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mr.SPANKY Comments
And seriously the media has got to be the biggest cancer in English football.

Umm are they not just in general?
That wasn't supposed to happen in A New Hope.

Apologies was meant to be in Return.
Less then 2 here in Aus land. Merry xmas everyone, no chance I will be on here till boxing day. Is there still a cricket thread I can rant in for the boxing day test lol???
Yeah you might have missed the boat, gonna be tough to get him away from there cheaply unless you can start snagging some European football.
Where is he plying his trade atm? Lucky I got him early and it was purely on my scouts knowledge. I have no idea who he is IRL haha.
When I first got him I was starting Milner as wide midfielder in the MR position and bringing Sisto on as a sub, I have since sold Milner and started Sisto as MR Winger set to attack. He has PSG and Real Madrid chasing him.
I also bought Lincoln, here he is in 2020.


Hasn't featured a lot for me, mainly 21's when he turned 18 and first joined, played 8 league games last season but 24 games this campaign and he has played 10 of them.

Also check out this guy,


He has just come back from injury hence the arrows on his attributes but check his season stats,


Only Clyne plays better then him in my team.
I agree Ninja, I love Star Wars and this was good right up until the retelling of A New Hope sans the thing that happened (which I won't spoil in case) that was supposed to happen in A New Hope.
I came here for the story and stayed for the fight lol

SANDOWN (Hillside) - Race 6 No.7 - HEATHERLY



SANDOWN (Hillside) - Race 1 No.4 - IRADA

SANDOWN (Hillside) - Race 7 No.4 - OFFICE BEARER

Agree with you on Cauthen's Power however Invinzabeel could give it a run also.

Zin Zan Eddie and Wine Tails quinella looks good in race 5, Wine Tails is a place specialist.

My bet of the day would be Tarquin in race 2 though especially if it stays around the $4 mark. Won it's maiden, straight into some 2yo group races and done well being beaten by Pasadena girl and Pride of Dubai, two very good horses. Won it's last trial easily and McDonald has ridden him the last 4 starts.

Sandown Race 7 has an old favorite of mine, Vatican. 7 years old now but still gets big odds for a place so I'll be having something on that.

Morphetville Race 5 I like Stratumsphere, run 2nd it's last two starts and with the 2kg claim goes down to 57.5 I think Jones will finally get him over the line. The big thing for me is the run in last start over 1200 was 1st all the way till the post, this is now over 1050.

Had a tenner on a greyhound last night, return of 212.
Have spent a little money on new players for January, had one 'big' signing fall through due to the prick turning me down for Man Utd and another (aging striker) would only sign if i made him an u18's coach, he didn't actually wanna play for me and for £7.5m i thought that was a little pricey for a coach Plan was to sign an experienced striker to tutor Martial and make him even better as quickly as possible. Well i did manage to sign someone but not too sure how the fans will react to it...

Is it Rooney? lol

Disgusting finish to the season, 20 points from 57. January/February could be excused, a lot of injuries and still playing 4 competitions but once they were out of the way we had no excuses. Our failure to pick up maximum points from teams like Newcastle and Wigan and West Ham was inexcusable. The loss to West Ham was especially hard and I just wanted to season to end. We finished 7 points from 4th and to be honest blew sooooo many chances to seal 4th place.


Despite our failures toward the end of the season still some good player performances. Januzaj once again the standout and whilst Gilson only scored half the goals he managed last season without those two we probably would have been somewhere at the bottom of the table.
Thiago put in some solid performances despite still wanting to leave, I really don't want to sell him but I have no other choice atm.

When the injuries hit to key players it really showed the lack of strength in my depth. Going to have to rectify that if we want champs league football.

I have no words for this. We have lost all form in the league and are currently 6th. The way we are going 4th seems almost like winning the title.

On top of that Prat and Garcia are now injured.

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Out of another competition, I would like to say we are bombing but when you have the amount of quality players injured that I do and not a lot of quality to step up and fill the void we were always going to struggle. Players are slowly starting to come back though so hopefully now with only the league left to play we can concentrate on sealing 4th place.

I had no choice but to rotate heavily my squad for this game do to the combination of injury and lack of fitness, including playing a 15 year old at left back as I lost my other left back to injury after the last league game.

Prat had 2 goals disallowed in the first half so it was inevitable we would go on to lose. A lot of work in the second leg and I think our participation will end here.

Well we done it, the 4peat! An amazing game, we had 3 players injured, scored the leading goal in extra time to then go and concede before one of those shootouts that the game has problems with. 15-14 we win it. Unfortunately it came at a cost, I have lost Gilson for 4-5 weeks and Weimann for 8 days.

Squad is looking verrrrrry thin now.

We did it the hard way, they had a 2nd scratched off very late in the game that would have made things interesting. We had 3 injuries during the match, Farinelli my best CB is now out for 3 weeks, Thiago is out for a couple days. They both miss the league cup final against Man Utd.

The one bright spot is that Prat got his first goal for us.

I'm down to 19 players and most of them are struggling condition wise.

Disappointed to concede a late equalizer but 2 goals away from home and I had exactly 18 players available for this game so I will take it.

Well out of the FA Cup, not too disheartened though with the amount of injuries to key players one less competition to worry about is a good thing.

FFS, Januzaj is also out for 3 weeks and my left back Kaculi is out for 3 months

Thiago did come back and get MoM in his first game though.

«This comment has been edited»

I seriously love these two. That was the demolition job they just did on Le Arse

Yeah EAD Chelsea with your 26 year old Messi and shit. We had no right to win this game but super sub Ince scored the decisive goal

We go onto our 4th league cup final in a row and I used the same squad that won the FA Cup fixture meaning I have a fresh, full strength 11 for the Arsenal game.
Tough decisions to make here regarding the starting team for the league cup semi. It's 1-1 with Chelsea having the away goal, I have my best 11 available but I have Arsenal 3 days later in the league who are only 4 points away from me.

Do I risk sending out a weakened squad against Chelsea and potentially lose the tie to concentrate on consolidating a top 4 spot in the league?

Exactly why I needed more cover at MC.

Regulation win with a rotated squad. Chelsea up next in the second leg of the league cup semi.

Fuck you Messi penalty, this is the second time we have played Chelsea in 3 games, dominated them and yet still couldn't win At least Gilson scored.

With the uncertainty surrounding Thiago, Pereira spending a bit of time injured, Reed not good enough to start and Cubas and Romero favouring the DM position I scouted this guy and got him on the cheap. Not a lot of CM's around atm that are affordable or at an age where they will last more then 60 mins. His contract is only a backup player so he shouldn't complain too much and I might even make a profit on him.

So with Bennett gone and the squad thinning out a little bit and us still being in 4 competitions I needed to bring in someone. This guy was offered to me by his agent and after a quick scout I snapped him up. His determination, pace and finishing are what sealed it for me, he will provide great backup to Gilson and can rotate in and out of the starting side with Munian on the right wing.
So update on Thiago, he felt homesick but a leave of absence would have only made things worse and he wanted to leave. Napoli only ones who came in with an offer but he would only go to them if I paid him 21k per week, all this despite him openly wanting to go to Italy. Anyways cancelled that transfer gave him a leave of absence anyway and hopefully convince him to stay.

Another one off, wasn't playing a lot and is 31.