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K3VO Comments
Crazy game between Liverpool and Leeds.

Liverpool won't win the league this year if they defend like that regularly and Leeds won't go down if they perform like that all season.
Hey guys i'm excited to announce a new version of sortitoutsi.net will be released soon. Here's a sneak preview

The new site has been recoded from the ground up so there's lots of chances for bugs. We're looking for a few helpful people to get involved with testing the new site. This will basically involve just clicking around and creating some dummy content, you can spend 5 minutes doing it or 5 hours it's totally up to you and how interested you are in this sort of thing, there's no press at all.

If you think you'd be interested in helping to test please reply to this thread and i'll get you set up

Happy to help Rob.

I'm about to do 2 weeks isolation in Ireland from next Wednesday, so I'll have plenty of time.

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Season Recap: 2023-2024

As I expected the summer would be a lot busier in terms of incoming and outgoing transfers with a lot of Premier League and Championship clubs sniffing around. In the end we lost out first team left back Sam Westwood, centre backs George Chafer and Stephen Smith and centre midfielder Reece Leader, the players all expressing their intent to move on to teams in a bigger league and once that was established it was all about getting a fee that reflected their worth. I'd decided I wouldn't stand in a players way if they wanted to leave.

We saved about half of that money with the other half going towards player signings. We did some good business with Leicester City as Japanese international Daichi Kamada was brought in as a replacement for Evan Doherty and Luke Thomas joined to cover the loss of Sam Westwood.

Ki-Jana Hoever swapped Merseyside for London and the Dutchman has been a superb signing at right back, so much so we may struggle to retain his services during the summer as Championship sides Crystal Palace and Sheffield United are interested.

Billy Gilmour, Xavi Simons and Adam Idah also joined the club to add quality and depth. We won the league as you'd expect and won every game along the way. We also won the Velocity Trophy and the FA Trophy along the way, but a Harry Kane goal sent us out of the FA Cup in the fourth round, a 1-0 defeat at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium however showing we're boasting a squad capable of challenging the Premier Leagues top teams.



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Welcome back to the careers section @K3VO, it's been a while.

You've been steamrolling the lower leagues as I supposed to be expected with the potential money you have been throwing about. But, I love the fact that you've drawn one game in the first four seasons with RB London. KIU mate.

Yeah it's certainly been awhile. Hope you've been well lad

I've heavily relied on our youth players I'd say, but as we get closer and closer to League Two we'll probably start splashing the cash. Might even happen this summer as Championship and Premier League clubs are sniffing around players and I won't bother fighting to keep players at the club who want to leave.

Season Recap: 2022-2023

Another season down in this journey towards the Premier League.

Again we are far beyond the level required to compete at this level, which is reflected in the fact we won every game scoring on average 5 goals a game and conceding on average once every 3 games or so. We also retained the FA Vase scoring 32 goals and conceding 0 during that period. We reached the fifth round of the FA Cup before losing on penalties against Newcastle United, the game somehow finishing 0-0 after extra time in a game we should have won.

There was some movement in and out surprisingly. We lost crowd favourite Adam Lewis to Stoke City for £2 million and Geoff Wiseman to Everton for £5.5 million. We brought in Charlie McCann and Xavier Simons at the beginning of the season on free transfers and just before the FA Vase final spent big as we brought in 17 year old Nasiru Asamoah from Newcastle United in a deal worth £16 million up front with the final fee potentially reaching £30 million. It looks like money well spent as he scored a hat-trick on his debut in the FA Vase final. It could be a busy summer as it seems all our first team players are being courted by Championship or Premier League clubs, so there could be some players leaving and some players coming in, but that remains to be seen.



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Manchester United Fantasy Kits



They are so so so good!!

Season Recap: 2021-2022

Another season and another promotion as you'd expect given the gulf in class between us and the teams we're playing. For the first time we dropped points, a frustrating 1-1 draw with Takeley bringing an end to our winning streak at 77. It mattered little however as we finished the season as champions and also won the FA Vase. The biggest thing that probably happened during the season would be Brexit which for us essentially stops us from signing foreign players due to the new work permit rules that are in place. That means that even players currently at the club whose contracts are coming towards the end will need to either be sold or allowed to leave on free transfers as we can't get work permits for them.

European players will require work permits going forward, so they'll need to be international footballers or we'd need to be spending big on transfers, something I won't be doing until we reach the football league. So basically in short players coming through the academy will get a lot more opportunities over the next few years and players from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland will essentially make up the first team.

Some major signings during the season were Conor Ronan and Fidel O'Rourke, both scoring at will in the league, the pair netting 37 and 32 respectively. Conor Ronan joined us on a free transfer and Fidel O'Rourke joined from Reading for a fee of £550,000.


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It'd be an absolute crime not to set Reece Leader as your captain.

Unfortunately he's got a leadership stat of just 2

Season Recap: 2020-2021

Another season and another promotion in emphatic style. In fairness we should be winning and winning well, but with that expectation comes pressure and thankfully the players turn up every week and put in professional performances. We won every game as you'll see in the table below, scoring a lot of goals and conceding in just 7 games.

This is especially pleasing as I've tried to incorporate youth team graduates into the first team squad. There's four players that are pretty much first team regulars now, goalkeeper Ryan McGuinness, midfielder Reece Leader and wingers Steve Morallee and Matt Marsh, the former and latter both scoring 15 goals each during the campaign, Marsh making 19 goals whilst Morallee had a hand in making 13, not bad for a bunch of 17 year olds in their first full season.


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Richest game in football tonight \o/
Loving 5th spot aren't you hahaha
Halfway through the season you happy with 5th spot??
Very good start in fairness!!

Hopefully you can just keep on picking up the results consistently across the season, because that Championship is such a marathon.

Season Recap: 2019-2020

So as you can imagine we coasted through the lowest league in English football winning all of our games, most of them in convincing fashion. The wage budget was roughly about £100,000 a week and obviously at this level that type of wage budget is gargantuan, but I feel I kept arrivals into the club pretty realistic. Every signing was a free transfer excluding Adam Lewis and Ouasim Bouy, the pair arriving from Liverpool and Leeds respectively.

If you want to have a look I've included the fixtures and transfers below. If you want to see any particular player attributes and statistics just ask and I'm more than happy to share. Omar Boulamhayan was our top scorer with 22 goals in 14 appearances and Adam Lewis had 20 assists and 9 goals in his 13 appearances. Joep Strijland was named our fans player of the season, young player of the season and signing of the season.




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Nice. Will definitely follow this series as have managed down in Tier 10/11 before myself. I sent you the kits with sponsors on!

Glad you're following! Thanks again for the kits

Red Bull announce ambitious plans for London club

The landscape of lower league football in England is due for it's biggest shakeup in decades
as Austrian company Red Bull GmbH have announced that they'll be creating a London based
football club under their brand. The company who famously sell in excess of 7 billion cans
of energy drink per year already own numerous football clubs, RB Leipzig in Germany and
MLS franchise the New York Red Bulls known to many around the world.

RB Leipzig is often on the receiving end of criticism in Germany
as almost all Bundesliga clubs are fan owned, whilst Leipzig aren't.

Red Bull announced they'd been accepted into the 12th tier of English football and
will begin their journey up the English pyramid in the Essex Alliance League Senior Division.

Jonathan Grant, who will be the clubs chairman, spoke to Sky Sports earlier and
revealed that Red Bull GmbH will invest almost a billion pound into the club.

"Red Bull GmbH have a track record when it comes to sports and are excited to be beginning
this football adventure in London. The club has very recently purchased two sites, one which will see a
modern state of the art stadium be completed and ready for the 2023-2024 season."

"The other will house state of the art training facilities from May onwards where the clubs
current and future stars can flourish. The club needed a home ground very quickly for the four seasons
before the Red Bull Arena will be completed and ready for use and we are delighted to announce
we'll be playing our home games at Wembley. This will cost the club an estimated £15 million a year."

"The new stadium will be funded by an investment loan with a financial institution that the club
and not Red Bull GmbH will repay. These repayments will be due once the stadium is operational
and has been spread out over 50 years to assist the club in focussing on matters on the pitch."

https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50161194721_435a7e63c3_o.png https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50161194706_6b4e19c33f_o.pnghttps://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50160647263_75c182cc20_o.png

Red Bull London kits 2019-2020 from left to right: Home, Away and Alternate
The London clubs kits will be made by American apparel company Under Armour.
The deal is worth a reported £200,000,000 over 20 years or £10,000,000 a season.

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Who do we see as winning the Championship Play ~Offs then?

Yeah I'm the same as KodjiaMaster. I imagine Fulham will have the bottle and squad for it unfortunately, would love to see Brentford in the Premier League. Don't know why, but I like the way they've played football the last few years and would also be interesting to see how Ollie Watkins would handle the step up.
I feel Brentford will deeply rue their last two games!!

Not going into the playoffs with momentum at all.
It's actually amazing how good Mason Greenwood is with both feet.

Huge goal there against West Ham
"Karius" trending on Twitter as a nickname for De Gea... something's gone wrong with him since the 2018 World Cup.

He's not right at all.

You could say the last 18-24 months, but definitely without doubt the last 12 months he's been off.

Henderson will come back from Sheffield United next year no doubt and De Gea will remain number one, but as soon as he makes an error he'll be dropped.
For the first time under Ole I've had a wtf moment.

FA Cup semi final against Chelsea, a team we've beaten quite a bit lately and we're in pretty good form.

Looks at our bench.... Greenwood, Martial and Pogba all there

Awesome work!!

Thank you very much.
probably just as much of a legend in Ireland for what he did there too

RIP big man

Probably a bigger legend in Ireland tbf!

Football royalty in Ireland.
Hi guys,

Hoping someone can make a logo for me if possible please.

Parramatta Eels Logo
Hi guys,

Just wondering if someone could make some kits for me please.

Home - Blue as main colour and gold/yellow as the secondary colour - Kit like this

Away - Gold/Yellow as main colour, whichever is easier and blue as the secondary colour - Kit like this

Third - Grey with gold on the shoulders - like this kit Kit like this

Kit Maker/Sponsor - O'Neills

Shirt Sponsor - None

Badge - Parramatta Eels Logo
Yesterday I was looking through my past career content! it brings it all back!

It really does tbh. Good times!!

I quit FM cold Turkey for my final sem of uni, turns out I contrived to fail 1 quiz each for both core modules so that was a complete waste of time eh

Where you been bruv?

Just been out doing adult things in the real word I suppose.
No Champions League football for Man United next season

Hahaha thanks for the reminder!

Tbh we may win the Europa League and qualify for it the next year.
Good morning peeps!

Got a bit mushy on the weekend recalling old FM saves and here I am

Had a look on Steam and FM 19 is half price so I'm going to buy it.
I was talking to a few friends of mine recently and they were saying how bad of a season Manchester United have had.

Now I don't think our football has been marvellous all season, we've been quite inconsistent at times, but I think if City weren't on another planet this season then it wouldn't look so bad surely?? So I did some number crunching and worked out how many points the previous 25 league winners had amassed.

Currently United have 77 points with 3 games to play against Brighton (away), Watford (home) and West Ham (away). I feel we'll pick up 6 points from those 3 games tbh which would see us finish with a respectable 83 points, not too bad. Especially when you consider that points tally would have seen us win the league title in 8 of the last 25 seasons.

If we manage to win all 3 of our remaining games and finish on 86 points that would make us champions in 11 of the previous 25 seasons. Almost 50% of the Premier League seasons we'd have won the league, so it begs the question if we win those final 3 games has our season been as bad as some people say??

Year & Points Total
92-93 - 84pts Man Utd
93-94 - 92pts Man Utd
94-95 - 89pts Blackburn Rovers
95-96 - 82pts Man Utd
96-97 - 75pts Man Utd
97-98 - 78pts Arsenal
98-99 - 79pts Man Utd
99-00 - 91pts Man Utd
00-01 - 80pts Man Utd
01-02 - 87pts Arsenal
02-03 - 83pts Man Utd
03-04 - 90pts Arsenal
04-05 - 95pts Chelsea
05-06 - 91pts Chelsea
06-07 - 89pts Man Utd
07-08 - 87pts Man Utd
08-09 - 90pts Man Utd
09-10 - 86pts Chelsea
10-11 - 80pts Man Utd
11-12 - 89pts Man City
12-13 - 89pts Man Utd
13-14 - 86pts Man City
14-15 - 87pts Chelsea
15-16 - 81pts Leicester City
16-17 - 93pts Chelsea

Premier League Titles By Points
75pts - 1
78pts - 1
79pts - 1
80pts - 2
81pts - 1
82pts - 1
83pts - 1
84pts - 1
86pts - 2
87pts - 3
89pts - 4
90pts - 2
91pts - 2
92pts - 1
93pts - 1
95pts - 1

Personally I'd say our season, if we finish second, would be about a 7.5/8 out of 10.