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K3VO Comments
Yesterday I was looking through my past career content! it brings it all back!

It really does tbh. Good times!!

I quit FM cold Turkey for my final sem of uni, turns out I contrived to fail 1 quiz each for both core modules so that was a complete waste of time eh

Where you been bruv?

Just been out doing adult things in the real word I suppose.
No Champions League football for Man United next season

Hahaha thanks for the reminder!

Tbh we may win the Europa League and qualify for it the next year.
Good morning peeps!

Got a bit mushy on the weekend recalling old FM saves and here I am

Had a look on Steam and FM 19 is half price so I'm going to buy it.
I was talking to a few friends of mine recently and they were saying how bad of a season Manchester United have had.

Now I don't think our football has been marvellous all season, we've been quite inconsistent at times, but I think if City weren't on another planet this season then it wouldn't look so bad surely?? So I did some number crunching and worked out how many points the previous 25 league winners had amassed.

Currently United have 77 points with 3 games to play against Brighton (away), Watford (home) and West Ham (away). I feel we'll pick up 6 points from those 3 games tbh which would see us finish with a respectable 83 points, not too bad. Especially when you consider that points tally would have seen us win the league title in 8 of the last 25 seasons.

If we manage to win all 3 of our remaining games and finish on 86 points that would make us champions in 11 of the previous 25 seasons. Almost 50% of the Premier League seasons we'd have won the league, so it begs the question if we win those final 3 games has our season been as bad as some people say??

Year & Points Total
92-93 - 84pts Man Utd
93-94 - 92pts Man Utd
94-95 - 89pts Blackburn Rovers
95-96 - 82pts Man Utd
96-97 - 75pts Man Utd
97-98 - 78pts Arsenal
98-99 - 79pts Man Utd
99-00 - 91pts Man Utd
00-01 - 80pts Man Utd
01-02 - 87pts Arsenal
02-03 - 83pts Man Utd
03-04 - 90pts Arsenal
04-05 - 95pts Chelsea
05-06 - 91pts Chelsea
06-07 - 89pts Man Utd
07-08 - 87pts Man Utd
08-09 - 90pts Man Utd
09-10 - 86pts Chelsea
10-11 - 80pts Man Utd
11-12 - 89pts Man City
12-13 - 89pts Man Utd
13-14 - 86pts Man City
14-15 - 87pts Chelsea
15-16 - 81pts Leicester City
16-17 - 93pts Chelsea

Premier League Titles By Points
75pts - 1
78pts - 1
79pts - 1
80pts - 2
81pts - 1
82pts - 1
83pts - 1
84pts - 1
86pts - 2
87pts - 3
89pts - 4
90pts - 2
91pts - 2
92pts - 1
93pts - 1
95pts - 1

Personally I'd say our season, if we finish second, would be about a 7.5/8 out of 10.
Feel it'll be West Brom, Stoke and Brighton who go down.

Think Southampton and Swansea will do just enough and West Ham and Huddersfield will knick a win somewhere.
Coming soon....

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Stay at Sunderland.

You're onto one of those FM saves that you'll look back on in years and be like ''damn that was awesome''.

Congrats on promotion
Absolutely hammered them all game, should have scored at least 5 goals but as usual didn't and you could have called the mistake/late goal at half time after so many missed chances by us, just knew what was gonna happen. Same problems we've had for years and its a shame that ultimately the manager takes the blame.

One thing I will say is that or though I was obviously angry with the mistake I genuinly felt sad for the players at the final whistle due to them getting no reward for such a good perofrmance and It's the first time in years I've felt like that.

Just need to carry that performance into the second leg. It's a daunting task though with Atletico's recent defensive record at home, something like 7-8 games without conceding at home, but you've certainly got the players to unlock that defence. I think the important thing for Arsenal will be to remain patient, it's a 90 minute game, no need to go gung ho in the first 20-30 minutes of the game.
Arsenal fucked up tonight.

Going to be very tough for them in the away leg.
Also you have the same conversations over and over.

PSG interested in Pogba summer after summer, same conversation every summer and he doesn't leave

Should be able to tell the players when they're being morons something like 'hey pal, you've just signed a 5 year deal, you're stuck here for 4 more years, so get on with playing football or rot in the reserves yeah!?"

Also some of the offers for you world class players are horrendous. Pogba value 70mil - PSG over 80mil - You bid for their world class midfielder you're talking double their market value, if not 3 times the market value. Needs fixing #rantover
Ox now confirmed as out for the rest of the season, so potentially a Chapions League final!

Also out of the World Cup. Not a great night for him.

Yeah horrible timing and horrible considering he was beginning to show how good a player he can be.
I reckon that if we win Champions League we will keep them and strengthen the team for a title fight next season.

Quite possible.

Depends on the players I suppose. The wage increase available at Barcelona, Madrid, PSG and Bayern I'm sure is massive, but perhaps being happy at a club, liking a manager and a new deal could keep them all there. I do think it'll be impossible to keep Salah if he's an amazing World Cup and Madrid come calling.
If you'd been offered a 3 goal lead for the second leg you'd have taken it 100%.

Liverpool will only have themselves to blame if they don't go through, but I can't see them not scoring an away goal.

That front 3 is the best in the Premier League since Rooney, Tevez and Ronaldo. Just pace and goals, goals, goals.... Be tough keeping them all together!!

I'm not

He's been great for Liverpool and English football.
HT: Salah FC 2-0 As Roma
Aye, at Uni right now

What about you? Seems like a fucking chore to have to move from Aus to Ireland every few years imo

What are you studying?

Quit my job in January and came back here in February to see the family and friends.

Ah it isn't too bad, it'll all settle down next year. Coming back to Aus for what'll probably be the long foreseeable future.

Good stuff m8!!

At college or what?
If Madrid beat Bayern I can't see either of the other two being able to beat Madrid.

They've big game and Champions League final experience, they'll handle it better and Ronaldo seems to be back to his best now too.
Is a sad day today

Definitely. Great manager who changed so much.

Absolutely hated him, Henry and Vieira back in the day, but that rivalry gave me great childhood memories.
What's up though? You in Eire or Down Under right now?

In Australia atm, but heading back to Ireland May 1st.

Whereabouts are you these days?
There's barely anyone around Kevo

Yeah seems that way
Ireland 21-5 ahead at Twickenham with a Grand Slam at stake.

Would make a perfect St Patricks Day if we can see this out!!

Any rugby enthusiasts on here!?
That would fit his narrative pretty well wouldn't it, gets little money then blames that on any underperformance for his last season. Wonder where he goes from here though, id imagine PSG if they don't get Potch

If you're PSG you steer well clear of him I think.

After his time at Madrid he's completely ''lost it'' and by that I mean he's extremely negative and not even in a functional sense. He always had a plan at Porto, Chelsea and Inter, always had a clear present and future plan, usually had a team built on a solid defence with great wingers to turn a game in a moment. He's got Martial, Mata, Rashford and Sanchez at United and has somehow managed to make them look like hungover lads on a muddy Sunday league pitch.

Sanchez has been absolutely awful since joining, his stats for giving the ball away in nearly every game he's played are up there with the worst in the league. Pogba looks like he doesn't give a shit anymore, hasn't exactly been great since coming back anyway and certainly not worth anywhere near the price they paid but last night other than one shot that went wide, he either kicked the ball out and passed to the opposition. And just think those two players have got to be at least costing the club around £3m a month in wages alone, thats without any bonuses added, though i wouldn't imagine either are doing too well in that sense. As for Mourinho, his comments after the game last night were unbelievable, praising the players for their intensity etc during both games, well he's either completely lost the plot or was watching a different game to the rest of us? He sets his teams out to defend and play deep, there is never any real intensity unless the team goes behind and then they are allowed to go and attack. Utd have the players to be a very good attacking team, but a manager that has absolutely no idea how to put a team together to play that way.

He's lost it I think. Hasn't involved with the game and unfortunately I don't think he ever will.

I'd argue if we could get our side playing properly we'd match City results, not the football, as that's Pep possession based, but we'd be as good attacking and more physical with the players we've got and we've real pace up front. Unfortunately Jose doesn't want to play that way. I think he'll be gone by Christmas next season tbh as results will only get worse as players don't bother/enjoy playing in that system and the board won't give him 100-200 million to go buy more players.

Also Pogba doesn't give a fuck. Sure why should he? He must be banking 20-25 million a year with wages and endorsements. It isn't about playing ball anymore, he did that at Juventus and now he'll just ride the gravy train with a new haircut every week. Sure after United it'll be on to PSG or one of the Milan sides or back to Juventus.
Mourinho's done right?

He'll get another season I'd assume, but I doubt they'll back him with much money in the summer.
Tell me about it. I turned 28 last week, would be feeling old as fuck if I wasn't in university.

I turn 30 next year

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What a comeback against Palace

Can't him keeping his job come the end of the season.
Also, I do miss this place. Was a period of my life when I was on here every day pretty much. Simpler times...

They were the days man!! We're all so old now haha

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