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crazyanimals Comments
These look OUTSTANDING!!! Superb work!
Can I ask are these real life tournaments?
Hello there!
Absolutely sterling work yet again on the best FM skin out there!
I am particularly in love with the 'new' font, which if my tired old eyes don't deceive me is based on that ultimate classic CM 01/02!
Brings back many, many happy and pleasant memories from nearly 20 years ago! Nearly 20 years ago - gosh!

Shhhhhh!!! You’ll give our age away haha

Those memories of CM when it came on floppy disc and you had to buy separate versions in order to play different country club levels.
Those were the days!! Gullit, Van Basten, Lombardo, Baggio and everyone’s fave George Weah!!
Just a taught: I have kept an updated version of this pack for myself in which I also cleaned up some duplicate png files that were not used in the configs. If Flut has no issue with, is anyone interested in me posting it here?

If it’s all fine with flut. I’m very keen

Cannot wait for you to post
Are these for FM20?

Many thanks
Works on FM20, just use simatchviewer-pc rather than simatchviewer

Apologies but am I reading correct..... This works now on fm20?
This opens up a whole new experience if so....
Any plans for a new release soon?
@rabcp and to ALL who helped contribute.


I couldn’t go into a single 3D match without your work.
It just helps create so much more realism to the game.

Keep up the outstanding work
Will today be the day?

Hopefully it’s the update.... but perhaps today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic 🎶
Could anyone tell me just how to change the colours of the highlighted attributes bars please? I wanted to change key to gold and preferable to silver or light grey.
Please please please if anyone knows 🙏🏼
only cerezo home strip is showing in the file, is there an away and or 3rd strip?
thanks in advance
@crazyanimals : Which "Skin" do you use? i like the Scoreboard - thanks for Infos !

I’m using OPZ elite skin. I don’t think he’s updated his skin on here yet though.
Awwww bless you friend that’s so kind of you.
Knowing me I am NOT one for waiting haha. I’ll give it a go first and see how I get on using your instructions. If I cannot do it. I’ll just wait patiently for the update.
Huge thanks again for all this 👍🏼
Thank you very much, @crazyanimals , @rabcp it's over. I will continue working in Bundesliga teams and some more.


This looks so good dude!! When will it be available to use?


Oooooooh YES!!!! My current and only save is with Borussia Dortmund and not playing a save in the english prem. I do miss the stadium additions.
Please if you could let me know when this is available I’d be very grateful.

Superb work my friend
Can you provide some screenshots of your folders. What teams/leagues are you experiencing this issue with?

Chances are your Graphics folder is the issues make sure it's called "graphics" for some reason the uppercase "G" is the issue.

it's already lowercase. I always stuck with typing files/folders in lowercase to mirror what SI do/did.
I'm currently going to re-download all the files in order then delete all the current files and see if that works. Can I ask banners aren't only for EPL are they? First time for aaaaages I have started a save outside of England you see. I'm playing as BVB Dortmund
I've got ad boards working in game but no banners around the stadium. Not sure why, any advice would be much appreciated. Regards
Do we need separate xml files for both club or no club (competition) ad boards? Or does this xml file cover both?
Many thanks in advance
So far I've done it for top 5 leagues, first divisions only and I will add Argentina, Brazil, Netherlands and Portugal with the update tomorrow. Also just 1st divisions.

Sweet dude. Top work!!
Can I ask what countries and how far down the leagues you have gone please? Looks like super work 👍🏼
no probs I just thought October that would be FM21

Damn I’ve blown my cover. I’ve come from the future. Swore not to tell about the changes for FM21. Even if captured I must deny all knowledge hahaha

Ooooops yeah my apologies 🤦🏻‍♂️
29th October is the final winter update from SI I’m lead to believe. But don’t quote me on that
what was the issue with the 'moron' can you link me to it please?

it was an incident on another site FM scout, if you check the skin file for opz on their page you'll see it mate.

hope this helps

just clocked the gif of ello ello… love that show!!

«This comment has been edited»
Any chance of the latest update pretty please OPZ? I missed being able to get your 20.5 version before you took it down because of that mindless idiot!! You honestly shouldn't let morons like that stop you from posting because your work is flawless and truly awesome!!
I've used the latest sskcc but I've noticed RB Leipzig away kit isn't showing, has anyone else got this?

Has anyone got anymore of the cut out faces for adding to my games? These are superb but I am now seeing these same faces more than my own family haha. A few new ones would be awesome

Many thanks in advance
Awesome work huge thanks for this...
Spoooky I had used the exact same pic to update my Haaland pic
Off to download this NOW 👍🏼
To be fair, nearly snapped the ligaments in my ankle by stepping on a curb yesterday. Bet you could do a bit more damage in a training session!

I used to know a few ex premier league players. They used to say a player plays most of the season carrying some form of a knock or injury.
The intensity of professional training sessions must carry a higher increase of injuries. Plus freak injuries happen all the time. Dare England fans forget the dreaded metatarsal injury 🤦🏻‍♂️
Or a certain human version of Shrek getting injured from being sparked out at a gathering.
Plus the more injuries make for a bigger challenge

I love the Bundesliga generic ads but would it be possible to get some club specific ads for Dortmund please?
As promised, Update Two of my EFL/Vanarama clubs is ready to go

Clubs included are Accrington Stanley, AFC Wimbledon, Bristol Rovers, Carlisle United, Chesterfield, Crawley Town, Doncaster Rovers, Lincoln City, Macclesfield, Mansfield, MK Dons, Newport County and Walsall

Also includes new and updated generic ads.

@rabcp I've also PM'd you with some known issues/fixes required for some clubs in testing.

HUGE thanks for this

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