sport
Yeah but they won the European Cup 30 years ago so like Nottingham Forest they deserve to be at the top of football

Still one more than Arsenal...Just saying.