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MKDons666 Comments

I've gone and ticked a tick box that means when I move a player to my Junior Feeder club i no longer get to choose the details of the loan (length of loan, position etc) and it now just sends them out of a month and I cannot find how i can undo the tick box to allow me to select the details before they go.

How can i remove this tick and get the info back?


Is there a bug (i think there could be) in the set piece creator? Here are a couple of screenshots of my throw in's and I only have 10 players INCLUDING the keeper and throw in taker. I've moved everyone and the 11th man does not show up.

Throw in Left

Throw in Right

What am i missing or not understanding?


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I gave it a go in a couple of games and did ok BUT i only have 3 forwards in my squad and they don't fit this system. So it's something i might have to look at when the season ends and i have to go out and get a load more members of my squad.
Look's amazing. I'll give this a go on my AFC Wimbledon save and let you know how i get on.

Skin is wicked i love it and it leads me to one question...

How can i get this little addition to the skin to work?

No Training Processing Day Panel adjustment

I've used it on other skins and the instructions on the page normally work but when i apply it to this it doesn't take. Is there a reason why it wouldnt work?


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Hi All,

Just dont the BBC text on old stadium's and it made me wonder if there is a data file anyone has done a data change to move clubs back to their "original" grounds?

The Dell
The Den
The Manor Ground

etc etc

thanks very much @hammer9 looks brilliant
Hi @hammer9

Style: SS kits only
Name: Christensen
Number: 20
Club: Milton Keynes Dons (MK Dons)
Home OR Away: 3rd Kit actually (Yellow)
What year of kits:2019/20
Link: Back of Kit

i've looked about on a few sites looking for international kits to download and put in place but i can only find 1 set for CONMIBOL. Anyone know where i can find the complete pack?

I'm now excited to start a new game - see what happens lol.
hi @affluence

Lol - Yes i did a Turkish league, no i personally wasn't Scott Carson but i was Bursaspor.

That's a great list of clubs thank you very much I will report back on where i go!
Hello All,

Miles J tweeted recently that about being about to play FM on Google Stadia and that it was going to be free for 2 months whilst this worldy situation was going about.

Anyone have any idea what's going on with Stadia because their article said it was being rolled out and i've been there and you can't get in for free.

Has it just not been done yet?

ive just downloaded this it looks really good.

I;ve not done a Turkish league in years and years (Scott Carson at Bursaspor?) Would you recommend any nice lower league teams?
You could try offering them out for free if you aren't already.
Yeah I have noticed this as well.

The MLS seems to be everywhere.

This is a great Skin first time i've used it but it's really good. I particularly enjoy the details that flash across before a match.

Just a couple of bits of feedback on it.

In Match i noticed that the bottom right hand corner box there seems to be two details over lapping. I have tried changing them during the match and selecting the underlying one but it appears the bottom of the two images never leaves.

So in this case the bottom of the two images is my Assistances Feedback and FM has automatically put the Group/League table over the top.

Also, Is it possible to have the substitues moving into the starting 11 like the standard Skins do?

Both are captured in my below image.


(hopefully the image works...)

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He's on mine in all his glory...

Hermann Gerland

Bayern - Head of Youth Development.

Are you loading everything there is to do with Germany and got all the relevant Real Name files in place?

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Hi Forum,

Skins on Football Manager - loads of them all really cool but....

Is there a skin out there that actually REDUCES the amount of information on screens. I've got a 15' laptop and when you put some of these skins in i get loads of scroll bars all over the place.

Don't say zoom out, I've got shite eye sight so need it at 125% minimum.

Thanks very much for anything that can be suggested.
Hello @SoJun

Much like your good self, life commitments get in the way of spending hours and hours on FM so....

Whenever a new FM comes out i generally leave it a few months (in this case 6!) to enable others to develop a whole load of successful tactics. With that i look at the ones others have kindly uploaded and pick 3 that i like the look of and basically make minor changes to them to fit the team i am.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

I also download various other things like training routines, corners, free kicks etc etc, just because i dont have the time to make them myself.


I do understand your frustration because I feel like that sometimes. It's a bit like when you see their keeper make a couple of saves you know, no matter what happens that match, you wont score.

I'm doing a game with MSK Zilina and I'm having 15 - 20 chances a match getting about 50 to 60% of them on target and sometimes only scoring 1 or 2 goals.

But it's the way the game is.

The game is random otherwise it would be a completely boring and not like football which is, on occasions, completely unpredictable. Look at the Champions League semi-finals and, to an extent, the Spanish Cup final. Valencia got smashed 7-3 on Agg by Arsenal but can beat Barcelona. I doubt Arsenal could beat Barcelona.

It's only a computer game, worse has happened at sea.

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I dont know how you fix this specifically but i'd bet that is something to do with default templates still sitting somewhere in the default files.

Assuming you've put something in that changes the default view of that page - you might want to review the instructions on how to change it or look in the older where you put the new graphic if there is something in there already.

I found the answer.

In Preferences --> Overview --> Bottom right hand corner there is a Reset to Default. Click that and it resets everything including putting everything back.
Hi All,

I appear to have clicked the "Don't show me this screen again" tick box for loan information when sending a player to a Affiliate club. So they only go for a month not the season....

Anyone know how to undo this option? I've looked and can't see anything.

how can I change competition logos on football manager 2018 pc using the editor?

I dont think it's to do with the editor it's to do with the graphics you put in and the competition code from the DB that change the logo.
Hello DrH,

I'm a sucker for Lower League management. Even when I have the intention of managing a big team I end up at a small side.

Best game I ever did was with Nuneaton Town. few promotions and great free's from other teams and loans.

The thing I looked for in this instance were the small helping hands, not cheating, but something that will make it better for a longer term game. In this instance Nuneaton were the lowest team I could find that were Full-Time (I think there was 1 other in the Conf South). This way you'll get a better chance of getting some better level players and be competitive.

Also, look at what club they are affiliated to. I had Coventry City. Coventry aren't the best in the world but I took on 3 of their players for 2 seasons Free of Charge and those 3 were critical to getting me into the league.

For me I think this is a good way at pushing the boundaries to your advantage. It's by no means cheating but it's a nice advantage you can give yourself that makes these initial seasons sometimes difficult, like a wet Tuesday night away at Boreham Wood F.C

I'm trying to follow the EPL fashion of 3 at the back at the moment (3-5-2) and on occasion it works a dream others i wonder how it works at all.

Getting the wide balance is difficult because with 3 at the back and playing wingers (not wing backs) and trying to get them to cover it difficult. Giving them defensive tasks or to hold their positive makes them almost pointless players when you counter as they stop at the half way line.

All this meaning that when it gets wide, even with 3 CD in the middle within 5 yards of the opposite striker, they score.

After 22 games with Real Oviedo I've scored 42 conceded 26.
What BananaRama said.

It's also really worth looking at the Staff Roles when hiring coaches. I had real issues as well with my coaches when I was Pogon Szczecin (Poland). When I started paying more attention to what was truly required for the roles I was hiring coaches for. I started to hire those who had better numbers across all the requirements. Rather than, for example, hiring an attacking coach who has 20 attacking but very low Tactical, Determination, Level of Discipline and Motivation.

It worked a treat and my coaching got much better and my Coaching Team Comparison became a lot nicer to look at!
I'm always really concious of fitness. Even if the player is putting in a stormer I will consider taking them off if they are around 65%. I also pay close attention to those who are on yellow cards AND tired. Maybe giving the game too much credit here, but tired minds put in tired tackles.

I don't really look at the time and regularly don't make any changes in a game if I don't think it's necessary. I'll also be happy to do a triple substitution if we it looks easy to identify those who are costing me.

Never changed a GK and, unless they are having a nightmare, I try not to change my defenders.

No worries if you can't. I will give it a try at some point. It's a good idea and i love the thought of recreating the Carlos Alberto/Pele/Rest of the team goal against Italy in the Final!!
Can you upload the tactic for use please?

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