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Edealaviiva Comments
The skin makers have found the solution, but not yet have able to upload the working version. There is a quick fix for the crash dumping though:
Go into the following folder and delete the "game processing panel" xml file found in both:

Vitrex16 2.0 / panels


Vitrex16 2.0 / panels / game

Reload skin.
By far the best skin available, but as Dite De Molay said, after the game update it crash dumps on continue. Someway related to your skin, because with default and a couple of other skins (FLUT, Alavanja 16 Probase) it works. Hopefully you can fix this ASAP

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Okay got it working. And you don't want to edit the line inside the config. You want to keep it and then add the extra line there.
So inside the while you should have:

<string id="name" value="Scorpio" />
<string id="skin_name" value="Scorpio" />

The "name" will be the name you see on the list and the "skin_name" will be the name of the folder I believe. Works anyway.

Ah, okay
Renamed the Scorpio.xml file to skin_config.xml and edited the first line (under skin name, author etc) inside the file to this: <string id="skin_name" value="Scorpio" />

Probably shows up the name also if the config file's name is Scorpio_config, but haven't tested yet :p

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Did get it work, doesn't show the name in the drop down menu though, but the actual skin works fine
I think it has been told already in the topic, but couldn't find it so how can I change the default background transparency? And is it possible to make the panels in match (body language, ratings etc.) more transparent? At least in some earlier versions of the game it was. I can do the Photoshop myself, just can't remember which files those are..
Good update! I assume that I can get the DF11- version with small sidebar working by just copying the files from DF11 folder to small sidebar folder?
And yeah, setting the rendering mode to GPU worked as well (works with windowed mode 95% zoom)

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I really don't know what happens and also how to help you. You are playing in full window?

As said earlier, playing with windowed mode on, but also tried with full screen and didn't work with that either.. Would love to use this but these kind of things make it pretty unplayable Not your fault by any means, just very, very strange

EDIT: Out of nowhere, wandering through settings, it started working with windowed mode with 125% zoom? Surely it's not the setting I'd like to use, but if I have to use it, then I have to

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Is weird the problem you report. Try with the new update version 1.1 ;-)

Yes, it is weird And not working with 1.1 either

E: Verified integrity of game cache via Steam, cleared skin cache, deleted all the skins from the skins- folder, placed this one in, and still not working... Unbelievable :o

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Hey flut, nice work as in every version. One thing though, have a problem:


The white background seems to be missing everywhere. Yes, I play on windowed mode, but even with full screen it didn't work. Can u say what's wrong?
Looking quite good!

Edit: Found another bug.


Text on the scoreboard seems to be a bit too dark?

Edit2: various font color- issues here and there. Hopefully you'll get them sorted out soon

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Hey mate, nice update once again! Noticed a little bug, which is visible in your screenshots also. On the player overview, Career Stats- panel, the logo of the last/current club the player has been/is, is not visible. Is it something that could be fixed through some panel-file by normal user (like me), or what?

Edit: It does that actually only on bottom right corner. Gotta change it to top right then

Edit2: Too fast! Seems to disappear when I've left the overview and come back again. Selecting career stats again fixes the problem, but as said, once left the page, come back again, it has disappeared.

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Hello wannachupbrew!

thank you for designing and making the skin, it is the best skin for fm15. But please add the PPM showing and the ability to change their individual training to the player overview skin. I like to have all the info on the same page without having to look... thank you again for the skin and i apologize for my bad english.

I'm not wanna, and I don't know if this is inappropriate, but by downloading artdekdok's Player Overview Panel Mods that is possible. The mod can be found here in Susie at Graphic Mods- section
How get i get rid of that twat Juric on the home screen?

I think that changing the manager.png picture from skins/Scorpio/graphics/main menu might do that.
The date colour problem is now fixed, redownload to get the updated files. As for the match error, does it happen after every match? I can't reproduce the error on my end and the quoted problem code in the error report doesn't exist in the skin files.

Calendar fixed now, yes. And the error has occured at least after the two matches I've played with the updated skin. Cache verifying thing didn't work for me. And actually noticed something else now too:


As you can see, I'm not able to see the amount of extra time stated (the text seems to be a bit low?).

Edit: Third match, third error..

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Hey mate, once again nice update So far noticed one problem:


Obviously not having the problem when watching a team whose titlebar isn't white. But as Høfenoss I have a white titlebar and it's getting a bit annoying

Edit: I got the error message after match too..

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I've been using your skin from the day it was released, and I can only say that very, very good job

For the player overview panel, I'd prefer something like artdekdok has done alongside with his small report cards icons. I think it uses all the space available very well, too shame that it's not downloadable atm. Not saying you should do exactly that kind of view, but something like that would be nice
By theclaw | Permalink | On 21 February 2013 - 12:03 PM
Do I have a way to change it then ?


Delete the logos from your graphics/pictures/logos- folder, and leave the flags there.
By theclaw | Permalink | On 18 February 2013 - 15:53 PM
Hi Tom

Any way to have the flag of the country instead of the federation logo in the player's profile ?


I think that's not a skin issue, depends on which one you use with your logo pack, flags or logos.
Oh, just noticed this: I play with my laptop, so the resolution is low (1366x768). Maybe because of that, I can't see "Counter Attack" or "Offside Trap (or Play Offside, whatever that was, don't even remember anymore ) on Team Instructions screen (well, I see CA when I'm not in a game, but during the game it disappears). Any way to get those two options visible?
Make the header bottom a bit "smoother", then it would be great

That's how it should look like and should work. Also remember to untick "Use caching to decrease page loading times" and tick "Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences" from Preferences -> Interface
Betsafeliga added too If I'm really really bored at sometime, I may do the 2nd Division also, but that's a big if
Superliga done, will do the 1st division later, maybe at the weekend. Hope you like

And Tom, or anyone who can, please delete the 2 "DELETE" titled "files", didn't notice at first that .rar- files are not supported so
Do you want the Superliga only, or also the 1st Division?
I have tried one of the earlier versions, and as far as I remember I blew it totally Am I doing it right this time?


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By TomDixon77 | Permalink | On 18 November 2012 - 20:06 PM
The FMC version is for FMC. It should show up there

Ah, okay, my bad by misunderstanding
Hey Tom, is it normal that the FMC-version is not selectable from preferences? Looks like FMC-version with "normal" skin too, though. Was just wondering

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