DVX Logos

High quality Football Manager Logopack

Good quality has been emphasised in the making of DVX Logos for Football Manager. This means that:

  • The pack only contains logos of sharp consistent standard that have little to no compression artifacts
  • The logos have been processed carefully and have no jagged edges.
  • Many logos have been redrawn or heavily retouched to maintain high quality.


Made for High In-Game Zoom

If you use a high level of in-game zoom (above 125%), the logopack of choice should contain images in large size. Otherwise logos may look blurry on many screens in game.

  • The largest logo images within the DVX pack are 360 px in height, which is twice the FM standard, and much larger than is found in most logopacks.
  • Due to the big image size, DVX Logos display an excellent quality with up to 200% in-game zoom.
  • 86,939
  • 2022.02 - Released on 19 Jun 2022
DVX Logos

Version 21.02 - Football Manager DVX Logos Megapack

You are looking at Version 21.02 of the Football Manager DVX Logos Megapack.

Date Released 23 Apr 2021 03:28:21
Changes File 4,531 Images 126.06 MiB
Complete File 86,328 Images 2.21 GiB
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