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bartdude Comments
It's not an oversight or bug. They install correctly but there are new player models and texture mapping and layout is different. I can see that recognizable parts of kits are scattered all over the player so texture mapping is obviously new.
We'll have to redo our 3d kits.

You're right bolid,the detail is there but totally out of position. Someone is going to have come up with a new 3D kit template.
Well, it's true that 414x414 are not high resolution in an absolute sense of the word, but they are highER resolution than standard 220x220. In short, high res :-)
FC12 are really a nice and sharp piece of graphics, very polished. They would look great on TV or in some magazine. In fact, I was split when contemplating which style to take and work with. I opted for SS because it seemed to have biggest support and acceptance. You can have all leagues in same SS style while FC12 is limited to higher leagues. SS also looks somehow closer to real shirts while FC12 looks - I wouldn't call them overexposed :-P but a bit "cartoonish". It's not a flaw per se, but I'm a sucker for realism, so I picked SS style.

I experimented with even higher resolution and I concluded that there's not much sense in going higher than 414x414 because FM17 is somehow resizing 2d kits and you actually can't see much of fine details. A good example would be my Brighton high-res kits, where I made a series of thin dark and light lines on the sleeves, but in game that surface looks smooth. Or Plymouth away where dotted chest pattern is resized into not-that-good squared mess. Perhaps for Plymouth away my 220x220 kits works better because I made dots bigger and out of proportion in order to have the appearance of dotted pattern (damn you Puma, so much trouble this year). We'll see in FM 18 how will this work.

Btw, I added link for National north few posts above, there are now few high res kits there as well.

I absolutely agree with what you say bolid and it's the very reason I chose to go with your kits. When I say that some FC'12 kits are "overexposed" I was referring to those kits that has a majority white content and look bleached out and therefore lacking in fine detail. Your description of FC'12 being cartoonish is an accurate one and although ,as you say they are sharp they simply don't look real. Also the coverage across many more leagues is an important plus with SS kits and yes I'd previously downloaded the National North kits,as I do with all of your updated content. I'm looking forward to your continued great work in FM18 !
Hi bolid,when I posted a link to your fab kits in my group (DazS8 FM Graphics) on Facebook the guy who creates the FC'12 kits,Patrik Ballay responded by saying,and I quote, "Hi-res? Nothing against it, but 414x414 pix aren't hi-res pictures". I responded by saying he'd have to contact yourself to argue that point. Maybe he was miffed cos I said I thought too many of his kits looked "overexposed" lol !
Yes,things are looking a bit more promising with FM18 and as I was led to believe some time ago the match graphics engine has been totally re-done and at last has moved on from DX9 !
You're the man bolid !
I added some more high-res kits to my Championship pack. Full sets for QPR and Middlesbrough, plus some individual kits here and there.

Sunderland 3rd and QPR home:
https://i.imgur.com/RcPtjmS.png https://i.imgur.com/u5vPBRm.png


Great work,as always my friend !
My Premier league pack is now updated with high-res Crystal Palace kits.


Great work as always mate and as a Palace fan unfortunately,I'm still grateful for this !
Barclays are no longer the Premier League sponsors
Thanks man. I can only hope that SI won't change texture format for FM18.
Word has it that a completely new graphics team were used for FM18 but the major work was on the 3D match engine,so whether other graphics formats will also be changed is as yet unknown.
Great work dude,keep 'em coming !
Great work mate.Good attention to detail inc.sleeve sponsors etc !
Can anyone please make the Championship Kits for the 17-18 season
Why don't people LOOK before posting,it's just lazy !!
Excellent work bolid74,keep on keeping on !!

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My unofficial Premier league pack is now updated with new Crystal Palace 3rd kit.

Only kit here:

Full pack here (always the same link):
Thanks again my friend,not only have you taken SS kits to a whole new level of quality but your responses are almost immediate. Keep up the great work ! A certain rival 2D kit creator describes his work as "beautiful" which is both arrogant and subjective because as the saying goes "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and if beautiful to him means kits that look like over-exposed photos,especially on white dominant kits then I'm sticking with guys like "bolid74" absolutely !!
New Palace 3rd kit announced. Sponsor logos from home or away kit needs to be added. Any takers ?
New Palace 3rd kit announced.Sponsor logo from home or away kit needs to be added. Over to you Bolid74 my friend !

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Probably not the most eagerly anticipated league, but here it is anyway:


Get the full pack here:
No need to be humble mate. Myself,along with many others appreciate that attention is paid to the lower leagues. With every new edition of FM I always start in Vanarama South and see how far up the leagues I can get before the next edition of FM is released !
Sorry when they published the final 3d kits for the premier league ???
They're called eyes mate. Use them,they're handy and can stop you asking daft questions
please guys start looking for things before posting its not hard work now is it you just expect the kit makers to do the looking for you it does not work like that
Well said mate !!
@Chris just to let you know the premier league have introduced sleeve sponsors this season, only 1 league patch - on the right sleeve
Indeed,my team Crystal Palace will have a sleeve sponsor on the left sleeve this season. I've added it myself to demonstrate or for folks to use if they wish[media]

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Still far and away the best skin for FM. I only wish some people would learn the elements of skin editing so they wouldn't need to ask you so many dumbass questions. I'm no skin maker but I taught myself how to edit or correct any cock ups I made and do the basic stuff,it ain't rocket science folks !!
Plymouth away 17/18:

Great work mate. So pleased you're in conversation with the established 3D kit guys and adding your own !
May I also suggest you add a direct link to my SS kit post, so that same leagues are connected? I will do the same in my SS kit posts on page 133.

Good call mate,we need this co-operation between 2D and 3D kits makers
Outstanding work. I think Pumas kit designers have been on drugs this year.

I totally agree Beast72. Yourself,Chris,Fido797 and bolid74 are THE supreme kit creators in FM !!

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no please carry on bolid, your patterns are outstanding & invaluable. I've had a fiddle with chris' everton away (hope you don't mind chris) but only so much I can do without the template


It's great to see you two guys are in conversation and sharing ideas and from that we will hopefully see more 2D and 3D kits released at the same time.
Here's Swindon away 17/18. I already had this chess pattern made for 2d kit so it made sense to do 3d kit also.

Since I'm now officially 3d kit maker as well, perhaps Bartdude won't mind my comments


Absolutely not Bolid74 and if you're now into 3D kits too then that's even better news !! I've always admired and respected your 2D kits and complimented them often,so I apologise if you thought my previous comment was in any way a real criticism,it was absolutely just an observation.
Sorry for nitpicking again, but there should be a pattern on the chest. I made it for SS kit, it's not perfect, but should sufice after you resize it and make it transparent.


With the greatest respect 'bolid74' I doubt you would ever see subtle variations like patterns on 3D kits due to the limitations of the 3D match engine,so any extra work on 3D kits would be lost in reality. Your own 2D kits are the very best currently available for FM so I politely suggest you leave the 3D kit creators to do their own thing ?? Best regards and absolutely no offence intended !
Burnley H
Crystal Palace H
Huddersfield H

Thanks loads for the Palace home kit Chris !! Any chance of the new away kit ??

Great work mate,unlike 2D creators you 3D kit guys have been quiet recently,so it's great to see a new wave of creations and whilst the 2D kits are good eye candy it's the 3D kits that are the essential addition to FM gameplay.
@Chris the back of Lazio third kit is all white


Change it yourself,it's simple enough with a free paint progam like paint.net or Gimp