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einherjer83 Comments
Hi Gents,

I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to creating kits - I'm incompetent in that field.

But I would like to offer my services and time collecting images for leagues and compiling them for your use, I saw someone had done this for you above.

I have plenty of time on my hands and love using these kits so would like to help.

Would you like the same style as the images collected above?


Send me a DM and we'll see what we can do 👌
Cyprus - First Division 2019/20 has been added to the download area!

Can Anybody Do the same in FC12 for me ??




We are pretty understaffed now. Only 3 members working on new packs, so we are not able to do request for now
Greece – Super League 2019/20 has been added to the download area!
Australia - A-League 2019/20 has been added to the download area!

The WIP list for 2019/20 season:

If you want to help, please be in touch!


Chile - Primera
Colombia - Primera

Denmark - Superliga 2020/21
England - Championship 2020/21
England - League One 2020/21
England - League Two 2020/21
England - National League 2020/21
England - National League North 2020/21
England - National League South 2020/21
Estonia - Meistriliiga 2020
Faroe Islands - Betri Deildin 2020
Finland - Veikkausliiga 2020
Greece - Super League 2020/21
Hungary - OTP Bank Liga 2020/21
Iceland - Pepsi Max Deildin 2020
Ireland - SSE Airtricity League 2020
Latvia - Virsliga 2020
Norway - Eliteserien 2020
Norway - OBOS-ligaen 2020
Norway - PostNord-ligaen 2020
Norway - NorskTipping-Ligaen 2020
Norway - Lower Leagues 2020
Poland - Ekstraklasa 2020/21
Romania - Liga 1 2020/21
Sweden - Allsvenskan 2020
Sweden - Superettan 2020
Switzerland - Super League 2020/21

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You are great! glad to being helpfull

Thanx for all research mate 😁 couldn't find logos for some of the sponsors unfortunately, so I had to drop the logos.
But I must prioritise Greek - Super League and Belarus - Premier now. Kosovo have to wait for a little while
Kosovo - Ipko Superliga 2019/20 has been added to the download area!
England - Northern Premier League 2019/2020 has been added to the download area!
@einherjer83 I would ask you if could make pack for Kosovo Superliga 19-20 and maybe 2nd division? I'm using your last season pack and he's great. Let me know if you need help for research

I'm starting on the English National Leagues tomorrow, but if you send me all your research for home and away kits on a DM I can surely take a look at it
We wish to cover most playable leagues, so I hope to help you as well as I can
Glad to hear that! I think it's a good decision, because I don't believe many clubs & sponsors actually mind the extra visibility.

There was one major club who demanded to be removed unfortunately. But since we use logos etc the clubs are offcourse free to tell us if they wish to be removed from the packs. Tbh, 99,9% of all clubs I've been in contact with are more than happy about this free "commercial" for both them and their sponsors. Most clubs don't realise that this is a great way to be promoted, and they don't even have to lift a finger. I hope the community will stay up, but I must admit I had some great doubts for a while. But for now we try not to use other SoMe than our own channels plus this forum to promote our packs.
Kits with advertising again? Why now and not before? Only a question not more.

We had a chat over this topic, and decided to keep doing "real kits". It's easier to remove the clubs that wants to be removed, due to legal issues, than making all clubs without logos. It's still unsure if other clubs will react negatively, but we take the chance for now. So we will, for now, create lots of great packs
great job, how good they are back!

Thanx mate 😁 hope they are well appreciated by the community 😁

Argentina - Primera Division 2019/20 has been added to the download area!

Aalesund (?/?)

Bodø/Glimt (H/A)
https://fmshots.com/images/2020/03/16/bodoglimt18a5c9c3181d9cf66.png https://fmshots.com/images/2020/03/16/bodoglimt21d59f5550b2e5d4e.png

Brann (?/A/T)
https://fmshots.com/images/2019/12/07/brann21240d646f1ee2b7e.png https://fmshots.com/images/2020/03/16/brann3095d93d7f42f4bff.png

Haugesund (H/A/?)
https://fmshots.com/images/2020/03/16/haugesund17a030b4cf2713535.png https://fmshots.com/images/2020/03/16/haugesund266004282bedabd20.png

Kristiansund (H/A/T)
https://fmshots.com/images/2020/03/16/kristiansund1eb4052ab9d4fa253.png https://fmshots.com/images/2020/03/16/kristiansund25d8a4dd833f03fb6.png https://fmshots.com/images/2020/03/16/kristiansund321ab8f03db89ca2d.png

Mjøndalen (?/?)

Molde (?/?/?)

Odd (?/?)

Rosenborg (H/A/?)
https://fmshots.com/images/2020/04/02/rosenborg1c4552d23f6ea82ba.png https://fmshots.com/images/2020/04/02/rosenborg216982942af6d911b.png

Sandefjord (H/?/?)

Sarpsborg 08 (H/?)

Stabæk (H/A)
https://fmshots.com/images/2020/04/02/stabaek134b3af6ece401494.png https://fmshots.com/images/2020/04/02/stabaek2ce15c76466be8a19.png

Start (?/?)

Strømsgodset (?/?)

Viking (H/A)
https://fmshots.com/images/2020/04/02/viking10cc727ba3552eb41.png https://fmshots.com/images/2020/04/02/viking24b797a95fe6fd1f9.png

Vålerenga (H/A/T)
https://fmshots.com/images/2020/04/09/valerenga1d670e6913882ff55.png https://fmshots.com/images/2020/04/09/valerenga2e90a6799dc163ec4.png https://fmshots.com/images/2020/04/09/valerenga39bd139d768eb9dca.png

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Scotland - Ladbrokes Premiership 2019/20 has been added to the download area!

The official download thread for the 2019/20 season

Standard kits:

Default Kits

National teams:

Nations – CONMEBOL [Copa América 2019-20 edition]

Club teams:

Argentina - Primera Division 2019/20
Australia - A-League 2019/20
Austria - Bundesliga 2019/20
Azerbaijan - Premier League 2019/20
Belarus – Vysheyshaya Liga 2020
Belgium - Jupliler Pro League 2019/20
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Telecom Premijer Liga 2019/20
Brazil - Serie A 2019
Brazil - Serie B 2019
Brazil - Serie C 2019
Brazil - Serie D 2019
Bulgaria – Parva Liga 2019/20
Canada – Premier League 2019
China – Super League 2019
Croatia – Hrvatski Telekom Prva liga 2019/2020
Cyprus – First Division 2019/20
Czech Republic – Fortuna liga 2019/20
Denmark – Superliga 2019/20
Denmark - Nordic Bet Liga 2019/20
England - Premier League 2019/20
England - Championship 2019/20
England - League One 2019/20
England - League Two 2019/20
England - National League 2019/20
England - National League North 2019/20
England - National League South 2019/20
England - Northern Premier League 2019/20
Estonia - Meistriliiga 2019
Faroe Islands - Betri Deildin 2019
Finland - Veikkausliiga 2019
France - Ligue 1 2019/20
France - Ligue 2 2019/20
Germany - Bundesliga 2019/20
Germany - 2. Bundesliga 2019/20
Greece – Super League 2019/20
Holland - Eredivisie 2019/20
Hungary - OTP Bank Liga 2019/20
Iceland - Pepsi Max Deildin 2019
Ireland - Premier Division 2019
Italy - Serie A 2019/20
Kazakhstan – Premier league 2020
Kosovo - Ipko Superliga 2019/20
Latvia - Virsliga 2019
Lithuania - A-Lyga 2019
Malaysia - Super League 2019
Mexico - Liga MX 2019/20
North Macedonia - First Football League 2019/20
Norway - Eliteserien 2019
Norway - OBOS-ligaen 2019
Norway - PostNord-ligaen 2019
Norway - Norsk Tipping-Ligaen 2019
Norway - Lower Divisions 2019
Poland - Ekstraklasa 2019/20
Portugal - Liga NOS 2019/20
Portugal - Ledman Liga Pro 2019/20
Romania - Liga 1 2019/20
Russia - Premier League 2019/20
Scotland - Ladbroke Premiership 2019/20
Serbia - Linglong Tire Superliga 2019/20
Slovakia - Fortuna Liga 2019/20
Slovakia - 2. Liga 2019/20
Spain - La Liga 2019/20
Spain – LaLiga SmartBank 2019/20
Sweden - Allsvenskan 2019
Sweden - Superettan 2019
Switzerland - Super League 2019/20
Turkey - Spor Toto Süper Lig 2019/20
Turkey - TFF 1. Lig 2019/20
Turkey - TFF 2. Lig 2019/20
Turkey - TFF 3. Lig 2019/20
Ukraine - FavBet Liha 2019/20
USA - MLS 2020

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Template pack v4.05

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This is the official thread for new kits

https://i.ibb.co/KyJw0z4/celtic1.png https://i.ibb.co/yBhgQP6/rosenborg1-1.png https://fmshots.com/images/2020/04/09/lazio_11d59b00338fbd061.png https://fmshots.com/images/2020/04/09/bayern_16eb4a10ddd2db16e.png https://fmshots.com/images/2020/04/09/realmadrid1a6b511356d78751d.png https://fmshots.com/images/2020/04/09/psv1f32f20fbcc2362a3.png

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The idea behind NE templates is to make premade kits, not editable templates. What you're asking is possible in different type of template, let's call it "regular" kits that I make. You can download my league kits in this very topic and you'll find many kits that are included in NE pack but with unlocked detail/colours layers and you can colorize in any way you want.

The reality is that you can't have a template that is easy to use and in the same time has a lot of options. Options increase number of layers and overall complexity. For example, seem lines and mesh effects are not the same on white or dark kits so if you change colours yourself, you also have to fine tune such details. If I made layers unmerged to allow free colorization, the number of layers would increase by at least 4 times, and you'd also have to edit other details to match change of colour.

So NE templates are basicaly premade teamwear kits, a wide range of cheap kits that many teams use (30% in 1st Croatian league, for example).

I see
But it would be possible for me to use the lines in your template to add my own lines via pen tool. For example if the shirt I am to make is black and orange, which is not pre made. But your templates are a good template to work from 😁
NE 3D templates pack is updated with new kits. There are now 76 kits in this pack.
New in this update:
Errea Parma
Jako Celtic 2
Jako Derby
Jako Leeds
Jako Porto 2
Jako Striker
Nike Vapor II


Only one question. I see that the design is set to the main color of the kits. Is there a way to devide these up? Cause some of the kits we make have different color combinations than the kits inside the pack.

But I must say I'm pretty impressed by your work 😁😁