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bartdude Comments
It says 'no file' when trying to save
Drag and drop images to the desktop
There aren't enough kit makers to go through every league and every request, people do leagues that are relevant to them mostly, like last year I made the National North pack because that's where my local team play, yes the kits were already in the game however they weren't of good quality. If you'd like to contribute pal go ahead, the more people learning to make kits the better, just lose the attitude.

I'll second that !!
File broken on latest England Levels 1-6 update

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Sounds like a 10yo whose mummy forgot to buy the chicken nuggets. TWAT !
Thanks again my friend,as with the 2D kit you have responded so quickly. You're the man when it comes to kits !!
Crystal Palace new 3rd

You're an absolute star my friend ! So quick to respond to new kit additions too ! Thank you !!
Bart, dude, please make more balls! Please please. Or a tutorial to make one.
The only reason I haven't made a ball pack for FM18,as I did with FM17 is because Si have messed about with the colours,shading and overlay in FM18 and it takes an age to work out the right combination to achieve an accurate result. This one ball took me longer to get about right than it did for the entire FM17 set ! It's also part of the reason why I haven't released a tutorial either because I don't have a definitive answer ! Also I'm not keen on tutorials because some people put out your work claiming it's theirs in entirety or not crediting the originator ! I will look again FM2019,so you'll have to wait a couple of months longer at least to see what I can do.

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GQ magazine has recently voted my beloved Crystal Palace as having the best looking kit for the 2018/19 season and thanks to bolid I have superb 2D and 3D re-creations in FM2018 !

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Think the killer has been the switch to the new template, it seems to have discouraged a few people from creating new kits. I'd be making 3D kits like last year as well but life is taking priority
That makes sense mate. Regardless,I'm always grateful of the work by yourself and Bolid.
The most obvious reason (at least for me) is that new kits are usually announced as frontal pictures of the shirt, so I can start making 2D kits as soon as they show up. Pictures of a full kit are scarce until preseason friendlies.
Ok mate,fair comment,I guessed there was a reason why. Keep up the great work !!
Whilst it's good to have quality new 2D kits,they seem to be appearing at a far greater rate than the 3D kits. Maybe there's a reason for that,like they take more work and longer to complete ? Whatever the reasons I'd like to see that the 3D kits take priority as it really enhances the 3D match experience.
Dear people,before you make requests for 2018-19 kits make sure you track back to page 150 and work forwards on a daily basis,as invariably you'll find new kits or additional home,away or third kits that have been added to what is already there. Yes it's a bit of a trawl but it's the most sensible way to keep kit collections together.

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As one of the original contributors to the audio commentary pack,my part was in editing the files to reduce overlaps. As you say it's still not perfect but reducing too many comments resulted in some not being triggered at all,so at best it's a compromise. However,for me and many others,it does add another dimension to FM,so thanks for your efforts. More importantly you've openly admitted it's fundamentally not your work and contributors and creators of FM add-ons always appreciate such comments.
That's correct unfortunately not all kits have been done in 1024x1024 .All i did is put the ones made on this thread into the 512x512 folder.
I don't get the logic of that but whatever.
The problem is that almost all of the kits in this pack are for FM17 and only a few are FM18 compatible.
Speaking of Watford...

18/19 H / A / T

Nice one mate LOL

Why are you bugging bolid about this kit ? He's fully aware of all major league kits and has already made this kit in 2D,if you'd bothered to look ? He will make this kit in 3D if and when he chooses. It's irritating to creators when people either make demands or assume they are not aware of what's out there.
With respect,I don't understand what you're saying or agree with any of your comments.

1) With creators like bolid,2D and 3D kits have never looked better

2) I don't see the cut out face pack as being particularly high resolution,in fact some pics are quite poor,so no comparison to the kits being produced now.

3) Current templates are perfectly good to make quality kits.

4) I don't think people would be happy for a plain kit template without sponsors,as it takes away a degree of reality.
Of course I did, it's 17/18 pack, why would I put 18/19 shirt in 17/18 pack?
That thought had crossed my mind lol
Cheers bolid ! Just a small point,you included the 2017/18 Juventus home shirt in the pack,rather than your recently individually issued 2018/19 shirt.
Bolid wtf Puma on Crystal Palace? I think Macron is their sponsor
Bolid is always meticulous with his work,so you should have checked before shooting your mouth off. If you had bothered to do so you would have realised that Puma ARE the manufacturer and supplier of the Palace kit for 2018-19 season !
Time to update your avatar :-P
Indeed I will lol
Crystal Palace 18/19 H / A

https://i.imgur.com/kv9Uuh4.png https://i.imgur.com/8bCCvIP.png
Likewise for the 3D kits,your work awesome ! Many thanks for being so prompt in delivering my teams kits !!
Crystal Palace 18/19 H / A


You're an absolute star !! I was going to post pics of new Palace kits today but you're there already ! Many thanks my friend !
Thanks for the good work bart! Is there a yellow prem ball available?

The ball turns to yellow when the Winter ball is automatically in play
From last year pack 3D balls are good? for fm18?

Read before you post my friend and you'll find your question is answered !
top work bartdude, it's a small detail but it vastly improves the 3D view

Cheers mate,I like to do my little bit for the FM community where I can,unlike the much grander scale that yourself,Bolid,Flut and others contribute to the overall FM experience. Keep it up my friend !
Is the ball only appear in bigger league matches ? I already copied the folder but it doesn't appear in any match I have with Coruna B in Segunda Division.

If you follow the instructions included in the pack the ball will show in EVERY match,regardless of nation/division/competition.
This is the legitimate Nike Ordem 3D match ball made by myself with full installation instructions. Although made primarily for the English Premier League,it's suitable for the English FA Cup,Serie A and La Liga as the colour variations for the other competitions being the same Nike design with only slightly different colour variations. Enjoy !

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