Metallic Logos Megapack

Our Football Manager Metallic Logos Pack contains thousands more Club and Competition logos than any other megapack out there and every National Logo, Continental Logo and Flag in the game. It's kept regularly up to date to ensure you always have best and latest Logos to make Football Manager even more attractive.

  • 350,973
  • 2021.08 - Released on 22 Sep 2021
Metallic Logos Megapack

Version 2021.07 - Football Manager Metallic Logos Megapack Megapack

You are looking at Version 2021.07 of the Football Manager Metallic Logos Megapack Megapack.

Date Released 07 Jul 2021 09:03:53
Changes File 3,666 Images 75.69 MiB
Complete File 349,253 Images 6.7 GiB
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